T3_thug3 Edit

This folder contains files for Prisoner 3 and Thug 3.

Prisoner 1:

thug3: pr3_ev_dam1: Ow! I've been ambushed!
thug3: pr3_ev_felt1: Hey, watch it!
thug3: pr3_ev_felt2: Leave me alone!
thug3: pr3_ev_maj1: What the! Ain't I had enough trouble?
thug3: pr3_ev_med1: What the! Ain't I had enough trouble?
thug3: pr3_ev_min1: Someone tryin' to pull something over on me?
thug3: pr3_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes) need to...catch my breath...(huffs)....
thug3: pr3_fcon1: I ain't escaped yet!
thug3: pr3_fcon2: I just gotta keep runnin'!
thug3: pr3_fcon3: There's gotta be a way outta this prison!
thug3: pr3_fcow1: Stop! I don't wanna die!
thug3: pr3_fcow2: Don't hurt me! I'm not even taffin' armed!
thug3: pr3_fhid1: Gotta hide...(coughs) gotta stay quiet....
thug3: pr3_fhid2: If they can't find me...then they can't put me back in a cell....
thug3: pr3_fini1: I'll die before I let you get me!
thug3: pr3_fini2: I won't go back to that cell!
thug3: pr3_fsub1: Ah! I thought I was good and hid!
thug3: pr3_fsub2: No! Just leave me alone!
thug3: pr3_gen_dazed1: Where the heck...? Hmmm....
thug3: pr3_gen_distress1: Ha!
thug3: pr3_gen_frust1: This is just great.
thug3: pr3_gen_oof1: Ooof!
thug3: pr3_gen_oops1: Oh crap.
thug3: pr3_gen_snapout1: Jumpin'--!
thug3: pr3_gen_startled1: Hey!
thug3: pr3_gen_suffer1: Ow...oh...what happened...?
thug3: pr3_gini1: (Slightly nervous) Ah--What's that?
thug3: pr3_gini2: (Slightly nervous) Uh oh, now what?
thug3: pr3_gini3: (Slightly nervous) Hmmm.
thug3: pr3_idle1: You've got the wrong woman....
thug3: pr3_idle2: (To self) stomach...I need a doctor...ain't this stinkin' jail got a doctor?
thug3: pr3_idle3: I'm hungry...please...(coughs)...just a piece of bread....
thug3: pr3_idle4: I'm telling you I'm not a criminal! Why won't anybody listen?
thug3: pr3_idle5: I ain't broke any laws! (Coughs) Maybe I bent some a bit, but that ain't the same!
thug3: pr3_idle6: I'm gonna go nutty if I don't get outta here. I'm already talkin' to myself....
thug3: pr3_idle7: (Quiet, to self) Gotta get out...there's gotta be a way....
thug3: pr3_misc_blind_con1: Can't see...a taffin'...thing....
thug3: pr3_misc_blind_con2: Oh...everything is...all black....
thug3: pr3_misc_blind_con3: Oh...ooof...ah...can't see a thing....
thug3: pr3_misc_blind_end1: What's that...oh...I think my eyesight's on the mend....
thug3: pr3_misc_blind_ini1: Oh for taffin' out loud! My eyes!
thug3: pr3_misc_noisemak1: (Jittery) Hey...somebody there?
thug3: pr3_misc_noisemak2: (Jittery, hushed) Who's there, Beasley?
thug3: pr3_misc_noisemak3: (Jittery) Huh! Who's zat!
thug3: pr3_misc_slip1: Whuuua!
thug3: pr3_rini1: Taff it! What's that?
thug3: pr3_rini2: Hey! Who's out there?
thug3: pr3_rini3: Who's that? Hello?
thug3: pr3_rnew2: Taff!
thug3: pr3_rpre2: Taff!
thug3: pr3_yini1: (Jittery) Hey...somebody there?
thug3: pr3_yini2: (Jittery, hushed) Who's there, Beasley?
thug3: pr3_yini3: (Jittery) Huh! Who's zat!
thug3: pr3_ypre4: Hey!

Thug 3:

thug3: t3_blame_maj1: I can't believe YOU did this! You're gonna regret all the trouble you've caused here.
thug3: t3_blame_min1: It was you, trouble-maker? I was just lookin' for whoever did it.
thug3: t3_caim1: Hold steady, taffer....
thug3: t3_catt1: Take that!
thug3: t3_catt2: And that!
thug3: t3_catt3: How's this, you taffer?
thug3: t3_catt_hi1: Now you're scared!
thug3: t3_catt_hi2: You can't win!
thug3: t3_catt_hi_na1: We've got you now!
thug3: t3_catt_hi_na2: We're gonna clobber you, taffer!
thug3: t3_catt_lo1: You're not supposed to hit a lady!
thug3: t3_catt_lo2: Not so hard, you!
thug3: t3_catt_lo_na1: Keep him away from me!
