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The SwordEdit

Builds your
roofs of dead

Builds your
walls of
dead stone.

Builds your
dreams of
dead thoughts.

crying laughing
singing back to
life, takes what
you steal,

and pulls the
skins from
your dead

-- Clay tablet in an abandoned Trickster temple

I was contacted by a woman named Viktoria. She claims to represent a client who
was impressed by the way I took care of Ramirez, and now wants me to steal
something for him. The target is a magical sword, owned by a nobleman and
collector named Constantine. Little is known about Constantine except that he is
an eccentric new face in this city, and mostly keeps to himself. Viktoria says
the sword will probably be on display, but it will be well protected by guards
and security systems.

TG B06 01

She also mentioned that the guards are tough and organized, and the mansion
is confusing to navigate in.The house was constructed recently, so I've had
to piece together my own map from observation and hearsay. Sounds like the
place is a bit of a maze. I guess if you're rich enough you can build any
sort of madhouse to live in.

TG B06 02

This is going to be a challenging job, but it will pay better than the last few
I've taken. As usual, the front entrance is heavily guarded, but I've managed to
find another way in. 'Course once I've picked up the sword I'll still have to
worry about getting back out.

TG B06 03