TG_ConTrick Edit

ConTrick: condone: It is done! The rule of the mansy stone blind fools falls to me!
ConTrick: confail: It betrays me!
ConTrick: confin: Open for me! Open to me! Open my way! Open the path! Open for me! Open!
ConTrick: conpom1: Vine, grow and twine! Green and curl, chokes and bind! Leaves unfurl, thornsie spine, tumble wall! Wreath in vine, cover all! Leafies mine, call the vine, call the green: bringsie forth world be seen!
ConTrick: conpom2: Storm, black and blow! Swirly gust, rain winds flow! Pushing dust, storm clouds grow! Darksie clouds, lightning throw! Misty shrouds, freezie snow! Call the storm, call the grey: bringsie forth World's old way!
ConTrick: conpom3: Flame, burning heat! Fences charred, blazey sheet! Black 'n' tar, manflesh meat! Melting gears, dance and leap! Manfools' fear, come to reap! Call the fire, call the red: bringsie forth past not dead!
ConTrick: conpom4: Tide, rise and fall! River flood, rain and squall! Churny mud, dam break all! Sea waves wash, swampy squall! Sewer slosh, drainpipes stall! Call the wave, call the blue: bringsie forth world anew!
ConTrick: conpom5: Stone, grind and quake! Shatter tile, columns shake! Brick unpile, chip and flake! Darkie soil, windows break! Earthie toil, wall unmake! Call earth, call the brown: bringsie back world thrown down!
ConTrick: conpom6: Night, smother light! Black break lamp, done with bright! Dew and damp, smother tight! Dark in hide, foolsie sight! Stay inside, fear the night! Call the dark, call the black: bringsie forth! I call it back!
ConTrick: consee1: Garrett! My thiefsie fool? Lives you still?
ConTrick: consee2: Comes chasing your death Garrett? Better for you stays above!
ConTrick: consee3: Come calls your death now!
ConTrick: consee4: Your part is done!

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