thug3: t3_catt_lo_na2: Help! I can't beat 'im!
thug3: t3_catt_ran1: Away!
thug3: t3_catt_ran2: Here it comes!
thug3: t3_cdam_hi1: Arg! That's not fair....
thug3: t3_cdam_hi2: Gah! Now I'm in trouble....
thug3: t3_cdam_hi3: Ugh! That can't be good....
thug3: t3_cdam_hi_na1: Gah! Help me! He's killing me!
thug3: t3_cdam_hi_na2: Ugh! Quick! I need help here!
thug3: t3_cdam_lo1: Hey! Watch it with that!
thug3: t3_cdam_lo2: Ugh! Is that any way to treat a lady?
thug3: t3_cdam_lo3: Ow! Don't start anything you can't finish, taffer!
thug3: t3_cdam_med1: Argh! Getting serious, are ya?
thug3: t3_cdam_med2: Ah! That really hurt!
thug3: t3_cdam_med3: Ow! Not so hard!
thug3: t3_cdam_no1: What was that? Huh, big boy?
thug3: t3_cdam_no2: Is that all you got? 'Cause you won't last long if it is.
thug3: t3_cexp_hi1: You're on death's doorstep, taffer!
thug3: t3_cexp_hi2: I knew I could beat you!
thug3: t3_cexp_hi3: I like it when I win....
thug3: t3_cexp_lo1: I never lose...not until now....
thug3: t3_cexp_lo2: I thought I was doing OK...but I'm not....
thug3: t3_cexp_lo3: If I don't get it together...I'm gonna lose this....
thug3: t3_cexp_med1: A toughy. That's what you are.
thug3: t3_cexp_med2: You've had some training, haven't ya?
thug3: t3_cexp_med3: They don't usually put up such a fight....
thug3: t3_chit1: That got your attention!
thug3: t3_chit2: That had to hurt!
thug3: t3_chit_ran1: Bullseye!
thug3: t3_cini1: So there you are. OK, fella. Here I come!
thug3: t3_cini2: Aha! Caught ya! You'll be sorry, taffer!
thug3: t3_cini3: There you are. I'm gonna clean your clock!
thug3: t3_cini4: I found ya! Get ready to die, you!
thug3: t3_cini5: Peek-a-boo, I see you. I'm gonna enjoy this!
thug3: t3_cini_enr1: Die, you taffer!
thug3: t3_cini_enr2: I'm coming to get ya!
thug3: t3_cini_guard1: Citywatch! I hate you!
thug3: t3_cini_guard_na1: Look! Coppers! Let's clobber 'em!
thug3: t3_cini_human1: I'm gonna clobber you!
thug3: t3_cini_human_na1: Let's clean this taffer's clock!
thug3: t3_cini_monster1: Ah! A monster!
thug3: t3_cini_monster_na1: Come on! We can beat this monster together!
thug3: t3_cini_na1: There he is! Come on! Let's get him!
thug3: t3_cini_na2: I see him! Hurry! Surround him so he can't run!
thug3: t3_cini_zombie1: It's a zombie!
thug3: t3_cini_zombie_na1: Zombies! No, go for it's head!
thug3: t3_ckil1: Almost too easy!
thug3: t3_ckil2: That should do it!
thug3: t3_cmis1: Oh! You're tricky, eh?
thug3: t3_cmis2: How'd I miss you?
thug3: t3_cmis_na1: I missed! You try!
thug3: t3_cmis_ran1: Crap! I got the worst aim!
thug3: t3_cret_kil1: There. No one messes with me and lives to brag about it....
thug3: t3_cret_kil2: It was either you or me, taffer. It had to end this way....
thug3: t3_cret_kil_na1: Yeah...we killed 'im all right. Why anyone would mess with us...I just don't know.
thug3: t3_cret_kil_na2: He's dead all right...I'll check his cloak, you grab his boots. And be quick about it.
thug3: t3_crime_hurtother1: Try that on me, and we'll see how it goes!
thug3: t3_crime_kill1: You're gonna pay for that. Killing don't come cheap.
thug3: t3_crime_lockp1: Think that door was locked for a reason, taffer? Let's dance.
thug3: t3_crime_theft1: You're gonna wish you picked someone easier to rob.
thug3: t3_crime_threat1: You're asking for it now!
thug3: t3_crime_tres1: Someone tell you you could come in here? No!
thug3: t3_crime_vandal1: That's coming out a' your hide!
thug3: t3_csub1: I won't let you escape this time!
thug3: t3_csub2: You again! Come back for more, eh?
thug3: t3_csub_na1: It's that same taffer! We should have killed him the first time!
thug3: t3_csur1: What're you doin' here? OK, fella. Here I come!
thug3: t3_csur2: Ah! Where'd you come from? You'll be sorry, taffer!
thug3: t3_csur3: Hey, hey! Who're you? I'm gonna clean your clock!
