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Gamalls TrapEdit

Gamalls trap 01 Gamalls trap 02

Garrett: This is the place all right. Why do I smell a rat?

Gamalls trap 03 Gamalls trap 04

The Hag: Terminus, animus, take the power, the glyphs, the bindings, live, walk, talk and obey! Yes, my will, my desires. Terminus, animus, awake!

Gamalls trap 05 Gamalls trap 06

Gamalls trap 07 Gamalls trap 08

Gamalls trap 09


Gamalls trap 10

Gamall: Garrett is here, among you, somewhere! Seek, fetch, find him out, crush him till breathing stops, cut him till bleeding stops, do not let him escape!

Statues: Yesss...

Gamalls trap 11 Gamalls trap 12

The Hag: I must leave you, my helpers, my minions, my stone warriors, and secret myself away,yes, must keep secret, must stay hidden, a little while longer, oh, so many secrets....