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Checking Inn, Cashing outEdit


Location: Lancaster Room
InnJulianPlotting_001000: m01c0101: Five picked men....
InnJulianPlotting_002000: m01c0102: My lord...
InnJulianPlotting_003000: m01c0103: Five picked men with me, and we cut our way through.
InnJulianPlotting_004000: m01c0104: He's your cousin, my lord.
InnJulianPlotting_005000: m01c0105: I won the bet. My shaft was closer by a thumb's width. The Bloodline Opal should rightfully be mine.
InnJulianPlotting_006000: m01c0106: If I may, my lord. I can help you. I know the castle.
InnJulianPlotting_007000: m01c0107: Well? You're a cook...what could you know...?
InnJulianPlotting_008000: m01c0108: Every evening after sunset the supply wagon comes through that gate and into the courtyard, and no one looks twice. Arrange for your men to be inside one evening....
InnJulianPlotting_009000: m01c0109: And then...we cut our way through. Five good men against twenty, and my accursed cousin.
InnJulianPlotting_010000: m01c0110: My lord, listen! There is a passage leading into the castle from the courtyard. I can open it for you when you give me the signal. The torch in the lion's-head sconce, you must put it out.
InnJulianPlotting_011000: m01c011: The lion's head torch. Yes. And when I reach the vault and hold the Bloodline Opal, I will take my place as head of the family. The Lady Elizabeth will be waiting. Even now she'll be flattering him, giving me time to return.
InnJulianPlotting_012000: m01c0112: Only... the medallion is the only key, my lord. You must keep hold of it.
InnJulianPlotting_013000: m01c0113: You forget Lord Ember has another. I hear he guards it... with his life.
InnJulianPlotting_014000: m01c0114: My lord, I wish only for peace in the household....
InnJulianPlotting_015000: m01c0115: The Opal is mine. I won that bet, Morris. I won it!

End of the BloodlineEdit


Location: Front Steps
CasOldCity_001000: m02c0101: Quiet tonight.
CasOldCity_002000: m02c0102: It's the rain, earlier. Everyone's gone in. Black as pitch out here.
CasOldCity_003000: m02c0103: They doubled the watch.
CasOldCity_004000: m02c0104: This castle's as old as South Quarter. See the way the stone is? Hold off an army. Probably has.
CasOldCity_005000: m02c0105: You really think so?
CasOldCity_006000: m02c0106: Who knows? It's an old part of town. Streets are all different here, not like Auldale or Stonemarket.
CasOldCity_007000: m02c0107: Ahh, what do you know about it.
CasOldCity_008000: m02c0108: I could have been in the City Watch, I knew it that well. I could find my way around blind.
CasOldCity_009000: m02c0109: (Bored, but looking for a story) Bet you've seen things.
CasOldCity_010000: m02c0110: You wouldn't believe it. Saw a rat once as big as a dog. (Hushed) I saw a man, dead in the street without his skin.
CasOldCity_011000: m02c0111: Come on! Who'd take somebody's skin?
CasOldCity_012000: m02c0112: Could be...nah, I won't say it. Nobody knows the whole city, how old it is, how many times it's been built over. Not the Hammerites, nobody.


Location: Front Steps
CasAngryJulian_001000: m02c0201: Lord Julian was pretty angry. You see his face when he walked out?
CasAngryJulian_002000: m02c0202: I wasn't there.
CasAngryJulian_003000: m02c0203: Julian's the better man.
CasAngryJulian_004000: m02c0204: Don't speak of it. You're a sworn man, fool.
CasAngryJulian_005000: m02c0205: I don't like this...brothers fighting.
CasAngryJulian_006000: m02c0206: They'll settle it, you'll see. A marriage or a treaty or a...a dancing party, whatever the noble folk have.
CasAngryJulian_007000: m02c0207: What'd they quarrel over? Some kind of bet?
CasAngryJulian_008000: m02c0208: Something about their hawks, I think.
CasAngryJulian_009000: m02c0209: I like a good bear-baiting, myself.
CasAngryJulian_010000: m02c0210: 'Tis a fine thing.


Location: Kitchen Area
CasEmberUniforms_001000: m02c0301: Jenny was up all night, sewing the new uniforms for Lord Ember. Hands all bloody this morning.
CasEmberUniforms_002000: m02c0302: And Julian will change them right back when he returns, you mark me.
CasEmberUniforms_003000: m02c0303: (Suddenly hushed) You think he'll come back?
CasEmberUniforms_004000: m02c0304: I never said that.
CasEmberUniforms_005000: m02c0305: I never said it either.


Location: Tower Stairs
CasServantsAbtEliz_001000: m02c0401: Milady Elizabeth is a proper lady. She attended 'Lady Pollock's School for Young Ladies', and she can write in both ancient Brillian and modern Prinkish.
CasServantsAbtEliz_002000: m02c0402: Hm. Well I guess that's something.
CasServantsAbtEliz_003000: m02c0403: Your Lord Ember's knowledge of the world is limited to the names of his ancestors and equine diseases of the mouth.
CasServantsAbtEliz_004000: m02c0404: I don't like the way she looks at me. Like I've been sneaking about or something.
CasServantsAbtEliz_005000: m02c0405: Well, you are a bit unkempt.
CasServantsAbtEliz_006000: m02c0406: It's them stairs. She has me up there five times a night changing the torches.
CasServantsAbtEliz_007000: m02c0407: Oh indeed! (Mockingly) I shall inform milady of your displeasure.
CasServantsAbtEliz_008000: m02c0408: Don't you dare!


Location: Unknown
ChastiseGuard1_000500: m02v02a: Straighten up there, you disgusting hunchback!

ChastiseGuard1_002000: m02v03a: Yes, Lord Ember.

ChastiseGuard1_000500: m02v02b: What are you looking at? Eyes front!

ChastiseGuard1_002000: m02v03b: Yes, sir. (To self) Idiot!

ChastiseGuard2_001000: m02v02c: Julian's coming, I can feel it. No one sleeps tonight!

ChastiseGuard2_002000: m02v04c: Right, sir.

ChastiseGuard2_001000: m02v02d: Double shifts, remember. Everyone!

ChastiseGuard2_002000: m02v04d: Very good, sir.

ChastiseGuard2_002000: m02v04e: Yes, your lordship. (Quietly) Gonna be blood soon....

ChastiseGuard3_001000: m02v02e: Wake up there! Imbecile.

ChastiseGuard3_002000: m02v06f: Yes, sir. (To self) Hope Julian comes back soon.

ChastiseGuard3_002000: m02v06g: Yes, your lordship. (To self) If I hadn't taken an oath....

Into the Pagan SanctuaryEdit


Location: Unknown
PagNothingGrowsHere_001000: m03c0101: Seesie? Bes nothing can growing here. Not even them blood vine or butter weed.
PagNothingGrowsHere_002000: m03c0102: I seesie. Do you thinks--?
PagNothingGrowsHere_003000: m03c0103: Thinkers me them Hammerheads put curses on it!
PagNothingGrowsHere_004000: m03c0104: Shaman bes the only one with magics to fight the Hammerheads....
PagNothingGrowsHere_005000: m03c0105: Or them priestess, Dyan....
PagNothingGrowsHere_006000: m03c0106: Yes, but she bes busy with more important works.


Location: Pagan Front Line
PagDyanLarkspur_001000: m03c0201: How bes it done?
PagDyanLarkspur_002000: m03c0202: First, Dyan, Priestess of Wood, givers enchantment, and beset them minds....
PagDyanLarkspur_003000: m03c0203: Yes?
PagDyanLarkspur_004000: m03c0204: Then the manfools, thinker they bes acting of them own free will, does whatever we wants...
PagDyanLarkspur_005000: m03c0205: Ha, stupid weaksy manfools. And then?
PagDyanLarkspur_006000: m03c0206: Then, after the magics wear off, the damage bes done, and if there bes a problem....
PagDyanLarkspur_007000: m03c0207: Larkspur seals them deal with more other...persuasions....
PagDyanLarkspur_008000: m03c0208: Yeah, or he bes just kills them.


Location: Bandit Camp
PAGLooterMiner_001000: m03c0301: Whatcha stop for?
PAGLooterMiner_002000: m03c0302: Shh! I'm trying to listen. You never know. Could be somethin' up ahead.
PAGLooterMiner_003000: m03c0303: (Sarcastic) You mean like, the silver nuggets you said was down here?
PAGLooterMiner_004000: m03c0304: (Defensive) I said I heard there might be silver or gold in some mines, maybe around here, yeah, (suddenly worried) but ah...I heard there might be somethin' else, too.
PAGLooterMiner_005000: m03c0305: Like what?
PAGLooterMiner_006000: m03c0306: (Nervous) Like maybe some strange people down here. Like, maybe they don't want no visitors...don't want anyone knowin' they're here....
PAGLooterMiner_007000: m03c0307: Ah, taff it, Burt, you don't mean you brought us into Pagan territory? Pagans? Taffin' cripes, I thought I smelled somethin' off. Let's beat it. If they find us here....
PAGLooterMiner_008000: m03c0308: About that, we can't beat it, 'cause we's lost. But I'm open to suggestions. And ah,...we should try to keep it down, OK?
PAGLooterMiner_009000: m03c0309: Well, we oughta send one of us up ahead. Make sure it's all clear.
PAGLooterMiner_010000: m03c0310: Well, I ain't going. No tiff taffin' way.
PAGLooterMiner_011000: m03c0311: We do Eeny Meeny for it. Ready? Eeny, meeny, miny--aw, never mind. I'll do it. You watch my back. Here I go. All this for some taffin' silver nuggets you ain't even sure is here....
PAGLooterMiner_012000: m03c0312: Good luck. I'm watchin' your back! Yell if you see any Pagans! Or gold!