thug3: t3_csur4: What th--? Who're you? Get ready to die, you!
thug3: t3_csur5: Who the heck are you? I'm gonna enjoy this!
thug3: t3_csur_na1: Ah! Where'd you come from? Come on! Let's get him!
thug3: t3_csur_na2: You! Who's that there? Hurry! Surround him so he can't run!
thug3: t3_enr_con1: You, you, you...Arg!
thug3: t3_enr_con2: I'm gonna gut you like a fish, you taffer!
thug3: t3_enr_con3: Arg! Just you taffin' wait!
thug3: t3_enr_warn1: Fight like a man, you taffer!
thug3: t3_enr_warn2: Stop it! I ain't kidding around here!
thug3: t3_ev_ally_spooked1: What's your problem?
thug3: t3_ev_allyf1: Where'd she go to now? Said she'd stay put....
thug3: t3_ev_allym1: He's always running off. Just like a man. And he promised he'd be right here....
thug3: t3_ev_an_spooked1: What's wrong with those animals. Stupid things.
thug3: t3_ev_blood1: Blood? Someone's hurtin'. Bad.
thug3: t3_ev_body1: Dead! Poor sucker. Least it's not me.
thug3: t3_ev_bodyf1: She's dead. I'm not sorry. I got myself to worry about, don't I?
thug3: t3_ev_bodym1: He's dead. Kind of a handsome thing. What a waste.
thug3: t3_ev_com1: A fight? This should be fun....
thug3: t3_ev_dam1: Who did that?
thug3: t3_ev_dam2: Ouch! What the taff?
thug3: t3_ev_door1: That door's usually closed...isn't it?
thug3: t3_ev_door_na1: Do I have to do everything myself? Can't you close the door once in a while?
thug3: t3_ev_enemybody1: Nice technique.
thug3: t3_ev_felt1: What the--? Who did that?
thug3: t3_ev_felt2: I'm warning you....
thug3: t3_ev_lightext1: Someone playing with the light switch? Hello?
thug3: t3_ev_lightext2: Hey, I was using that light!
thug3: t3_ev_lightoff1: Someone turned off the light? Or what?
thug3: t3_ev_loot1: Now, who could have taken that stuff?
thug3: t3_ev_loot2: No one would steal from me. Would they?
thug3: t3_ev_loot_na1: Did you take it? Did you? Give it back if you did.
thug3: t3_ev_maj1: Ah! This can't be happening!
thug3: t3_ev_med1: What? Something's not right....
thug3: t3_ev_min1: Makes a gal wonder.
thug3: t3_ev_res1: Looks like someone had a fight here.
thug3: t3_ev_ret1: I'll let someone else worry about this. Ain't nothing I can do.
thug3: t3_ev_ret2: Somebody oughta do something about this. I know I ain't gonna bother with it.
thug3: t3_ev_shadow1: Odd looking shadow. Makes a gal wonder.
thug3: t3_ev_torchext1: Hey, someone playing with the torches?
thug3: t3_ev_torchext2: Who did that? Stop messing with the torches.
thug3: t3_ev_torchtoff1: Dark night...oh, it's the torch. Must've sputtered out.
thug3: t3_fatigue_epi1: Whew...(wheezes) need to...catch my breath...(huffs)....
thug3: t3_fatigue_epi2: Gotta (wheezes) give up the cigs...or somethin'....
thug3: t3_fatigue_se1: Wait a sec...(wheezes)...let me...(huffs) catch my breath....
thug3: t3_fcon1: Coming through!
thug3: t3_fcon2: Which way should I go?
thug3: t3_fcon3: Gotta find...(huffs) someplace safe....
thug3: t3_fcow1: Come on, you wouldn't hit a girl, would ya?
thug3: t3_fcow2: Back off mister, just back off!
thug3: t3_fhid1: This is a safe place...won't find me here....
thug3: t3_fhid2: I'll be safe here until help comes....
thug3: t3_fini1: I'm not sticking around any longer!
thug3: t3_fini_guard1: I don't want any trouble, Officer!
thug3: t3_fini_human1: I may have lost this time, but I'll be back!
thug3: t3_fini_monster1: Help! This thing is trying to kill me!
thug3: t3_fini_na1: We should go! No time to lose!
thug3: t3_fini_pl1: That's it! I'm out of here!
thug3: t3_fini_pl2: I gotta go! I just remembered I don't want to die today!
thug3: t3_fini_pl3: I don't want to die! Just leave me alone!
thug3: t3_fini_zombie1: Zombies! Don't let them take me!
thug3: t3_frust1: Get over here! Come and fight!
thug3: t3_frust2: I see you, and I'll figure out a way to get there eventually!
thug3: t3_frust_up1: I can't fight you up there! Come on down!
thug3: t3_fsub1: Why are you following me?
