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GUARD2: SG2A0MU1: Ahh, it's so wet.... Mold everywhere down here!
GUARD2: SG2A0MU2: I don't like this place at all.... It's just a bunch of people walking around....
GUARD2: SG2A0MU3: Oh geez, I've gotta get home to dinner.... It's waiting and I'm starving.... Haven't eaten since breakfast!
GUARD2: SG2A1__1: Someone behind me?
GUARD2: SG2A1__2: Who goes there?
GUARD2: SG2A1__3: Is that you?
GUARD2: SG2A1__4: Huh?
GUARD2: SG2A1__5: Huh?
GUARD2: SG2A1__6: What's that? Who goes?!
GUARD2: SG2A1_W1: Was somethin' just there?
GUARD2: SG2A1_W2: Think somethin's there?
GUARD2: SG2A1DR1: Who goes there?
GUARD2: SG2A1H_1: Hey! What was that noise?
GUARD2: SG2A1H_2: Who's noisin' about then?
GUARD2: SG2A1H_3: Strange noise.
GUARD2: SG2A1HW1: Somethin' made a noise! Hush!
GUARD2: SG2A1HW2: Did you hear that too? I think there's someone....
GUARD2: SG2A1HW3: What was that? Did you hear somethin'?
GUARD2: SG2A1HW4: You hear somethin'?
GUARD2: SG2A1V_1: Did that shadow move?
GUARD2: SG2A1V_2: Somethin' move there?
GUARD2: SG2A1VW1: What was that? Did you see it?
GUARD2: SG2A1VW2: Did you see something? No! Over there!
GUARD2: SG2A1VW3: Hey, I think I saw somethin'!
GUARD2: SG2A1VW4: See that there?
GUARD2: SG2A2__1: Is that you? Wait, who's that?!
GUARD2: SG2A2__2: Stop taffin' with me! Show yourself!
GUARD2: SG2A2__3: What's that? Hey, someone taffin' about?
GUARD2: SG2A2__4: What's goin' on over there?
GUARD2: SG2A2__5: Who's that there?
GUARD2: SG2A2DR1: What's that?
GUARD2: SG2A2DR2: Eh-hey! Quit taffin' around!
GUARD2: sg2a2h_1: Who goes there? Who made that noise?
GUARD2: Sg2a2h_2: I heard that! Show yourself! I mean it!
GUARD2: SG2A2H_3: I hear you there!
GUARD2: SG2A2SE1: Okay, you taffer, I'll find you!
GUARD2: SG2A2SE2: You can't hide for long!
GUARD2: SG2A2SE3: Just you wait 'til I find you!
GUARD2: SG2A2SE4: All right, where are you?
GUARD2: SG2A2V_1: I see you there! Who is that?
GUARD2: Sg2a3b_1: What did you do? Stay where you are!
GUARD2: SG2A3DR1: Heh, who the hell are you?
GUARD2: SG2A3NA1: Mess with me and you're crow meat, taffer boy!
GUARD2: SG2A3NA2: We've got an intruder!
GUARD2: SG2A3NA3: Don't think you can just vanish in the shadows again, tricksie boy! I see ya!
GUARD2: SG2A3NA4: Don't try to run, taffer! Just surrender now!
GUARD2: SG2A3NA5: Stop right there!
GUARD2: SG2A3NA6: Move and you're dead! Don't try it!
GUARD2: SG2A3S_1: Ahh! Stop right there!
GUARD2: SG2A3S_2: Wuah!
GUARD2: SG2A3S_3: Eh, you!
GUARD2: SG2A3S_4: Eh, stop!
GUARD2: Sg2a3se1: Hiding won't save you, thief!
GUARD2: Sg2a3se2: When I find you, you'll regret it!
GUARD2: Sg2a3se3: Come back here and fight!
GUARD2: Sg2a3se4: Come out here! I dare you!
GUARD2: SG2ALMA1: To the alarm!
GUARD2: SG2ALMA2: All speed to the alarm!
GUARD2: SG2ALMA3: For the alarm!
GUARD2: SG2ALMW1: Quick! Get to the alarm!
GUARD2: SG2ALMW2: Get to the alarm!
GUARD2: SG2AMB_1: Come out where I can hurt you!
GUARD2: SG2AMB_2: Foul! Come out here!
GUARD2: SG2AMB_3: Where are ya, black dog?
GUARD2: SG2AMB_4: Coward! Get out here!
GUARD2: SG2AMBW1: I'm hit! Watch your back!
GUARD2: SG2AMBW2: I'm under attack!
GUARD2: SG2AMBW3: Help! I'm hit!
GUARD2: Sg2atb_1: Ya can't dodge an arrow!
GUARD2: Sg2atb_2: For your heart!
GUARD2: Sg2atb_3: Just like target practice!
GUARD2: SG2ATN_1: Die!
GUARD2: SG2ATN_2: There!
GUARD2: Sg2atw_1: Knock your teeth out!
GUARD2: SG2ATW_2: Ha ha,' to you!
GUARD2: SG2ATWW1: He's losing it!
GUARD2: SG2BAK_1: Gotta stop jumpin' at nothin'!
GUARD2: SG2BAK_2: Too much coffees this mornin', I'm twitchy as 'ell! Seems clear.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_3: Seems clear enough, now.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_4: That's the last time I jump for rats.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_5: Nothin' to be seen now.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_6: Can't hear it anymore. Probably nothing.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_7: All quiet now. must a' been rats.
GUARD2: SG2BAK_8: Don't see anythin' now.
GUARD2: SG2BKD_1: Damn!
GUARD2: SG2BKD_2: Try and block the next one!
GUARD2: SG2BKD_3: You'll falter yet!
GUARD2: SG2BKDW1: He's got a good defense! Be quick!