St. Edgar's EveEdit


Location: Chapel Transept
HamFirstChant_001000: m04c0101: (Chant or prayer) Builder grant me Thy strength for mine arm, to smite Thy enemies in Thy name and for Thy purpose.


Location: Chapel Transept
HamSecondChant_001000: m04c0102: (Chant or prayer) Builder, grant me protection from the evil of the Trickster, from the malice of those who follow him in their dark Forest.


Location: Chapel Transept
HamRitualConv_001000: m04c0103: (Chant or prayer) So shalt the Master Builder keep and watch over us. So shalt His forge scorch the unrighteous and burn away all that which is impure and of the earth. So shalt His blessed servant, Saint Edgar, serve as the messenger to His power. Praise to thee, Lord Builder, and praise to thee, Saint Edgar, thou who didst drink from the Chalice and cleanse the land of unworthy, in thy righteousness.
HamRitualConv_002000: m04c0104: As thou has directed, MasterForger Greidus, mine brethren shalt summon thee as they retire from their works.
HamRitualConv_003000: m04c0105: 'Tis well. But, make sure 'tis done in a timely fashion. Last month several brethren sounded the bell far too late in the eve.
HamRitualConv_004000: m04c0106: If I spy any brother late at his work, shalt I then tell him he needs must receive thy blessing and tarry no longer.


Location: Factory Entrance
HamFactoryConv_001000: m04c0201: Why dost thou labor away so late into the night, upon the night of Saint Edgar? Shouldst not thou be at prayer?
HamFactoryConv_002000: m04c0202: Wouldst that I might. But more of our brethren doth arrive, and Roland doth instruct me that machines must be ready for their use.
HamFactoryConv_003000: m04c0203: Brother Roland doth ask too much. I see him not, working beside thee at thy task.
HamFactoryConv_004000: m04c0204: 'Tis true. Yet, our most blessed Saint Edgar didst not earn his glory in meditation or rest. As we follow his example, we earn our place in the Builder's plan.
HamFactoryConv_005000: m04c0205: 'Tis the same for me. I walk these halls with naught but the hymns of The Builder to keep me company.


Location: West Courtyard
HamDreptConv_001000: m04c0301: Didst thou see? Inspector Drept wast at service earlier.
HamDreptConv_002000: m04c0302: 'Tis the holy day of Saint Edgar! Doth it surprise you? 'Twould be a greater shame to stand missing.
HamDreptConv_003000: m04c0303: Thou speakst sense, but more and more rare doth he come amongst us--his time is spent out in The City.
HamDreptConv_004000: m04c0304: The Inspector seeketh out sinners and criminals. He canst not do that among our brethren, for who such wouldst he find here?
HamDreptConv_005000: m04c0305: 'Tis true. But 'tis sad that one of our brethren be such a stranger. Wouldst that he pursue his prayers with such fervor as he pursues his investigation.
HamDreptConv_006000: m04c0306: When he doth pursue the wicked, he bringeth the justice of the Builder to the City. But I wouldst that he would set aside his obsession; this talk of a hag is but children's rhymes and nonsense.


Location: Lower Barracks
HamChaliceConv_001000: m04c0401: Hath thou heard? MasterForger Greidus hath called to all the MasterForgers of the Church, that he shalt drink from the Builder's Chalice.
HamChaliceConv_002000: m04c0402: 'Tis madness! The Chalice hath been barred for these past fifty years, since MasterForger Alebus didst drink and did burn unto death.
HamChaliceConv_003000: m04c0403: 'Tis the MasterForger's wish to call upon all other MasterForgers to drink as well, that he mayst show himself both brave and righteous.
HamChaliceConv_004000: m04c0404: His pride speaketh so, and not his righteousness. And 'tis dangerous, to bring the Chalice forth. 'Twas the means by which so many Pagans died, they shouldst well like to destroy it if they hadst but the means.
HamChaliceConv_005000: m04c0405: Ha! Let the Pagans come, and we shalt strike them down as we didst in Saint Edgar's time.

House of the Widow MoiraEdit


Location: SW Bedroom
SeaNereid_001000: m05c0101: Is it here? Do you see it?
SeaNereid_002000: m05c0102: Not so loud, Lavinia. No, it's not in this room either.
SeaNereid_003000: m05c0103: And we're almost done with the upper floor. If you were the Widow Moira, where would you keep your late husband's telescope?
SeaNereid_004000: m05c0104: We won't get anything out of the Widow, my precious, I've just had a peek at her, she's up on the roof, raving, and she didn't know me from a field mouse.
SeaNereid_005000: m05c0105: I didn't mean--
SeaNereid_006000: m05c0106: I know, darling. The question is more probably, where did the late Captain Moira put it? He wouldn't leave the Nereid Telescope just lying around.
SeaNereid_007000: m05c0107: Brice, we're doing the right thing, aren't we? I mean, its beauty is wasted on the Widow Moira. She doesn't appreciate the finer things.
SeaNereid_008000: m05c0108: Well, it's right for us, sweetness, but as an officer of the City Watch, I must confess it's probably not doing right by the widow.
SeaNereid_009000: m05c0109: Scoundrel of the City Watch, you mean. (Laughs)

SeasideServantFemale1 (1 of 2 conversations)Edit

Location: Rotunda

  • Note: the name "Moria" is a spelling error in the game's subtitles, but is still pronounced as "Moira".

SeaServantsWine_001000: m05c0201: What are you up to?
SeaServantsWine_002000: m05c0202: I was going to bring some wine to Widow Moria up on the roof.
SeaServantsWine_003000: m05c0203: I thought I left clear instructions that the widow shall get no wine! She's in a terrible state! She wouldn't know the difference between you and a murderer servin' up a glass of poison...!
SeaServantsWine_004000: m05c0204: But--
SeaServantsWine_005000: m05c0205: Wine is the last thing she needs! What if she swoons and falls to her death, do you want that on your conscience?
SeaServantsWine_006000: m05c0206: But when I set down her dessert tray she saw me and made me swear I'd bring her a glass!
SeaServantsWine_007000: m05c0207: Did she? Then go to Cook this instant, and tell him to hide the bottles, lest some other half-wit servant gets the idea to disobey my orders.
SeaServantsWine_008000: m05c0208: Yes, Mistress Mastiff!
SeaServantsWine_009000: m05c0209: Well? Be off with you then!
SeaServantsWine_010000: m05c0210: Yes, Mistress Mastiff! (Breaks into sobs)


Location: Boathouse
SeaGuardRoom_001000: m05c0301: It's your turn already.
SeaGuardRoom_002000: m05c0302: I know, I know, let me just think....
SeaGuardRoom_003000: m05c0303: I'm waiting....
SeaGuardRoom_004000: m05c0304: Don't rush me. I'm about to go.
SeaGuardRoom_005000: m05c0305: Listen, it's not that hard. You're showing Pelicans and Mackerels, right? Just play them in order, and you'll take at least two--oh, burricks!
SeaGuardRoom_006000: m05c0306: What? What's wrong?
SeaGuardRoom_007000: m05c0307: You just won. I just won for you.
SeaGuardRoom_008000: m05c0308: Ha! Ha! Pay up, Mortimer! What'd I win?


Location: SE Bedroom
SeaNobleColor_001000: m05c0501: Fine gathering, eh Dear?
SeaNobleColor_002000: m05c0502: Quite.
SeaNobleColor_003000: m05c0503: Yes.
SeaNobleColor_004000: m05c0504: Much like the McAfferty soirée last season, at their summer home.
SeaNobleColor_005000: m05c0505: Quite.
SeaNobleColor_006000: m05c0506: Yes.
SeaNobleColor_007000: m05c0507: Food was delicious.
SeaNobleColor_008000: m05c0508: Quite.
SeaNobleColor_009000: m05c0509: (Using a different voice) Yes! Quite! Yes! (Back to normal voice) And on and on! Don't you two ever get tired of yourselves?
SeaNobleColor_010000: m05c0510: My! What's gotten into our Miss Varia?
SeaNobleColor_011000: m05c0511: Quite!
SeaNobleColor_012000: m05c0512: Yes....

SeasideServantFemale1 (2 of 2 conversations)Edit

Location: Rotunda
SeaServantColor_001000: m05c0601: Oh, I don't like it. No, no, not one little bit.
SeaServantColor_002000: m05c0602: Whatcha mean, Ginny?
SeaServantColor_003000: m05c0603: The Widow, up there on the cupola every night, pacing about in the cold, talking utter nonsense. And her house guests! I've a mind to put them all out, for what they're worth.
SeaServantColor_004000: m05c0604: Aye. They're a troublesome bunch--
SeaServantColor_005000: m05c0605: (Interrupting) I found two of them upstairs in the Widow's Sitting Room. Don't know what they were doing, but there sure was a guilty look about them, I'll tell you that.
SeaServantColor_006000: m05c0606: Interestin'. Maybe I should mention that to the foreman....
SeaServantColor_007000: m05c0607: Indeed you should! Indeed you should!


Location: Cupola
WidowViktrola_001000: m05v02a: Bryant tells me you've left a message for me on the viktrola. Really, Robert, can't you just tell me yourself? That silly viktrola annoys me--why must we have that ugly Mechanist thing crouching in our bedroom? If your message is really so important then, then you'll tell me yourself at dinner. Yes, dinner, I'll have cook prepare all your favorites.
WidowBringWine_001000: m05v03a: You must be a friend of Robert's, perchance? One really ought to recognize one's own guests, but the fog has been so thick lately. Would you, could you somehow find it in your heart to fetch me a glass of wine? The servants have forgotten. And do take off that cloak. Make yourself comfortable.
WidowNoWine_001000: m05v04a: Ah, it's you again. Have you brought me my wine? Oh, I don't see how I'll ever settle my nerves without it.
WidowGarrettWithWine_001000: m05v05a: Thank you--now perhaps I can settle my poor nerves. So kind of you to fetch it, so that I could stay and watch for my dear Robert. I know I've not thanked you properly. And a poor woman's gratitude is not worth much these days, is it? I can hardly trust my other house guests (whispering) they think I don't hear them sneaking about (normal) but I do. When my Robert returns he'll deal with them anyone who has stolen from me. He'll always look out for me, one way or another, my Robert, my sailor.