thug3: t3_fsub2: Ain't there no place I can go?
thug3: t3_gcon1: Er...could a' been a...naw....
thug3: t3_gcon2: Did something just...dunno....
thug3: t3_gcon_he1: Just barely heard it....
thug3: t3_gcon_he2: Odd little sound.
thug3: t3_gcon_he_na1: Shush up, will ya? A gal can't hear nothin' with you around.
thug3: t3_gcon_he_na2: Shut up, you. I thought I might have heard something....
thug3: t3_gcon_se1: Just in the corner of my eye....
thug3: t3_gcon_se2: Can't tell if something moved or not....
thug3: t3_gcon_se_na1: Hey you, block head, that's right, you, did you just see anything just now?
thug3: t3_gcon_se_na2: Well, did you see anything or didn't you?
thug3: t3_gen_aha1: Aha! There you are!
thug3: t3_gen_dazed1: Where the heck...? Hmmm....
thug3: t3_gen_dismiss1: I am so not interested.
thug3: t3_gen_distress1: Ha!
thug3: t3_gen_dunno1: I don't know. Stop botherin' me.
thug3: t3_gen_dunno2: You're askin' the wrong person.
thug3: t3_gen_frust1: This is just great.
thug3: t3_gen_igetit1: I got it all figured out.
thug3: t3_gen_no1: Un-uh.
thug3: t3_gen_no2: No.
thug3: t3_gen_oops1: Oh crap.
thug3: t3_gen_snapout1: Jumpin'--!
thug3: t3_gen_startled1: Hey!
thug3: t3_gen_suffer1: Ow...oh...what happened...?
thug3: t3_gen_suffer2: Oh...taff head....
thug3: t3_gen_thanks1: Thanks. I owe you one.
thug3: t3_gen_thanks2: I guess I should say thank you.
thug3: t3_gen_yes1: OK.
thug3: t3_gen_yes2: Yes.
thug3: t3_gini1: Hmm.
thug3: t3_gini2: Wha--?
thug3: t3_gini3: Huh.
thug3: t3_gini_he1: Wassa sound?
thug3: t3_gini_he2: Did I just hear something?
thug3: t3_gini_se1: Did something just move?
thug3: t3_gini_se2: Hmm...think I'm seein' things.
thug3: t3_greet_reply1: Yeah, yeah.
thug3: t3_greet_reply2: What you want, taffer?
thug3: t3_greet_reply3: Whatever you're sellin', I ain't buyin'.
thug3: t3_greet_req1: Nice night.
thug3: t3_greet_req2: How's it going?
thug3: t3_greet_req3: It's been a while.
thug3: t3_gret1: Why do I get so worked up?
thug3: t3_gret2: It's the pressure of the streets, making me feel like a bomb about to blow....
thug3: t3_gret3: Nothing. I should go find the pub. That'll help blow off some of this steam....
thug3: t3_gret_he1: Just some stupid sounds.
thug3: t3_gret_he2: Stupid taffin' noisy ol' place.
thug3: t3_gret_na1: Nothing's there. You know, if I went 'Boo!' you'd jump through the roof. Just calm down.
thug3: t3_gret_na2: See? Nothin'. It's like you want something to worry about. I'll give you something to worry about, if that's what you want.
thug3: t3_gret_se1: Nothin' there. My eyes is tired, that's all.
thug3: t3_gret_se2: Nothin' to see. 'Cept my own shadow.
thug3: t3_gsub1: Hrrm. That it back or what?
thug3: t3_gsub2: Again? Dunno.
thug3: t3_iann1: I'll be back with some others....
thug3: t3_iann_pl1: Now don't you take off or nothin'. I'll be right back with the others....
thug3: t3_iarr_gone1: Not here...but, WAS here, I swear!
thug3: t3_iarr_gone_pl1: Why would I lie? I'm telling you he was right here!
thug3: t3_iarr_pres1: See? I told ya!
thug3: t3_iarr_pres_pl1: There he is! Right where I left him!
thug3: t3_iarr_srch1: It's not that I don't believe you. Let's spread out and look around for...anything.
thug3: t3_iarr_srch_pl1: Don't worry, I believe you. He probably just ran off, or maybe he's hiding...let's have a look.
thug3: t3_idle1: What was he thinkin'...calling me Sally. My name ain't Sally. If he can't even remember my name, then why should I bother? Men...taffers...all of 'em. Next time I see him, I'm gonna clean his clock. That's what.
thug3: t3_idle2: Not a bad way to earn some extra coins. Not bad at all. Way I look at it, ain't nobody looking out for me but me. If a few folks get hurt, well, (snickers) they should be looking out for themselves better. That's what.
thug3: t3_idle3: Ain't nobody ever gave me nothin'. They don't know what it's like...someone like me. I've seen a Hammer prison, I have. And from the losing side of the bars...don't know how I made it out alive.
