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TG_Cutty Edit

Cutty: cutc0102: Heh heh.... 'Fraid you're going to be disappointed!
Cutty: cutc0104: Snap snap, puppy! But I owe ya, so.... Felix went after the Horn of Quintus, down the Bonehoard.... Left me his notes.
Cutty: cutc0105: The Hammers' 'em...and put 'em in their...'evidence box'.
Cutty: cutc0106: Loot collection more like. Upstairs...Officer's Quarters.
Cutty: cutc0107: Once you're up there...hidden passage. If damp hadn't rotted my lungs....
Cutty: cutm0301: Garrett! Is that you? In here. Come on, puppy.
Cutty: cutm0302: Garrett, stop taffing around. Your sneaksie tricks won't fool old Cutty.

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