The Sunken CitadelEdit


Location: Arena Anteroom
DUNRatBeastHatchery_001000: m06c0101: Bes you ready to raiding them hatchery? Getting us them Kurshok eggs?
DUNRatBeastHatchery_002000: m06c0102: Mmmm! Yumsy eggs...bes goodsy....
DUNRatBeastHatchery_003000: m06c0103: Goodsy yes, but bes you ready?
DUNRatBeastHatchery_004000: m06c0104: Ah, there bes guards inside?
DUNRatBeastHatchery_005000: m06c0105: Yes! Kurshok guardsy them eggs!
DUNRatBeastHatchery_006000: m06c0106: Mmmm! Yumsy eggs.
DUNRatBeastHatchery_007000: m06c0107: Argh! Ready or nots, here we bes go!


Location: Theatre Stage
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_001000: m06c0201: Hey, Jacksweed, bes you seesie them crown?
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_002000: m06c0202: I seesie Kurshok guards them Throne Room.
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_003000: m06c0203: I tells you, it bes them gold and powering crowner! They bes never deserving it.
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_004000: m06c0204: Woodsie One will bes pleased to we bringers it back.
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_005000: m06c0205: We bes not strongs enough. Thems Kurshok beatsy us always.
DUNPaganKurshokCrown_006000: m06c0206: Thems Kurshok bes never earns it.


Location: Unknown
DUNPaganCaves_001000: m06c0301: Well? Bes everyone readying?
DUNPaganCaves_002000: m06c0302: No, Cornbriar...bes some...delayed.
DUNPaganCaves_003000: m06c0303: Eh?
DUNPaganCaves_004000: m06c0304: Bes gettings foods and waters...bes harder to find....
DUNPaganCaves_005000: m06c0305: Ah! Then we bes waiting! Us not want staying down here much longered!
DUNPaganCaves_006000: m06c0306: Yes. I bes wanting to see them sky agains....
DUNPaganCaves_007000: m06c0307: We bes get them crown...then wes be go! Comes backsy here again at mid eve.
DUNPaganCaves_008000: m06c0308: Yes, Cornbriar!


Location: Bath House
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_001000: m06c0401: (Click, click) Two for the one who is missing.
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_002000: m06c0402: (Click) No concern. He was head sick. Believed in (click) upside world.
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_003000: m06c0403: He spoke to me. Told me (click) there must be upside...stories must be true...(click, click)...else where did strangers come from?
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_004000: m06c0404: (Click, click) Two for brain fever you suffer from...just like him.
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_005000: m06c0405: (Click) Well...he is gone...somewhere. Why not upside world? World is there.
DUNKurshokMissingGuy_006000: m06c0406: (Click) Not believe. (Click click) This is world. Wish makes head sick. I talk no more.


Location: Unknown
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_001000: m06c0501: (Click) Where you go?
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_002000: m06c0502: (Click, click) Rest me.
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_003000: m06c0503: Go you crystal cave?
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_004000: m06c0504: Yes...light...renew (click) rest.
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_005000: m06c0505: Yes...diamond light. (Click, click) Kurshok like.
DUNKurshokCaveCrystal_006000: m06c0506: Diamond light. Good for Kurshok.

Killing TimeEdit


Location: Unknown
CLKHammerMissingTools_001000: m07c0101: Hast thou seen mine file and vise? Sure am I that I laid them upon mine bench afore evening prayer.
CLKHammerMissingTools_002000: m07c0102: Nay, brother, I know not.
CLKHammerMissingTools_003000: m07c0103: 'Tis not the first time, and mine tools are not the only ones to mislay themselves.
CLKHammerMissingTools_004000: m07c0104: Speak thou not that they hath been mislaid. Surely 'tis the spirit of the Builder, who hadst need of thine tools.
CLKHammerMissingTools_005000: m07c0105: Then am I blessed that His hand hath touched them, but 'twould be simpler didst He return them when His need was done.
CLKHammerMissingTools_006000: m07c0106: Hath it not been said that the simple path leads but to mediocrity? 'Tis only through testing that we are forged into our true strength.
CLKHammerMissingTools_007000: m07c0107: Then well shalt we be forged, for well art we tested here.


Location: Basement
ClkBasementMachines_001000: m07c0201: Master Tobias, as thou didst instruct me, I hath spent a night in meditation upon the workings of the furnace.
ClkBasementMachines_002000: m07c0202: 'Tis well. Art the workings clear to thee?
ClkBasementMachines_003000: m07c0203: They art clear, but one thing doth still perplex mine thoughts.
ClkBasementMachines_004000: m07c0204: Speak, then.
ClkBasementMachines_007000: m07c0207: (Idealistic, worried) Much effort hath been spent on other machines. The valves to release excess steam, the mechanism to halt the gears. But these devices... they art only necessary shouldst the main workings wilt go awry! Shouldst we not, instead, strive that all shalt work smoothly?
ClkBasementMachines_008000: m07c0208: Thy words speak to thy youth. To assume that our works canst never fail is to pride ones own works as great as those of the Builder.

Of Brethren... And BetrayersEdit


Location: North Tower
KCStepForward_001000: m08c0101: Bloodshed in the compound. It has been centuries, has it not?
KCStepForward_002000: m08c0102: 278 years, Keeper Vorig. I read my histories. Though, of course there have been the unexplained disappearances.
KCStepForward_003000: m08c0103: The council must respond to this...quickly...and decisively. Come, let us take our places. And when the vote comes, I trust you will step forward with me, to be counted. We will need every vote in favor we can muster, attendance in the council is...lacking.

KCChairman (Part 1 of 3), KCVorig (2 of 3), KCThorsen, KCPowl, KCGremoryEdit

Location: Council Chamber
The Keeper Council's First Matter Put to a Vote
KCVoteCaducaRm_001000: m08c0201: Fellow Keepers, many of us are called elsewhere this night, but for those that remain I now bring this council to order. The question we consider first, is whether access to Caduca's chambers shall be proscribed. Shall we remove a guard from the Grand Hall and set him to guard the scene of Interpreter Caduca's murder?
KCVorigVoteCaducaRm_001000: m08c0202: Garrett will no doubt seek to return to the scene of his crime. Let us place a guard, ensuring an end to his malice for once and all.
KCThorsenVoteCaducaRm_001000: m08c0203: A guard will hardly stop Garrett, and will only cause trouble for our own work.
KCPowlVoteCaducaRm_001000: m08c0204: The violence in the City is growing. We need not add to it by arming our own against each other.
KCGremoryVoteCaducaRm_001000: m08c0205: Let Caduca's memory retain some privacy; there is nothing to be gained by picking over her rooms. Place a guard that they might warn away those whose curiosity outweighs their respect.
KCVoteCaducaRm_006000: m08c0206: Well spoken, all. Weigh all that you have heard, and all that you know, in consideration. Remember, a majority vote is needed to take action. If your vote is to be yes, you must step forward, and be counted. If your vote is to be no, remain unseen in your alcove. And the question before us is: Do you wish to have Caduca's chambers guarded? Keepers, make your decisions known now.
The Council Votes:
KCVoteCaducaRm_009000: m08c0207: Elder Thorsen votes no.

KCVoteCaducaRm_010000: m08c0208a: Elder Vorig votes yes.
KCVoteCaducaRm_011000: m08c0208b: Elder Vorig votes no.

KCVoteCaducaRm_012000: m08c0209a: Reader Gremory votes yes.
KCVoteCaducaRm_013000: m08c0209b: Reader Gremory votes no.

KCVoteCaducaRm_014000: m08c0210: MasterScribe Powl votes no.

KCVoteCaducaRm_015000: m08c0211a: Glyph-warden Ruehan votes no.
KCVoteCaducaRm_016000: m08c0211b: Glyph-warden Ruehan votes yes.

KCVoteCaducaRm_007500: m08c0212b: The decision of the Council is no. The guard shall remain at his post in the Grand Hall.
KCVoteCaducaRm_008000: REDUNDANT: m08c0212b: The decision of the Council is no. The guard shall remain at his post in the Grand Hall.
KCVoteCaducaRm_007000: m08c0212a: The decision of the Council is yes. None shall be permitted entry to Caduca's chambers, and a guard shall be directed to ensure that this is so.

KCChairman (Part 2 of 3), KCVorig (3 of 3), KCThorsen, KCPowl, KCGremoryEdit

Location: Council Chamber
The Keeper Council's Second Matter Put to a Vote
KCVoteMoveBooks_001000: m08c0301: The second issue at hand concerns some books in the Elder Libraries which may shed light on the Unwritten Times. A proposal has been made to bring these precious volumes upstairs to the Hall of Scribes, for further study, and where, under many watchful eyes, we might ensure the safety of these valuable chronicles. It is no secret that there have been disappearances.... So: shall these books be moved to the Hall of Scribes?
KCPowlVoteMoveBooks_001000: m08c0302: The only reasonable vote is for the safety of these precious books. They must be moved.
KCGremoryVoteMoveBooks_001000: m08c0303: If the Unwritten Times are truly upon us, then we must learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can. That is best done in the Hall of Scribes, so that more than one can study a volume.
KCThorsenVoteMoveBooks_001000: m08c0304: The books are fragile, and will not stand the move or harsh treatment. They've been safe up until now. They should remain where they are.
KCVorigVoteMoveBooks_001000: m08c0305: If there is value, it is in the words, not the paper. And we Keepers are not seduced by gold covers. Let them be moved and scribed.
KCVoteMoveBooks_006000: m08c0306: Thank you all for your words. Weigh all that you have heard, and all that you know, in consideration. (Pauses) And the question before us is: Should the books in the Elder's Library be brought to the more populated Scribe Room for study?
The Council Votes:
KCVoteMoveBooks_009000: m08c0207: Elder Thorsen votes no.