thug3: t3_idle4: So's I said, nice and loud so they could all hear, 'But I am a lady, and don't you go forgettin' it you tiff taffin taffer!' That showed 'im.
thug3: t3_idle5: Shouldn't a drank all them beers last night. Ended up at the Sea Witch singin' 'til all hours. Now my voice is hoarse and I smell like ale and tobacco. And bath day ain't until next Friday. Well, the night air 'll freshen me up. Sweet as a daisy.
thug3: t3_idle6: The look on her she was gonna spit up just from standing next to me. She ain't so high and mighty. We's exactly the same. 'Cept she's got fancy clothes and I don't. I bet she's even got the same warts on her knees as I got.
thug3: t3_idle7: Fancy clothes. Pah! Who needs 'em? All them sateens and such. They just get mucked up. Besides, it ain't like I'm going to the Opera or high tea. 'Cept maybe to pick a pocket or two. (Snickers).
thug3: t3_idle8: Stupid City Watch, trying to con-fer-skate my weapon. Like I can't get one again real easy, even if they do. Anyhow, a lady's got to protect herself, right? What with all the stories you hear these days...some old hag skinnin' her victims and leavin' 'em for dead...I believe it, too.
thug3: t3_idle9: Don't I deserve fancy things, too? Some folks got more than their fair share...and I just try to even the score a little. Every chance I get.
thug3: t3_idle10: Who does he think he is? We're through. And this time I really mean it. I'm done being treated like a...a...(sighs).
thug3: t3_idle11: (Hoarsly singing to tune of Ring Around the Rosie) Little girls and boysie...lock your little doorsy...the hag's got one, the hag's got two...and now she's after you and you!
thug3: t3_idle12: (Hoarsly singing) Oh the ship is in, the ale is cold, and the bounty'll last 'til we are old...with a hi dee ho and a yo ho ho, to the pub we all should go...(Talking) Ha, ha, good times....
thug3: t3_idle_an1: Move it, or lose it, stupid stinkin' animal.
thug3: t3_idle_st1: Good thing about the streets, there's always an alley I can duck into in a pinch.
thug3: t3_idle_st2: Someone oughta clean up this city. Smells like one big pile of burrick dung.
thug3: t3_irep1: Hey, I found something. Come on!
thug3: t3_irep2: Hey you. There's something fishy back there. Better take a look.
thug3: t3_irep_body1: Hey, there's some dead taffer back there. Smells none too good neither.
thug3: t3_irep_body2: Hey, ah...I found a body back there. Now, I didn't do it. I just found it.
thug3: t3_irep_ik1: I seen him! The killer! Come with me!
thug3: t3_irep_it1: You wanted the thief, right? Well I just saw him with my own eyes...come on!
thug3: t3_irep_pl1: Come on, or he'll get away!
thug3: t3_ires1: All right. Show me.
thug3: t3_misc_blind_con1: Can't see...a taffin'...thing....
thug3: t3_misc_blind_con2: Oh...everything is...all black....
thug3: t3_misc_blind_con3: Oh...ooof...ah...can't see a thing....
thug3: t3_misc_blind_end1: What's that...oh...I think my eyesight's on the mend....
thug3: t3_misc_blind_ini1: Oh for taffin' out loud! My eyes!
thug3: t3_misc_noisemak1: What the heck is that? Strangest sound I ever heard.
thug3: t3_misc_noisesup1: What's up with my ears tonight? Maybe I should go see a doctor or something.
thug3: t3_misc_pickp1: I didn't just lose it. Someone must have taken it!
thug3: t3_misc_pickp2: Whoever took it is gonna be so sorry!
thug3: t3_misc_slip1: Whuuua!
thug3: t3_misc_slip2: Wha-oh!
thug3: t3_nbarrel1: I oughta give that barrel a look, too.
thug3: t3_nchair1: Better check around the chair some....
thug3: t3_ncouch1: Next I should check out the couch.
thug3: t3_ncrate1: Better check by the crate....
thug3: t3_ndesk1: Should check the desk next.
thug3: t3_ndoor1: Could something be by that door?
thug3: t3_nladder1: Hmmm...maybe by the ladder.
thug3: t3_nmach1: Better check near the machinery....
thug3: t3_nshadow1: The shadows over there...they need investigating....
thug3: t3_nshelf1: Hmmm...I'd better check by the shelves....
thug3: t3_nstatue1: I'm gonna have a look near that statue.
thug3: t3_ntable1: That table's big enough to hide something....
thug3: t3_obs_citywatch1: What? I ain't doin' nothin'! You can't pin anything on me!
thug3: t3_obs_citywatch2: (Hushed) Coppers. I hates 'em.
thug3: t3_obs_commoner1: Low life scum.
thug3: t3_obs_commoner2: You want a penny? I think I saw one in the gutter a ways back.
thug3: t3_obs_guard1: Hope they pay you well for this.
