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Gamall RevealedEdit

Gamall revealed 01 Gamall revealed 02

Gamall revealed 03

Orland: Let the Book of Names record that on this day did Translator Gamall take the name of Interpreter Gamall and begin to read the Prophecies. Let her eyes open to read and to see. Let her tongue speak the words of the glyphs.

Gamall revealed 04 Gamall revealed 05

Gamall revealed 05a

Gamall: I shall see the unseen. I shall speak the truth.

Gamall revealed 06

Orland: Let the Book of Names record that...

Gamall revealed 07

Gamall: Ugh! Aaah!

Orland: Interpreter Gamall? What's wrong?

Gamall revealed 08 Gamall revealed 09

Lauryl: Ohhhh...look!

Gamall revealed 10 Gamall revealed 11

Gamall revealed 12 Gamall revealed 13

Gamall revealed 14 Gamall revealed 15

Gamall revealed 16

Gamall: No... no... curse her stinking, rotting bones! You think you can snare me trap me with your secrets? I am secret, kept for decades! You scratch out glyphs and think you have them – but I wear them drink them breathe them know them far better than you. I am glyphs, now and for all time.

Gamall revealed 17

Lauryl:I'm me again. She can't use it any more.

Gamall revealed 18 Gamall revealed 19

Gamall: Finally now you see me my skin my bone as I am – you will not live to thwart me! I have gathered all I need, talismans tomes artifacts writings, I have them beyond your grasp. I trace I discover I read, and soon I shall come to the last of all glyphs, that you seek stumble follow but shall never find... I'm afraid we're going to have to rip a few pages from the Book of Names...

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