KCVoteMoveBooks_010000: m08c0208a: Elder Vorig votes yes.
KCVoteMoveBooks_011000: m08c0208b: Elder Vorig votes no.

KCVoteMoveBooks_012000: m08c0209a: Reader Gremory votes yes.
KCVoteMoveBooks_013000: m08c0209b: Reader Gremory votes no.

KCVoteMoveBooks_014000: m08c0210: MasterScribe Powl votes no.

KCVoteMoveBooks_015000: m08c0211a: Glyph-warden Ruehan votes no.
KCVoteMoveBooks_016000: m08c0211b: Glyph-warden Ruehan votes yes.

KCVoteMoveBooks_007000: m08c0307a: The decision of the Council is yes. The books shall be taken from the libraries of the Elders and brought upstairs to the scribes. If there is no further business, we shall adjourn.
KCVoteMoveBooks_008000: m08c0307b: The decision of the Council is no. The volumes in question shall remain in the Elder's Library and for study at some later time. If there is no further business, we shall adjourn.

KCChairman (Part 3 of 3)Edit

Location: Council Chamber
Yes Vote to Reassign Guard to Caduca's Room Enacted
KCGuardToCaducaRm_001000: m08c0401: You have been reassigned. You are to make sure no one approaches the scene of Caduca's murder.
KCGuardToCaducaRm_002000: m08c0402: By who's authority?
KCGuardToCaducaRm_003000: m08c0403: By the authority of the Council, now go.


Location: Dormitory
KCArtemusGoneOut_001000: m08c0501: Is Artemus in his room? He asked if he might borrow the Letters of the Diocen, but I missed him at the evening meal.
KCArtemusGoneOut_002000: m08c0502: No, Artemus left nearly before dawn; with no word of his return plans.
KCArtemusGoneOut_003000: m08c0503: No word? Orland might find that curious. You've heard the rumors of the rogue Keepers--a splinter group--or even groups.
KCArtemusGoneOut_004000: m08c0504: (Less friendly) Orland would only find it curious, if someone were to tell him. And don't you think there've been more than enough accused already?
KCArtemusGoneOut_005000: m08c0505: Yes. Well, if you do see Artemus, tell him that I cannot find the Letters. Another must have borrowed them, though I gave no permission....
KCArtemusGoneOut_006000: m08c0506: I will tell him, if I see him.


Location: Unknown
KCMissingBooks_001000: m08c0601: (Somewhat furtively) I just came from speaking with Elder Barad. Albrech's Six Writings and both volumes of the Chronicles of Daegar are missing.
KCMissingBooks_002000: m08c0602: (Worried, but also furtive) How many is that? Seven that we have noted, and who knows how many not yet discovered?
KCMissingBooks_003000: m08c0603: Letting Garrett back in was a grievous error. Once a thief, always a thief.
KCMissingBooks_004000: m08c0604: I am not sure. Caduca's death, perhaps, but why would he take those books? He can hardly sell them for a quick coin.
KCMissingBooks_005000: m08c0605: If he is the Brethren and Betrayer, then he may seek in those volumes how to bring about the Unwritten Times. He has not forgotten all that he learned here.


Location: West Upper Hall
KCGlyphs_001000: m08c0701: (Hushed) It happened again.
KCGlyphs_002000: m08c0702: What happened?
KCGlyphs_003000: m08c0703: Two of the scribes. They had to be given the afternoon off to convalesce.
KCGlyphs_004000: m08c0704: The glyphs, you mean? What were they scribing?
KCGlyphs_005000: m08c0705: Nothing of great import. Cepilon, and the Aphorisms.
KCGlyphs_006000: m08c0706: The Aphorisms? Those are hardly even worth practicing penmanship on! There is more at work here than I supposed.
KCGlyphs_007000: m08c0707: Who is the master? The scribe who writes the glyph or (darkly) the glyph who seeks a scriber?
KCGlyphs_008000: m08c0708: Do not speak so. I am master over the glyphs I use...surely.

Still Life with BlackjackEdit


Location: Unknown
MUSPressurePlates_001000: m10c0101: I thought you were supposed to be in the Main Atrium.
MUSPressurePlates_002000: m10c0102: What, with those things? What're they called again?
MUSPressurePlates_003000: m10c0103: I don't know, 'pressure plates', I guess.
MUSPressurePlates_004000: m10c0104: Anyways, Burke used to patrol in there, and look what happened to him.
MUSPressurePlates_005000: m10c0105: Well, they warned him. Warned all of us.
MUSPressurePlates_006000: m10c0106: They don't pay me enough to patrol in there, I'll tell you that.


Location: Front Steps
MUSColor_001000: m10c0201: How's it goin', Sinclair?
MUSColor_002000: m10c0202: Not bad I guess. Only....
MUSColor_003000: m10c0203: What? Let me guess, you got a bad feelin' about tonight, right?
MUSColor_004000: m10c0204: I've got the heebie-jeebies something awful, I feel like there's someone watching me, even now....
MUSColor_005000: m10c0205: Boo!
MUSColor_006000: m10c0206: Ack! Hey! Now whatcha do that for?
MUSColor_007000: m10c0207: Back to work, you taffer.


Location: N Tesero Hall
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_001000: m10c0301: Ho there, Bishop, did you hear the latest?
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_002000: m10c0302: 'Bout which thing?
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_003000: m10c0303: Crowley got himself fired yesterday. He told Curator one of the displays kept talking to him, tellin' him things.
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_004000: m10c0304: Ho yeah? What did Milton do?
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_005000: m10c0305: She just kinda looked at him all squinty, with that metal thing in her eye, you know?
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_006000: m10c0306: She never puts it down. Treats it like gold.
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_007000: m10c0307: I hate that thing. Anyway, she looked at him, but Crowley stuck to his guns. So she gave him the big heave ho.
MUSCuratorFiredCrowley_008000: m10c0308: Unbelievable. Good ol' Crowley.


Location: East Wing

  • Note: the Curator is male only in the transcript; in the actual conversation, "her" replaces "his".

MUSStatue_001000: m10c0401: Is the Curator in his office, do you know?
MUSStatue_002000: m10c0402: I don't know...why? Yer not askin' for a raise already are ya?
MUSStatue_003000: m10c0403: I wish. No, ah, I think I have somethin' to report.
MUSStatue_004000: m10c0404: Was Wilson sleeping again? Let him nap, nothing ever--
MUSStatue_005000: m10c0405: No, it's not that. It's those electric securities. Did you know that if they get wet they--
MUSStatue_006000: m10c0406: Oh, that! (Suddenly hushed) And you want to tell Curator Milton? Don't be a chump! The Curator's real proud of the security. So they got a little tiny weakness. They worked well enough on them two fellas a while back. You'll get fired for even mentioning it!
MUSStatue_007000: m10c0407: Oh. Well, I don't want to get fired....
MUSStatue_008000: m10c0408: That's right, you don't. So keep yer mouth shut, and you'll do fine.

South QuarterEdit


Location: Gate to Stonemarket, day 1
SQLadyESetupPayment_001000: m11c020: Did you see that fence wince? I only had to hit him three times before he started spillin' his guts. Couldn't wait to give us Garrett's name.
SQLadyESetupPayment_002000: m11c0202: It was my knife at his throat that made him talk, you taffer....
SQLadyESetupPayment_003000: m11c0203: 'Heartless Perry', huh? He wasn't so tough. I wanna go back and rough him up some more.
SQLadyESetupPayment_004000: m11c0204: (Rebuking) Shut up, you fools. The whole town can hear you. (Originally, Lady E. was to be inside and upstairs, as evidenced by this bit included in the schema: "[Calling down from a window] Shut up, you fools"...]
SQLadyESetupPayment_005000: m11c0205: (Smugly, not sorry) Beg pardon, Lady Elizabeth.
SQLadyESetupPayment_006000: m11c0206: The money is ready. Don't dally, I haven't got all night.
SQLadyESetupPayment_007000: m11c0207: Taff...we wasn't being that loud. And if she's a noble...then I must be quite a gent! I'll be glad when this job is over.
SQLadyESetupPayment_008000: m11c0208: Let's go...beatin' on Perry was fun, but it's the money that counts...and I don't want to give that witch time to change her mind. The money better be right...I'm bringing my knife, just in case....
SQLadyESetupPayment_009000: m11c0209: Hold on, you taffer. We can't all go at once. Who'd guard the gate? No. We gotta go up one at a time. That way the other two can keep a look out for Garrett or anything suspicious. Make sure no one...and I do mean no one...gets through our barricade until the Lady's opal is back in her hands. Else why would she pay, huh?
SQLadyESetupPayment_010000: m11c0210: All right. All right. Don't go all bossy on us.

Location: Guardhouse
Triggered by Player Action
SQThug1NoMoney_001000: m11c0101a: Well, where's the money I was going to pay you with? The other fellow, your friend, he must have taken it.
SQThug1NoMoney_002000: m11c0102a: What? Not possible, you witch! You'll way or the other!
SQThug1NoMoney_003000: m11c0103a: You've not heard of my poison blade? How unfortunate...for you!

Location: Gate to Stonemarket
Triggered by Player Action
SQThug2NoMoney_001000: m11c0101b: Well, where's the money I was going to pay you with? The other fellow, your friend, he must have taken it.
SQThug2NoMoney_002000: m11c0102b: What? Not possible, you witch! You'll way or the other!
SQThug2NoMoney_003000: m11c0103b: You've not heard of my poison blade? How unfortunate...for you!