thug3: t3_obs_hammer1: Never seen a lady Hammerite. Pigs, all a' them.
thug3: t3_obs_hammer_friend1: You're a tall one, ain'tcha?
thug3: t3_obs_noble1: Oooo...look at the fancy. Evenin' to ya, fancy shmancy!
thug3: t3_obs_noble2: Too uppity to even say hello, huh? Fine with me.
thug3: t3_obs_noblef1: Don't you roll your eyes at me, lady. (Muttered) Clean your clock, I will.
thug3: t3_obs_noblem1: Need an escort, my lord?
thug3: t3_obs_pagan1: Ugh. Look at those teeth....
thug3: t3_obs_pagan_friend1: Heya, plant anything worthwhile lately?
thug3: t3_obs_pl1: Hello. Handsome.
thug3: t3_obs_pl2: Hmmm. Not a bad lookin' fellow.
thug3: t3_opp_fcon1: What's your hurry? Scared to fight?
thug3: t3_opp_fcon2: Stop! Only cowards run away!
thug3: t3_opp_fcon3: Ain't no place to go, taffer!
thug3: t3_opp_fini1: Sure, run away. Like that'll help ya.
thug3: t3_opp_fini2: Running, eh taffer? Well, I do like a good chase now and then....
thug3: t3_opp_hide1: Where'd that taffer go? Probably trying to hide. Hmmm.
thug3: t3_opp_hide2: I haven't lost you, you know! I've just temporarily misplaced you!
thug3: t3_opp_hide_f1: What the taff? I lost her!
thug3: t3_opp_hide_f_na1: She hasn't given us the slip! She's just start looking!
thug3: t3_opp_hide_m1: Now where'd that guy disappear to? He's a slippery one, he is....
thug3: t3_opp_hide_m2: No! He's given me the slip! Where could he be?
thug3: t3_opp_hide_m_na1: You let him give us the slip, you idiot! Find him!
thug3: t3_opp_hide_m_na2: Lost him? How could you lose him? He's here somewhere, so look!
thug3: t3_opp_mis1: You missed. Care to try again?
thug3: t3_opp_mis2: Missed me, ha ha!
thug3: t3_opp_mis3: You gotta be quicker than that, taffer!
thug3: t3_pagancornerstone1: Someone go and plant all these?
thug3: t3_rcon1: Tryin' to sneak up on a defenseless woman, are ya? I'll show you how defenseless I am, just come on out....
thug3: t3_rcon2: You know what? I like to beat on people. Especially sneaky people trying to pull one over on me. Just the kind of person I am.
thug3: t3_rcon3: I know you're there! You're gonna be one sorry taffer when I find you!
thug3: t3_rcon4: Sure I'm armed...and dangerous too. But that's no reason to hide....
thug3: t3_rcon5: I know someone's there, somewhere. Did you think I wouldn't notice?
thug3: t3_rcon6: You'll be real sorry when I find you.
thug3: t3_rcon7: Stop hiding! Hiding really ticks me off!
thug3: t3_rcon8: I know you're there, taffer. And it won't be long 'til I find you....
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd1: Found you, you taffer! Thought you could hide from me, eh?
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd2: There you are! Now I'm gonna clean your clock!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd3: Aha! I knew it! No taffer can hide from me!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd4: Aha! Right where I thought you'd be. Now let's fight!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd5: I knew I'd find you! And now I'm gonna kill you!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd_f_na1: She's over here! Come help me!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd_m_na1: He's here! We found him!
thug3: t3_rcon_fnd_m_na2: There he is! We got him now!
thug3: t3_rcon_he1: I think the noise is coming from...over here...yeah....
thug3: t3_rcon_he2: I can hear that. What, are you stupid or something?
thug3: t3_rcon_he3: That's a lot of noise, you taffer! Do you want me to find you or something?
thug3: t3_rcon_he_na1: Don't worry, he'll make some more noise. In the meantime, just keep looking.
thug3: t3_rcon_he_na2: We heard you, you taffer. And now we're coming to find you. Better get yourself ready for a beating.
thug3: t3_rcon_los1: What are you hiding for, eh? You ain't scared of me, are ya?
thug3: t3_rcon_los2: Hiding, huh? Afraid I'm gonna clean your clock? You should be....
thug3: t3_rcon_los3: Oh, come on! Just come out! All we're gonna do is fight, nothing awful or anything....
thug3: t3_rcon_los4: Look, if you come out, I'll even let you throw the first punch, all right?
thug3: t3_rcon_los5: You're one sorry excuse for a taffer, you know that? Come on out, you coward!
thug3: t3_rcon_los_f1: I'll find her...she can't hide all night.
thug3: t3_rcon_los_f_na1: It'll be your fault if she gets away. So you better keep on looking.
thug3: t3_rcon_los_m1: I hate this. Where could he be?
