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Song of the CavernsEdit

is the

theys gathers
up treasures
and greeders
themselves on
gold rocks
and fetters

The Woodsie One
wreaks thems with
lilacs and nettles

and gathers
theys bones for
His porridge
and feathers.

-- Text Unattributed, Sumac on Parchment

The Keepers stashed the Talisman of Water in a series of hidden caverns located
deep below the city.

TG B17 01

According to their map I'll find it in a shrine located in the lowest cavern. I
don't expect to run into anything too threatening other than a few venemous
spiders, however the map does contain this note: "Stand not against us, lest
you feel the sting of ignorance's barbs." Heh...sounds like Keeper talk for
"We've rigged the place".

TG B17 02

An informant of mine, Giry, made a home for himself in these caverns after he
lost his job tending the ticket counter of a nearby opera house.

TG B17 03

He should know these caverns better than anyone, so I'll pay him a visit, to
see if he has any useful information for me.

TG B17 04