Location: Beside Fountain, day 1
SQQuarantineConv_001000: m11c0501: So then I said, 'but I can't read!' And so he says, 'they got the whole place under...quara...quaro...ah--'
SQQuarantineConv_002000: m11c0502: Quarantine. I know. Same thing happened to me, I can read, so I could see for myself. I asked why, but the City Watch wouldn't give me the time of day.
SQQuarantineConv_003000: m11c0503: What do you think? Some kind of plague?
SQQuarantineConv_004000: m11c0504: That's what I thought, but then, I was talking to Jessie down over the tavern, and he says that some kind of ship come into the docks. Something wrong with it. The quarantine is so that...and this is Jessie who said it so take it for what it's worth...that otherwise the undead would be everywhere.
SQQuarantineConv_005000: m11c0505: (Gulps) Everywhere? I...I wonder if Natalie is OK...she lives over in the Docks near the Bloody Ears Tavern.
SQQuarantineConv_006000: m11c0506: I know. And Grace O'Malley, too. Mind you, Jessie could be wrong.
SQQuarantineConv_007000: m11c0507: Sure, he's been wrong before. That's right. Everything's probably all right.
SQQuarantineConv_008000: m11c0508: Yeah, the City Watch is just being careful. Doing this quarantine thing as a precautionary type step.
SQQuarantineConv_009000: m11c0509: Yeah.


Location: Black Alley, day 2
SQCradleConv_001000: m11c0701: Go on, tell it, Fred.
SQCradleConv_002000: m11c0702: Nah....
SQCradleConv_003000: m11c0703: Sure, sure. I ain't heard it, and neither has Percy.
SQCradleConv_004000: m11c0704: OK, OK. It was a night, just like tonight, and I was walkin', all alone, up near the Cradle!
SQCradleConv_005000: m11c0705: Where?
SQCradleConv_006000: m11c0706: The Shalebridge Cradle. Used to be an orphanage 'til something terrible happened...murderers got in...or some big fire....
SQCradleConv_007000: m11c0707: Who's tellin' this story, huh? So...I was out walkin', minding my own business when I heard something...a voice! Like a child, weeping! And so, I started up those steps....
SQCradleConv_008000: m11c0708: Don't tell me you went in there!
SQCradleConv_009000: m11c0709: Hush! I got as far as the door...and put my hand on the knob...and then....
SQCradleConv_010000: m11c0710: Yes? Yes?
SQCradleConv_011000: m11c0711: The child's clear as anything, I'll never forget...she says, 'No! Go back, you can't help me! Run for your life!'
SQCradleConv_012000: m11c0712: What did you do?
SQCradleConv_013000: m11c0713: What any sensible bloke would do. I runned for my life, didn't I? I'm here, telling you the story, ain't I? All I got to say is...don't ever go near that place. Never! Now, who's buying the beer?


Location: Outside Guard House, day 2 The Saga of the Guard with the Festering Wound.
FesteringWound1_001000: m99c0101: You know, you should really have that looked at.
FesteringWound1_002000: m99c0102: I am looking at it.
FesteringWound1_003000: m99c0103: I mean by a doctor.
FesteringWound1_004000: m99c0104: Oh. Nah, it's just a scratch...or a laceration or something. Anyways, doctors cost money. Am I right?
FesteringWound1_005000: m99c0105: Suit yourself.
FesteringWound1_006000: m99c0106: I'm not scared of doctor, if that's what you're thinking.
FesteringWound1_007000: m99c0107: Course not.



Location: Crowley's Shop, Proper
SMCutterAndThugs_001000: m12c0101: Well, now...we're your are the stones, eh Crowley?
SMCutterAndThugs_002000: m12c0102: There um...oh know...I guess they're not here after all....
SMCutterAndThugs_003000: m12c0103: Must have...slipped your mind...where you put 'em, I mean.
SMCutterAndThugs_004000: m12c0104: Yes, that's it. It slipped my mind.
SMCutterAndThugs_005000: m12c0105: Too bad for you...'cause unless you got some friends hidin' in we gotta kill ya.
SMCutterAndThugs_006000: m12c0106: No, no...suddenly...I remember now...I'll take you there.
SMCutterAndThugs_007000: m12c0107: Too late Crowley. We gave you your chance. If word got out we let a weepy little shopkeeper like you get the better of us....
SMCutterAndThugs_008000: m12c0108: Yeah, nothin' personal Crowley...this is business.
SMCutterAndThugs_009000: m12c0109: No, no! I'll take you there...I put the gems...ah, under my favorite table at the pub...I'll show you.
SMCutterAndThugs_010000: m12c0110: Under your favorite table, eh? Gotta admit...that's a good one. 'Cept you musta forgot, we already checked there. Twice. I kinda like you, Crowley, but now we really have to kill you. Then we...what we gotta do after that, Milton?
SMCutterAndThugs_011000: m12c0111: Well, then we gotta go have supper, I ain't hardly had a bite all day.
SMCutterAndThugs_012000: m12c0112: Supper. Right.


Location: Brent's Apartment, Plaza
SM1GoldenDagger_001000: m12c0201: Hello, it's me. Is that
SM1GoldenDagger_002000: m12c0202: Yeah, that's right. I'm Garrett. Master thief, at your service. McFarley said you had a job for me, Brent, is it?
SM1GoldenDagger_003000: m12c0203: Indeed I do, I um, ah....
SM1GoldenDagger_004000: m12c0204: What? What's wrong?
SM1GoldenDagger_005000: m12c0205: Nothing, nothing. I just thought you'd look different, that's all. It's nothing.
SM1GoldenDagger_006000: m12c0206: I'm the greatest thief that ever lived, I ain't concerned about appearances. Anyway, with all that thievin' I do, I ain't got time for no baths or nothing.
SM1GoldenDagger_007000: m12c0207: I see. Completely understandable. Enough said. Anyway, let me tell you why I wanted to meet with you, Garrett.
SM1GoldenDagger_008000: m12c0208: Yeah, get on with it. I got a lot of job offers you know. You ain't the only merchant in town too uppity to get his own hands a bit dirty.
SM1GoldenDagger_009000: m12c0209: Of course. The object in question is of little monetary value...but has great sentimental meaning to me. It's the Orincross Dagger--you've probably heard of it, a stylish golden number, and it is currently out of its owner's hands...being scheduled for repairs at the Cothron's Armory.
SM1GoldenDagger_010000: m12c0210: The Orin...a golden dagger, eh? Sure I heard of it. I'm Garrett, ain't I? 'Cept it sounds plenty valuable to me.
SM1GoldenDagger_011000: m12c0211: Well it's not! The money I'll pay you to get it will be twice what it's worth. Anyway, it's one of a kind, you'd be hard pressed to find a fence who'd manage it for you.
SM1GoldenDagger_012000: m12c0212: All right, all right. Go on.
SM1GoldenDagger_013000: m12c0213: As I said, it's being kept at Cothron's Armory--in the basement safe. That's where you come in, Garrett. As a master thief, you should have no trouble with it. Once you get it, put it in the donations box outside that Hammerite place, Saint Edgar's. I'll leave the payment in the same box...once I have the dagger. I think that about covers it.
SM1GoldenDagger_014000: m12c0214: All right, Mr. Brent. And don't forget...if you want Garrett type services, you gotta offer Garrett type prices.


Location: Unknown
SM1RatRace_001000: m12c0301: Whatcha think? Who looks faster, Lord Rat-n-tat or Ratscallion?
SM1RatRace_002000: m12c0302: Make up your own mind, what am I, a prognoster--ah, prognostin-- whatever, I can't tell the future you know!
SM1RatRace_003000: m12c0303: OK, OK, I was just askin' your opinion. I think I'll go with Ratscallion, she looks feisty, ain't she?
SM1RatRace_004000: m12c0304: Whatever you say. Anyway, get your bettin' done right away. If ya don't put your coin down before the race starts, then it don't count.
SM1RatRace_005000: m12c0305: Coin? I ain't got coin. I was hoping I could place a bet with somethin' else. I got a cabbage, and two wooden sticks I found. Probably carve up into something nice, if you got the know-how.
SM1RatRace_006000: m12c0306: I don't know. Usually people have at least a copper or two. I'd have to take a look at the cabbage.
SM1RatRace_007000: m12c0307: Sure, sure, I'll bring it 'round.
SM1RatRace_008000: m12c0308: Long as you bring it 'round before the race starts.


Location: St. Edgar's Door, day 1, Proper
SM1HammerMap_001000: m12c0401: You ready?
SM1HammerMap_002000: m12c0402: What, right now?
SM1HammerMap_003000: m12c0403: Yeah, you got the map, right? What else are we waiting for?
SM1HammerMap_004000: m12c0404: I don't know. A little time to prepare, I guess. You don't just waltz into a Hammerite cathedral around...willy nilly....
SM1HammerMap_005000: m12c0405: But that's the beauty of it. Element of surprise.
SM1HammerMap_006000: m12c0406: Idiot! It's supposed to be the Hammerites that're surprised, not us!
SM1HammerMap_007000: m12c0407: Well, I mean, everyone would be surprised. Isn't that even better?
SM1HammerMap_008000: m12c0408: No. No. You and I, we shouldn't be surprised at all. We should be prepared, have a plan. Know what we're going after, and where it is, how many Hammers will be around, that sort of thing.
SM1HammerMap_009000: m12c0409: Oh, yeah, I see your point. I guess. Are you sure you ain't just chicken? My last partner was chicken.
SM1HammerMap_010000: m12c0410: Look, we just got the map. Let's study it...come up with a plan. No one's chicken. We know there's gold in there...but we also know there's really big guys in there with giant hammers. This is what I like to call a finesse job.
SM1HammerMap_011000: m12c0411: Yeah, yeah, finesse. Sounds good. (Pauses) I vote we go in now. Surprise attack.
SM1HammerMap_012000: m12c0412: (Frustration sound) I vote we don't. We need a plan. Finesse.
SM1HammerMap_013000: m12c0413: Surprise. And shut up.


