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Gamalls TreacheryEdit

Gamalls treachery 01

Orland: Gamall did this!

Gamalls treachery 02

Garrett: Looks like we've got a new target for those assassins.

Keeper1: Yes, but unfortunately the Enforcers are quite...ineffectual against her.

Garrett: So what are you going to do?

Gamalls treachery 03

Orland: She's found the Final Glyph.

Garrett: Final Glyph?

Gamalls treachery 04

Orland: The Last of All Glyphs. It's a very powerful... weapon. She will undoubtedly...

Gamalls treachery 05

Female Keeper1: Activate it, and in doing so...wreak untold suffering, and also ensure her complete invulnerability, for all time.

Gamalls treachery 06

Female Keeper2: Keeper Orland! The treasures are gone! Gamall has taken the Chalice and the Paw!

Gamalls treachery 07

Orland: Gone? The Artifacts... Then it was Gamall who wanted them, not.. not Caduca! You see I... I received these notes, that.. I thought they were from Caduca... Until they kept coming! Even after she was dead.

Keeper1: It appears we have made things easy for Gamall. But what does she intend to do with the Artifacts?

Female Keeper1: There is no way to know. Except - she must have a hidden lair, someplace where she has taken our missing books.

Orland: You could find it, Garrett. A thief could find it...

Garrett: Her lair? Yeah, I have an idea where it might be.

Orland: Then you must go! Go now and kill her!

Keeper1: If only you could find a way to destroy the Final Glyph, make sure it can never be activated...

Garrett: Let me see if I've got this right. You want me to find Gamall's lair, learn what she wants your treasures for, kill her, and find and destroy this ‘Final Glyph'. Anything else?

Orland: How dare you act so high and mighty.

Garrett: Enough speeches, Orland. You've already had your turn.

Gamalls treachery 08

Female Keeper1: Yet there is truth in his words. A sequence of events was started when you stole the Chalice and the Paw. The glyphs did warn us...

Gamalls treachery 09 Gamalls treachery 10

Garrett: Right. Glyphs. As if I could forget.