thug3: t3_rcon_los_m2: He's a slippery one, he is...but I'll find him. He's somewhere close by....
thug3: t3_rcon_los_m_na1: Have you spotted him yet? Well, hurry up! We gotta find this guy...preferably tonight....
thug3: t3_rcon_los_m_na2: With both of us looking we'll find him for sure...he can't hide forever.
thug3: t3_rcon_na1: We're coming to get you, taffer. And we're not in the best of moods.
thug3: t3_rcon_na2: Remember, if you find anyone, let me know, and I'll clock him for ya.
thug3: t3_rcon_se1: I saw that! Who's over there?
thug3: t3_rcon_se2: I didn't get a very good look at you, taffer. Why don't you come over here so's I can see you before you get all, you know, bloody? (Snickers).
thug3: t3_rcon_se3: Who's that moving around over there? Huh?
thug3: t3_rcon_se_na1: We both saw something, right? I bet it's some stupid taffer. He'll be sorry he messed with us....
thug3: t3_rcon_se_na2: We know someone's out there. It's only a matter of time before we find you! We got big plans for you. (Snickers).
thug3: t3_repri_bump_init1: Hands to yourself, or you lose them!
thug3: t3_repri_bump_init2: Touch me again and I'll clean your clock!
thug3: t3_repri_hurt_init1: What the? Don't you do that again!
thug3: t3_repri_hurtother_init1: Hey, nobody's allowed to do any bullying 'round here except me.
thug3: t3_repri_hurtother_sub1: Get away from them, or I'm coming over there.
thug3: t3_repri_lockp_init1: You think the lock's just for show? Get outta there.
thug3: t3_repri_odd_init1: You shouldn't be doing that.
thug3: t3_repri_over1: That's better. I knew you weren't so bad.
thug3: t3_repri_over2: Didn't think you were going to back down for a bit there. Glad we could...come to an understanding.
thug3: t3_repri_stare_init1: You think you want a closer look?
thug3: t3_repri_stare_init2: Keep staring, I'll put your other eye out.
thug3: t3_repri_theft_init1: Damn it, taffer, that's mine!
thug3: t3_repri_theft_init2: Hey! Keep your sticky fingers to yourself!
thug3: t3_repri_threat_init1: Are you looking for trouble? 'Cause I'll give you some if that's what you want.
thug3: t3_repri_threat_sub1: You're really asking for it, ain'tcha?
thug3: t3_repri_threat_sub2: Put the weapon away. Or not. But be warned, I don't fight fair or nothin'.
thug3: t3_repri_thrown_init1: Oh, come on! Quit it, taffer!
thug3: t3_repri_thrown_sub1: You think that's taffing funny? Stop throwing things!
thug3: t3_repri_tres_init1: Get lost, you taffer!
thug3: t3_repri_tres_init2: Think you can just come around here? I'll clean your clock, I will.
thug3: t3_repri_vandal_init1: It makes a nice noise, but that's enough.
thug3: t3_repri_vandal_sub1: Are those yours? Are they? Quit it or else!
thug3: t3_rini1: All right, taffer. You just gave yourself away.
thug3: t3_rini2: Whoever you are, you picked the wrong gal to mess with, I'll tell you that.
thug3: t3_rini3: Who's there? I'm warning you, I'm armed.
thug3: t3_rini_he1: Like to make noise, do ya?
thug3: t3_rini_he2: Sounds like I got company....
thug3: t3_rini_he_na1: Hear that? Could mean trouble, so shush up and do what I do....
thug3: t3_rini_he_na2: What a racket, eh? I think we've got an univited guest. Let's show 'em the usual 'hospitality'....
thug3: t3_rini_se1: What's that I see? Who's over there?
thug3: t3_rini_se2: Whoa! Did I just see what I think I saw?
thug3: t3_rini_se_na1: Look over there. Are you seeing this?
thug3: t3_rini_se_na2: Did you see that? What the heck was that?
thug3: t3_rnew1: That's right. Keep it up. That should work out well for you.
thug3: t3_rnew2: Yeah, yeah. Don't worry. I'll find you soon.
thug3: t3_rnew_he1: I don't get it. You're trying to hide, but you can't seem to keep quiet.
thug3: t3_rnew_he2: What's with all the noise, you?
thug3: t3_rnew_se1: I see that! I'm just not sure what I'm looking at....
thug3: t3_rnew_se2: I can see that, you know.
thug3: t3_rpre1: Aha!
thug3: t3_rret1: I know someone was here...I guess they...well probably they...I don't know...but they're definitely not here now.
thug3: t3_rret2: Nothing. Nobody. And I was nice and ready to clock someone too. Well, the night's still young. I might get to bully someone yet.
thug3: t3_rret3: Well, no one's here now. I should probably keep my eyes open though, that was just too close for comfort.
thug3: t3_rret_he1: Well, obviously nobody is here. But then, how do I explain what I heard? Hmmm.