Location: Behind Clock Tower, day 3, Plaza
SM1DreptAndFactions_001000: m12c1401: 'Tis no sin, Brother Griswald....
SM1DreptAndFactions_002000: m12c1402: No sin, but 'tis not The Builder's work...he cavorts with common city folk and he comes not to services....
SM1DreptAndFactions_003000: m12c1403: Brother Drept hast permission to scour the City for this murderer, this hag, which he hast sought these many years....
SM1DreptAndFactions_004000: m12c1404: Thou hast just reminded me of another thing! He hast asked to be called Inspector Drept...not Brother...surely 'tis not allowed?
SM1DreptAndFactions_005000: m12c1405: 'Tis a transgression indeed, but none that worries me overmuch, Brother Griswald....
SM1DreptAndFactions_006000: m12c1406: Then hearken to one more grievance, Brother Mendon. That he has spent much time in the aiding of a known thief and non-believer, a heathen to be sure, the very thief that didst steal the Chalice from Saint Edgar's....
SM1DreptAndFactions_007000: m12c1407: This too I know. 'Twas Brother Drept's own idea to enlist Garrett in aiding our cause. Only time will tell if 'twas right to do so. 'Tis not for us to judge...not yet.
SM1DreptAndFactions_008000: m12c1408: Then thou wiltst not call him for penitence? No flogging? No mail shirt? Nothing?
SM1DreptAndFactions_009000: m12c1409: May the Builder see fit to guide us to the right path, if we have stumbled onto the wrong, Brother Griswald...but I wilt not punish my own...not when the forces of the Trickster do surround me in the night.


Location: Clock Tower Door, day 3, Proper The Saga of the Guard with the Festering Wound.
FesteringWound2_002000: m99c0201: Well, I been to doctor, likes you told me.
FesteringWound2_003000: m99c0202: And?
FesteringWound2_004000: m99c0203: He said I got this here 'puncture wound', as he calls it, due to bad humors trapped in my guts.
FesteringWound2_005000: m99c0204: Sounds serious.
FesteringWound2_006000: m99c0205: Not if you catch it in time, no.
FesteringWound2_007000: m99c0206: So you're cured then?
FesteringWound2_008000: m99c0207: Oh no, no, it's gone all squirrelly and black. Doctor says could be months before it stops festerin'.

Keeper LibraryEdit


Location: NW Rotunda
SM3AbysmalGale_001000: m12c0501: Elder Draco...may I speak with you? I think I've found my studies...a connection....
SM3AbysmalGale_002000: m12c0502: Go on, and speak up, Scribe, I can barely hear you.
SM3AbysmalGale_003000: m12c0503: (A little louder) Well, everyone knows the Compendium of Reproach has been missing, and then last week, I scribed a passage, and it read, 'The Compendium will be borne by a Terrible Storm.'
SM3AbysmalGale_004000: m12c0504: Yes, I remember the report. Interesting. Yet, no sign of any inclement weather, eh, Scribe?
SM3AbysmalGale_005000: m12c0505: No, but then, just a few days ago a ship came into the docks area. Do you remember the report from Keeper Alcott? He said the ship had managed to get itself into port, though no one was left alive to man it? A plague ship, the crew...undead....
SM3AbysmalGale_006000: m12c0506: Yes, it is indeed a tragedy, and a mystery, but I see no connection. A storm would not cause the ship to befall such a fate.
SM3AbysmalGale_007000: m12c0507: No, but the name of the ship, Elder Draco. The name of the ship is the Abysmal Gale. Is that not another way of saying Terrible Storm? This is the connection of which I speak.
SM3AbysmalGale_008000: m12c0508: Ah, I see your point. (Pompously) And the error in your thinking. The Compendium was lost ages ago. How could it possibly be on a ship that has just come into port?
SM3AbysmalGale_009000: m12c0509: But--
SM3AbysmalGale_010000: m12c0510: Enough, Scribe. I have important business to attend to. In case you haven't heard, there's a dark age approaching.
SM3AbysmalGale_011000: m12c0511: Yes, Elder Draco. Thank you for speaking with me.


Location: SE Rotunda
SM3KeeperQuests_001000: m12c0601: Has there been any progress, Elder Grainger?
SM3KeeperQuests_002000: m12c0602: On which quest? The reacquisition of the Compendium of Reproach, or of its Glyph Key?
SM3KeeperQuests_003000: m12c0603: Either. We will need both items in our hands if we wish to make any headway into our research concerning the coming dark age.
SM3KeeperQuests_004000: m12c0604: There would be considerably more progress if the teams were allowed to consult with Interpreter Caduca.
SM3KeeperQuests_005000: m12c0605: Impossible. She seeks the Brethren and Betrayer, and her work must not be interrupted.
SM3KeeperQuests_006000: m12c0606: Then the answer to your previous question is, no.
SM3KeeperQuests_007000: m12c0607: What will it take to find them, then, do you think? The council would like time to prepare for the prophecies that are contained within the Compendium.
SM3KeeperQuests_008000: m12c0608: They have both been missing for so long. But I am sure with all of us continuing to scour the Library and the Compound for passages that refer to them, we'll have the precise answer within a reasonable time period. Meanwhile, just in case, I have scribes searching for any book matching its physical description: a large golden slab, sealed with a glyph.


Location: SE Rotunda, day 4
If the Glyph Key is found first.
SM3GlyphKeyFound_001000: m12c0701: The speed with which it was recovered...impressive. But, I find it...disconcerting.
SM3GlyphKeyFound_002000: m12c0702: Yes. The Compendium Key. A glyph that has been lost long?
SM3GlyphKeyFound_003000: m12c0703: That is no longer important, Elder Samuel. However, the prophecies say that when it is recovered, as Garrett has now done, that the dark age will be quickly upon us.
SM3GlyphKeyFound_004000: m12c0704: From now on, I think he should get approval for his excursions from the Keeper Council.
SM3GlyphKeyFound_005000: m12c0705: Perhaps you are right, Elder Samuel I shall discuss this with Orland.
SM3GlyphKeyFound_006000: m12c0706: Besides, it does us little good without the Compendium of Reproach. Are we to suppose that Garrett will acquire that next?


Location: NW Rotunda, day 4
If the Compendium is found first.
SM3CompendiumFound_001000: m12c0801: The Compendium of Reproach.
SM3CompendiumFound_002000: m12c0802: I did not expect it recovered. Not in my lifetime.
SM3CompendiumFound_003000: m12c0803: It...should be delivered to Caduca immediately. For study.
SM3CompendiumFound_004000: m12c0804: Yes, most unfortunate. Still, I cannot help but admire his accomplishment. Recovering it... could not have been easy.
SM3CompendiumFound_005000: m12c0805: But the timing...could not have been worse. The council should discuss it.
SM3CompendiumFound_006000: m12c0806: Agreed.


Location: Forbidden Library Bottom, day 3
SM3ForbiddenLib_001000: m12c0901: What is your opinion?
SM3ForbiddenLib_002000: m12c0902: About the libraries? I think Orland is right to restrict Garrett's movements. These books are far too valuable to risk. Besides, there's nothing here in the Forbidden Libraries that a thief would want. Unless that thief were the Brethren and Betrayer our Caduca seeks.
SM3ForbiddenLib_003000: m12c0903: Then you do not believe?
SM3ForbiddenLib_004000: m12c0904: What...the prophecies? I believe...I just don't believe it's Garrett to which they refer. Perhaps Orland is the One. Or one of us, perhaps. It seems logical it would be an Elder--we alone possess the knowledge and skill.
SM3ForbiddenLib_005000: m12c0905: Indeed. think it is folly to accept Garrett in our midst. His aid with the coming Dark Age will prove...ineffective?
SM3ForbiddenLib_006000: m12c0906: Of course. What can he do that we, all of us, cannot do?
SM3ForbiddenLib_007000: m12c0907: I wish I sure as you, Elder Callo.


Location: Forbidden Library Middle, day 4
SM3FinalGlyph_001000: m12c1001: Elder Blake.
SM3FinalGlyph_002000: m12c1002: Keeper Logan.
SM3FinalGlyph_003000: m12c1003: I would talk with you a minute, in private.
SM3FinalGlyph_004000: m12c1004: We are quite alone, proceed.
SM3FinalGlyph_005000: m12c1005: The research you has been completed.
SM3FinalGlyph_006000: m12c1006: And?
SM3FinalGlyph_007000: m12c1007: There are references to the Last of All Glyphs...and you were right...only The One can activate it.
SM3FinalGlyph_008000: m12c1008: The One True Keeper? That is good. A single person is easier to stop than several...or an unlimited number.
SM3FinalGlyph_009000: m12c1009: Yes, but there is more. The books say that the original Keepers devised the Final Glyph as a safe-guard...against Keeper corruption. In the readings this seems synonymous with the Dark Age...what could it mean?
SM3FinalGlyph_010000: m12c1010: Keeper Logan, even you should know that the prophecies can sometimes be wrong. In the case of Keeper is of course...unthinkable.
SM3FinalGlyph_011000: m12c1011: Of course. Unless....
SM3FinalGlyph_012000: m12c1012: It is unthinkable, Keeper Logan. You must remember that...especially if there are dark days to come.
SM3FinalGlyph_013000: m12c1013: Of course. In all things, Elder Blake, may you have balance.
SM3FinalGlyph_014000: m12c1014: And you.


Location: Forbidden Library Bottom, day 8
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_001000: m12c1101: No, no...they hadn't even finished the ceremony...Keeper Thackery says she was right in the middle of her transitioning statements....
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_002000: m12c1102: (Small gasp) Imagine...vowing to speak only truth...then--
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_003000: m12c1103: I heard she caught a Discarta glyph with her bare hands.
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_004000: m12c1104: Caught it...and then changed it somehow...threw it right back at Keeper Marcus. He...his head....
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_005000: m12c1105: I know. The hole in the wall where she fled. Thackery says she must have a lair...someplace where she feels safe. They say she's the one who's been taking books, not Garrett.
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_006000: m12c1106: Keeper Raines said that they think she's extended her life. They're checking the books. Assuming she's had to change her appearance...her name...who knows how many times.
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_007000: m12c1107: She must have found glyphs that we don't know about. Gamall's knowledge of glyphs may be well in excess of any Elder. Might...use them to shapeshift...extend her life. But to do that--she needs an energy source...something organic...something...human. Thakery says she's been to blame for all the troubles...murders, missing books, disappearances...everything.
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_008000: m12c1108: Maybe, but Keeper Raines told me to trust no one. He said something about...corruption. He told me not to use glyphs until things got sorted out.
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_009000: m12c1109: Has Gamall done something to the glyphs?
SM3GamallFollowupScribe_010000: m12c1110: I don't think so...I think he meant...they might do something to us.


Location: Unknown
SM3GamallFollowupElder_001000: m12c1201: Intolerable. We have no Interpreter...the prophecies go unread....
SM3GamallFollowupElder_002000: m12c1202: That is the least of our problems. Why didn't Orland know? Why didn't one of us know? If it could happen to could happen to--
SM3GamallFollowupElder_003000: m12c1203: Don't even say it. If we were overheard....
SM3GamallFollowupElder_004000: m12c1204: What could be worse than what has already befallen us?
SM3GamallFollowupElder_005000: m12c1205: The future that Gamall represents. That...would be worse.
SM3GamallFollowupElder_006000: m12c1206: And even so, is that worse than the future contained within the Last of--
SM3GamallFollowupElder_007000: m12c1207: Stop. Let us speak no further.



Location: Outside Warehouse, day 3
DOCCityWatchSapling_001000: m13c0101: That sure is a fine looking plant. Sure would spruce up my place a bit...too bad I can't bring it home.
DOCCityWatchSapling_002000: m13c0102: Wouldn't want it in my place. Only reason it's here is 'cause they think it could be dangerous.
DOCCityWatchSapling_003000: m13c0103: Dangerous? You mean poisonous or...all prickly or something?
DOCCityWatchSapling_004000: m13c0104: No...don't you ever listen to the Captain? The Pagans were pretty upset when we got to it before them. They were gonna plant it someplace special or something. I figure it's got some Pagan witchery attached to it.
DOCCityWatchSapling_005000: m13c0105: Oh, I see. Or, I don't. It don't make sense. Why'd we take their plant away...even if it is a bit witchy? They got all kinds of herby plants, and I don't see us holding them under lock and key.
DOCCityWatchSapling_006000: m13c0106: Because the Hammerites tipped off the Captain. Said the Pagans were gonna use it for no good or something. This here's some kind of extra rare type of greenery. Anyway, them Hammers is so scared of it, they wanted to burn it up in one of their furnaces. Would have too, 'cept the Captain wanted to get to the bottom things, and so locked it up here instead.
DOCCityWatchSapling_007000: m13c0107: Don't that mean that both the Pagans and the Hammers will be angry with the Cappy? us? Maybe even, ah, try and break in and get it?
DOCCityWatchSapling_008000: m13c0108: Didn't think of it that way...but yeah, I guess you're right. (Pauses) Watch your back, eh, Freddy?
DOCCityWatchSapling_009000: m13c0109: Yeah. You too. You too.


Location: Near Ship Entrance, day 3
DOCCityWatchZombies_001000: m13c0201: Sure are a lot of 'em.
DOCCityWatchZombies_002000: m13c0202: What?
DOCCityWatchZombies_003000: m13c0203: Zombies.
DOCCityWatchZombies_004000: m13c0204: Yeah. They came from that ship--poor bastards--the Abysmal Gale.
DOCCityWatchZombies_005000: m13c0205: me crazy but...ain't they a bit more riled up than normal?
DOCCityWatchZombies_006000: m13c0206: They're just a bit on the testy side, you know, grumpy 'cause they're wet.
DOCCityWatchZombies_007000: m13c0207: Idiot. Wet or dry...zombies don't care.
DOCCityWatchZombies_008000: m13c0208: Oh, like you're an expert. Anyway, don't worry...if one of them gets ya, I'll be happy to cut your leg off, or whatever it is you're supposed to do.
DOCCityWatchZombies_009000: m13c0209: (Angry) You taffer, you only cut off my leg if that's where one of 'em gets me. See? Otherwise there's no point!
DOCCityWatchZombies_010000: m13c0210: All right, don't get so mad, I'm just saying I'd help you out in a pinch, that's all.
DOCCityWatchZombies_011000: m13c0211: Well, it makes me mad I gotta explain these things all the time.


Location: Unknown
DOCPirateColor_001000: m13c0301: No, no, ya gotta talk like you never even seen a pirate. All slow and regular Joe style.
DOCPirateColor_002000: m13c0302: Like this? (Slowly and loudly) HEY YOU, LANDLUBBER!
DOCPirateColor_003000: m13c0303: No, no! That was just louder. And saying 'landlubber' is a dead giveaway. See, on land, they all call each other 'pal' or 'friend'. Now, give it another go.
DOCPirateColor_004000: m13c0304: All right. Um, hey you there...ah...PAL. You'll walk the plank fer that!
DOCPirateColor_005000: m13c0305: Well, that's better, but instead of saying 'walk the plank', landlubbers say things like 'Have a nice day,' and 'Fine weather, ain't it?'
DOCPirateColor_005500: m13c0306: But that's idiotic! Who could talk that way? I just want to shove off again, get that salt air in me lungs, forget this masqueradin' around as regular sailors. I'm a pirate and proud of it!
DOCPirateColor_006000: m13c0307: I know, lad. But those're Long Bottom's orders.


Location: Outside Pagan Territory
DOCPaganNote_001000: m13c0501: What bes that you havers?
DOCPaganNote_002000: m13c0502: A lettering from Dyan...I bes sticking it up them thiever, Garrett, he bes reading it.
DOCPaganNote_003000: m13c0503: Him? Bes I want to deading him! Not leaves him letters!
DOCPaganNote_004000: m13c0504: Me too. But Dyan says him coulds be of using to us. Her says no kill...not yets.
DOCPaganNote_005000: m13c0505: Bes you think him will reads them letter?
DOCPaganNote_006000: m13c0506: Bes not matter what I thinks. Dyan thinkers him will, and Dyan bes always right.


Location: Unknown
DOCAbysmalGale_001000: m13c0601: You got an opinion about the quarantine, Blind Billy?
DOCAbysmalGale_002000: m13c0602: What's the point. If something bad's gonna happen, it happens in Docks, am I right?
DOCAbysmalGale_003000: m13c0603: Guess so.
DOCAbysmalGale_004000: m13c0604: Anyway, you can't trust the City Watch, specially the ones here in the Docks. They's cut from a different cloth, they are. Bad as they come.
DOCAbysmalGale_005000: m13c0605: You're just mad about the quarantine.
DOCAbysmalGale_006000: m13c0606: It's more than that. Something fishy happens, and they don't do nothing. But for hard working folk like myself...I gotta pay 'em dues just so they won't close the place up.
DOCAbysmalGale_007000: m13c0607: Whaddya mean, 'fishy'?
DOCAbysmalGale_008000: m13c0608: Like the time that old lady came in here...asking about the Abysmal it got its name...where it is out at sea. Then a few days later...the ship comes back...all hands lost.
DOCAbysmalGale_009000: m13c0609: You told the Watch about the old lady?
DOCAbysmalGale_010000: m13c0610: Course I did. But they won't do nothing about it. Never do. That's what I'm talking about.


Location: Outside The Undercurrent, day 4 The Saga of the Guard with the Festering Wound.
FesteringWound3_001000: m99c0301: How's that cut on your hand faring?
FesteringWound3_002000: m99c0302: Yeah, ah, about as good as can be hoped for, says doctor.
FesteringWound3_003000: m99c0303: Let me have a look-see, then. Hello! That looks terrible!
FesteringWound3_004000: m99c0304: Yeah, ah see, the bad humors aren't gettin' released quick enough, due to an uncommon thickness in my conundrum.
FesteringWound3_005000: m99c0305: Really?
FesteringWound3_006000: m99c0306: Or something like that. And also, Doc thinks I've got too dry a circulatory for leeches to stick properly.
FesteringWound3_007000: m99c0307: Well, you just say the word and I'll have my man lance it for you, but good.

Old QuarterEdit


Location: Tavern
Triggered by theft of wine bottle.

  • Note: parts of this conversation may be missing during gameplay.

OQHauknorTavern_001000: m14c0101: (Trying to be pleasant) Evenin' Officer's the--
OQHauknorTavern_002000: m14c0102: Save your hellos for someone who cares. I'm here for just one reason. Now, where's my bottle?
OQHauknorTavern_003000: m14c0103: We had it delivered to the guard station for you. An extra fancy bottle today.
OQHauknorTavern_004000: m14c0104: I didn't ask for your opinion. And tomorrow make it cognac--gold label. And less talk. We don't need to announce these transactions.


Location: Gate to Auldale, day 6

  • Note: parts of this conversation may be missing during gameplay.