thug3: t3_rret_los1: Ah, what am I doing? That coward took off and ain't never coming back.
thug3: t3_rret_los2: I guess that taffer escaped. I looked everywhere. Anyway, I sure could use a beer.
thug3: t3_rret_los_f1: She's not here. I give up.
thug3: t3_rret_los_f_na1: She's gone, long gone. But she wouldn't be if you'd just done what I said. Next time listen!
thug3: t3_rret_los_m1: Taff it! He must've escaped. That guy is nowhere to be found.
thug3: t3_rret_los_m_na1: Quit wasting your time. He gave us the slip. Do I gotta spell everything out for ya?
thug3: t3_rret_na1: Let's just forget it. We've wasted enough time on this already. If someone were here, we'd of found him by now.
thug3: t3_rret_se1: Huh. Nobody. And I would have bet cash money that there was someone there. Go figure.
thug3: t3_rsur_ev_com1: Hey! It ain't polite to strike a lady!
thug3: t3_sndocc1: So loud! A gal can't hear herself think!
thug3: t3_spell_thanks1: I appreciate it. No, really.
thug3: t3_sum_fight1: Isn't there anyone who can help me here?
thug3: t3_sum_fight2: Somebody give me a hand!
thug3: t3_sum_reply1: Hold on! I'm coming!
thug3: t3_sum_reply2: All right, already! I'm almost there!
thug3: t3_valley1: Who's that there? You, in the alley!
thug3: t3_vroof1: I see him! He's managed to get to the roof!
thug3: t3_vstreet1: He's here! In the street!
thug3: t3_wdie1: You'll be sorry you did that, murdering scum!
thug3: t3_wfle1: Where you going? I need your help!
thug3: t3_ycon1: If it's a cat...then I'll shoo it...if it's a dog...I'll kick it...if it's some taffer...well, then there's gonna be some real trouble....
thug3: t3_ycon2: Someone would have to be crazy to try to taff with me....
thug3: t3_ycon3: Like I got time to check every square inch of the place....
thug3: t3_ycon4: That you, Craigy? Wassa matter, cat got your tongue? You got info for me, or what? Craigy?
thug3: t3_ycon5: Better check around some...can't be too careful these days....
thug3: t3_ycon_he1: Keep hearing noises...really makes a gal wonder....
thug3: t3_ycon_he2: I heard something...hope it's not a snake...I got a thing about snakes....
thug3: t3_ycon_he_na1: You can listen and search at the same time, right? That ain't too much to ask.
thug3: t3_ycon_he_na2: If you hear it again, let me know, so we can focus our searching near that area. All right? Or do I gotta explain it some more?
thug3: t3_ycon_na1: Just keep looking will ya? I'll let you know when we're done.
thug3: t3_ycon_na2: I know it might not be anything, but if you don't keep looking I'm gonna punch your lights out.
thug3: t3_ycon_se1: I seen something...but for all I know it was a stupid moth....
thug3: t3_ycon_se2: Where was it I saw that...thing? Whatever it was? Maybe over here....
thug3: t3_ycon_se_na1: I'm not sure what I saw...but I think it was over here somewheres. That's where we should look the most. Got it?
thug3: t3_ycon_se_na2: If you see anything, then let me know. All right?
thug3: t3_yini1: Hello? What's that? Someone there?
thug3: t3_yini2: I don't like this...all the hairs on my neck just stood on end....
thug3: t3_yini3: All right, what's going on?
thug3: t3_yini_he1: Hmm? What's that sound?
thug3: t3_yini_he2: Hey...what kind of taffin' noise was that?
thug3: t3_yini_he_na1: Shut up, I tell ya. I'm trying to listen here.
thug3: t3_yini_he_na2: What was that sound? Huh? Didn't you hear it?
thug3: t3_yini_se1: Thought I saw something...just for a second there....
thug3: t3_yini_se2: Just then...something...moving....
thug3: t3_yini_se_na1: Look. No, over there. Do you see anything?
thug3: t3_yini_se_na2: Did you just see that? I don't know what it was....
thug3: t3_ynew1: That...if I only knew for sure what that was.
thug3: t3_ynew2: There...whatever it is...sure does grate on my nerves....
thug3: t3_ypre3: Hey!
thug3: t3_yret1: Aw, taff it all. There ain't nothing here. And me, all ready to clock someone, too.
thug3: t3_yret2: Nothing here. It was probably just a rat passing through....
thug3: t3_yret3: Nope. Just my imagination getting carried away. Happens sometimes, usually a good meal helps.
thug3: t3_yret_he1: Aw, taff it. What a waste of time. It was probably just a rat I heard anyway.
thug3: t3_yret_na1: Ah, let's just forget it, OK? Do you even remember what we were looking for?
thug3: t3_yret_se1: What am I doing? What a waste of time. And for what? For all I know it was just a moth I saw.

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