OQBridgeCartJacking_001000: m14c0301: one's allowed to pass.
OQBridgeCartJacking_002000: m14c0302: But I got my papers, all in order, see? And quarantine's over, right? Look, I got a cart full of food. Big party tonight at the Waldorf's. I'm the caterer.
OQBridgeCartJacking_003000: m14c0303: Sorry. No one gets by. Inspector Drept's Orders. He's working a crime scene. (Hushed) Murder it is...gruesome stuff.
OQBridgeCartJacking_004000: m14c0304: Look...this is how I make my living. If the food doesn't get to the party...and very soon, then everything will spoil!
OQBridgeCartJacking_005000: m14c0305: Orders are orders. Sorry, Pal. Oh, though I am supposed to ask everyone if they saw anything unusual...Drept wants to know...seen an old hag...anything?
OQBridgeCartJacking_006000: m14c0306: No, of course not. Are you even hearing me? I've made a contract to be at the Waldorf Mansion. Their daughter's engagement party! I'm telling you if I'm not there in an hour, my reputation will be ruined, and I'll be out of business before you can say 'burrick's breath.'
OQBridgeCartJacking_007000: m14c0307: And I'm telling you I've got my orders. No one passes the bridge to Auldale until Inspector Drept is through gathering clues. Likely take him all night...he's a thorough sort of fella.
OQBridgeCartJacking_008000: m14c0308: Oh taff it all...I'm ruined...ruined! All that food...all that silver...the goblets...oh....
OQBridgeCartJacking_009000: m14c0309: Move along. Have a nice day.
OQBridgeCartJacking_010000: m14c0310: No! I'm not moving! Not until you let me cross! I want to see someone in charge! Are you listening to me?
OQBridgeCartJacking_011000: m14c031: (Ignoring Caterer, and humming to self)


Location: Outside Ramien's Shop, day 7 The Saga of the Guard with the Festering Wound.
FesteringWound4_002000: m99c0401: Soaking it, twice a day, in ox blood, which stings like an angry patch o' nettles I'll tell you that, and ah, a strict diet of kidney pies and soured milks.
FesteringWound4_003000: m99c0402: And the bad humors in your gut?
FesteringWound4_004000: m99c0403: The wife rubs my head with barley mash, and no weekly baths, which causes an excess of humors about the house, Doc says.
FesteringWound4_005000: m99c0404: All that and it's still not improved?
FesteringWound4_006000: m99c0405: Well, looks worse, but it doesn't hurt no more, which could be a good sign.
FesteringWound4_007000: m99c0406: Bathing causes excess humors, eh?
FesteringWound4_008000: m99c0407: Mmmm, doc says lots o' ailments could be avoided altogether if only we didn't bathe so frequent like.
FesteringWound4_009000: m99c0408: I wager that whole arm has to come off before Tuesday. Mark my words!

Fort IronwoodEdit


Location: Upstairs
OQGraveyardConv_001000: m14c0201: Hast Brother Oliver arrived at a solution?
OQGraveyardConv_002000: m14c0202: Nay, and meanwhile, the room doest become more rank by the hour.
OQGraveyardConv_003000: m14c0203: 'Tis true. We must bury his body soon, else the woman and all of us will be consumed by noxious vapors. But, what choice have we, Brother Rivet? The undead return so quickly after we smite them....
OQGraveyardConv_004000: m14c0204: Thou speakest aright...the burial canst not proceed 'til we discover what hast caused them to return so often.
OQGraveyardConv_005000: m14c0205: And perhaps I should have spoken before, but... I swore I didst see a dark figure disappear from the graveyard as I approached. But, when I checked the spot...'twas only a tangle of briars....
OQGraveyardConv_006000: m14c0206: Thou must inform Brother Oliver...thou hast had a vision of Pagan treachery to come.
OQGraveyardConv_007000: m14c0207: I need no vision to remind me of their evil, but if the Builder hast seen fit to send me one....
OQGraveyardConv_008000: m14c0208: We thank the Builder for all His gifts.


Location: Front Door, day 7
OQHammerClockReaction_001000: m14c0401: First the Chalice, now our Clocktower!
OQHammerClockReaction_001500: m14c0402: 'Tis tragic. Our vigilance didst lapse! The Builder only protects those who heed His warnings! 'Twas brought down by our own failures! So many lost.
OQHammerClockReaction_001500: REDUNDANT: m14c0402: 'Tis tragic. Our vigilance didst lapse! The Builder only protects those who heed His warnings! 'Twas brought down by our own failures! So many lost.
OQHammerClockReaction_003000: m14c0403: This act bears the mark of the Pagans....
OQHammerClockReaction_004000: m14c0404: Verily, but how? No herby magics have that power! And what didst they hope to accomplish?
OQHammerClockReaction_005000: m14c0405: There is no knowing the motives of heathens...but 'tis not The Builder's work, that much I know.



Location: Gate to Old Quarter, day 7
AULAristocratDreptConvo_001000: m15c0101: We're lucky to have him. With Inspector Drept taking offices so close...should keep the riff-raff at bay.
AULAristocratDreptConvo_002000: m15c0102: I haven't noticed any difference in the level of fact...I don't feel safe walking down my own street. And Wilson says there's an absolute throng of Pagans that've taken over the park.
AULAristocratDreptConvo_003000: m15c0103: 'Throng', really! Is he sure it's Pagans? Maybe they're know...shabby.
AULAristocratDreptConvo_004000: m15c0104: Either way...when's the last time you enjoyed a stroll through the Auldale Public Gardens? Mmm, Lady Cafferty?
AULAristocratDreptConvo_005000: m15c0105: Well...just the other...hmm...was it...I'm sure I recall it wasn't too too long ago....
AULAristocratDreptConvo_006000: m15c0106: So much for your Inspector Drept keeping us all safe.
AULAristocratDreptConvo_007000: m15c0107: Really poo poo everything...besides...I really do feel safer.
AULAristocratDreptConvo_008000: m15c0108: I'll wager you only feel safe when you're in the pub, considering the Inspector's workshop is right near there. Am I right?
AULAristocratDreptConvo_009000: m15c0109: Tut, tut! The discussion is over.


Location: Plaza Monument, day 7
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_001000: m15c0201: But why, why? I can't even get in to my own shop!
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_002000: m15c0202: Yeah, about that. See, I decided it ain't your shop no more. It's mine.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_003000: m15c0203: You can't do that! I'll go to the City Watch! I have friends in high places.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_004000: m15c0204: Sure, go tell your friends about how you sold me fool's gold...they'll be really extra special interested in that part. Are you sure you want your friends checking on the things you sold them over the years?
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_005000: m15c0205: Well, I...ah...the nerve of your insinuation!
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_006000: m15c0206: Still, I don't see you running out the door to tell the City Watch.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_007000: m15c0207: I could repay would just take me a few days...gather the cash.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_008000: m15c0208: It's too late for that. Besides, it's more than just the money, see? I gotta make an example of you, just so's everyone knows they can't mess with Jimmy the Knife.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_009000: m15c0209: Well, I'll just go to my shop then, and remove those boards myself!
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_010000: m15c0210: Sure, you could try to play it that way, but if I see you doing it, I'm gonna have to kill you.
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_011000: m15c0211: Kill me?'re the one who deserves to die!
AULGoldsmithMobConvo_012000: m15c0212: That almost sounded like a threat, Fogerty, you worm. Don't make me make an example out of you. Now, scram. I hate the sighta you.


Location: Wieldstrom Steps, day 7
AULAristocratHeistConvo_001000: m15c0301: Well of course they died, Amanda old girl...the two of them didn't have half a brain between them.
AULAristocratHeistConvo_002000: m15c0302: Exactly my point, Zachary. The she had a brain...and a plan. Women often do. The whole thing was her idea...trouble is...they were too pea-brained to pull it off. Snuffed out by some security device of course...but after they were already inside the Museum.
AULAristocratHeistConvo_003000: m15c0303: Well if you're game, I am too. Should be an absolute bundle of fun. I can't wait to outwit a guard...I do hope there'll be guards! But we should do it soon...before the City Watch discover that tunnel we found.
AULAristocratHeistConvo_004000: m15c0304: Really, Zachary. If they haven't found the tunnel yet, there's no reason to think they'll ever find it. No, there's time for more planning before our naughty little heist.
AULAristocratHeistConvo_005000: m15c0305: You're not going to spoil the fun and go all scaredy-cat on me, are you, Amanda?
AULAristocratHeistConvo_006000: m15c0306: Of course not, Zachy-poo. I just want everything to go perfectly. I mean, there's only one museum, and I don't want to rush in without the right outfit.
AULAristocratHeistConvo_007000: m15c0307: Quite right, darling. Proper attire. I hadn't thought of that.


Location: Unknown, day 8
AULPaganColorConvo_001000: m15c0401: Did you hearsy? Dyan bes having more visionings....
AULPaganColorConvo_002000: m15c0402: About them Hammerheads? They bes deaded Sandlewood and her bunch yesterday! I bes will feeder on them fleshes!
AULPaganColorConvo_003000: m15c0403: Yes, them Hammerheads...buts of other things them cityhead Garrett...and something that bes unnatural...close by nearsy them canals.
AULPaganColorConvo_004000: m15c0404: Unnatural? What bes you mean?
AULPaganColorConvo_005000: m15c0405: Bes I not know. But bes worser than a Hammerhead...worser than anything.
AULPaganColorConvo_006000: m15c0406: Worser than a Hammerhead? How bes you know?
AULPaganColorConvo_007000: m15c0407: Because...I bes sawed Dyan's face after her visioning....


Location: SW Stairs, day 7 The Saga of the Guard with the Festering Wound.
FesteringWound5_001000: m99c0501: I said I don't want to see it!
FesteringWound5_002000: m99c0502: Aw, come on. Now who's got the bad humors, eh? Look, not even a scar.
FesteringWound5_003000: m99c0503: I don't believe it.
FesteringWound5_004000: m99c0504: But it's true. See? Good as new.
FesteringWound5_005000: m99c0505: But that thing had festered to the very bone, I was sure they'd have to resort to the knife.
FesteringWound5_006000: m99c0506: Doc says once you get rid of the bad humors, then the ox blood can do its job.
FesteringWound5_007000: m99c0507: That, plus no bathing, still....
FesteringWound5_008000: m99c0508: Say, what's that on your hand?
FesteringWound5_009000: m99c0509: Oh, I don't know, it's just a scrape...or an abrasion or something. Nothing to worry about. Anyway, who's got money for a doctor, right?