GUARD2: SG2BLK_1: Better try again!
GUARD2: SG2BLK_2: Gotta be faster than that!
GUARD2: SG2BLK_3: Not today, buddy!
GUARD2: SG2BLKW1: Keep your guard up and he can't get through!
GUARD2: SG2BOD_1: Oh my god! They killed him!
GUARD2: SG2BOD_2: Ahh, shh...! What happened?
GUARD2: SG2BOD_3: Blood for blood!
GUARD2: SG2C0102: T-uh! Couldn't pay me enough!
GUARD2: SG2C0104: Nah, nah! It makes me sick! When I was a kid--
GUARD2: SG2C0106: Shut up, you taffer! You want blood? You should've been there years ago! Tell ya...the bears then? They were something to see. Those bears, they didn't need no cheek-spikes and razor collars, and paw hooks, and all that knifery you straps to 'em now!
GUARD2: SG2C0108: Huh! Naaah! The bears back then, they had claws as long as your finger! And wicked teeth!
GUARD2: SG2C0110: That's why I can't stand the Pits now! You don't know what you've missed. They just don't make bears like they used to....
GUARD2: Sg2c0702: Eh, could be worse.
GUARD2: Sg2c0704: You rather be sweepin' streets again?
GUARD2: Sg2c0706: Yeah, but the wrong kind of people....
GUARD2: Sg2c0802: Nah, Bafford and his flunkies ate it all!
GUARD2: Sg2c0804: Maybe there's some left in the kitchen.
GUARD2: Sg2c0806: Huh! Fat slob!
GUARD2: Sg2c0902: The boss sent them on a special errand. Some fellow he wants dead! A thief, name of 'Garrett.'
GUARD2: Sg2c0904: Not anymore if he's had a visit from those two!
GUARD2: Sg2c1002: Didn't you hear? They pulled the basement shift. We probably won't see them for hours yet!
GUARD2: Sg2c1004: Better for us then, hey? Well I should be getting back to the front gate. See ya back here in a couple hours, then?
GUARD2: Sg2c1101: Eh, go down to the well and get us some water.
GUARD2: SG2C1202: What? Why me?
GUARD2: SG2C1204: I'll quit first. See if I don't!
GUARD2: Sg2c1301: You seen the stuff Shemenov's tough boys are wearin'?
GUARD2: Sg2c1303: And we get stuck with this stuff! And they got halberds too!
GUARD2: Sg2c1601: Hear you gotta pool!
GUARD2: Sg2c1603: Uh, give me six on Bohn and--uh...uh--five on another two years.
GUARD2: Sg2c1605: Wait a minute. We pay you now, and you don't pay for two years? Nevermind!
GUARD2: Sg2c1702: Yeah! Of course.... Had a buddy in the group was blockin' the back alley.
GUARD2: Sg2c1704: Another under-market warden? That's slick!
GUARD2: Sg2c1802: What?
GUARD2: Sg2c1804: Creepy!
GUARD2: Sg2c2001: So, like I was tellin' you yesterday, you wanna hurt the guy, not knock him down or pat him on the head.
GUARD2: Sg2c2003: Thunk him on the shoulder and that'll just slow him up! Go for the stomach, or lower. A Hammer's usually weak there.
GUARD2: SG2C2102: You know how the world's like now. Ya can't blame 'im.
GUARD2: Sg2c2201: Think anything'll happen?
GUARD2: Sg2c2203: Not me!
GUARD2: Sg2c2501: I think you're a-sleepy.
GUARD2: Sg2c2503: 'Dreamsie' ya did.
GUARD2: Sg2c2602: Why do you be goin' down to Wayside anyway? Nothin' there but whores and moneymongers.
GUARD2: Sg2c2604: Bet I know which sort she is!
GUARD2: Sg2c3002: Seen better.... Seen better.
GUARD2: Sg2c3102: You too.
GUARD2: Sg2c3201: Seen anything?
GUARD2: Sg2c3301: Nice night.
GUARD2: Sg2c3401: All's well my way.
GUARD2: SG2C3502: Oh, who you kiddin'?
GUARD2: SG2CHGA1: That was your last chance!
GUARD2: SG2CHGA2: This is gonna be fun!
GUARD2: SG2CHGW1: Help me get 'im! Thief, thief!
GUARD2: SG2CHGW2: Charge!
GUARD2: SG2CHGW3: Help me get this taffer!
GUARD2: SG2CHGW4: After him!
GUARD2: SG2DET_1: Won't hurt me that way!
GUARD2: SG2DET_2: Got ya scared?
GUARD2: SG2DET_3: Think that'll help?
GUARD2: SG2DETW1: He's scared of us now.
GUARD2: SG2HIT_1: Got you!
GUARD2: SG2HIT_2: Heh-hah!
GUARD2: SG2HIT_3: Give up taffer!
GUARD2: SG2HIT_4: That must a' hurt!
GUARD2: SG2HITW1: We've got 'im on the ropes!
GUARD2: SG2HITW2: Your turn!
GUARD2: SG2HLOW1: Cover me!
GUARD2: SG2HND_1: That the best you can do?
GUARD2: SG2HND_2: Not a scratch!
GUARD2: SG2HND_3: My, ya dented the armor a little!
GUARD2: SG2LAR_1: Look at this! Help! This way!
GUARD2: SG2LAR_2: What the hell? Who's been-- Help!
GUARD2: SG2LAR_3: What's all this?
GUARD2: SG2LOS_1: Where did he go now?
GUARD2: SG2LOS_2: Where'd that taffer go?
GUARD2: SG2LOS_3: Hey! Come back here! Where'd you go?
GUARD2: SG2LOS_4: Where'd he go?
GUARD2: Sg2m0201: Great. The Master's out, and while the rest are probably enjoying themselves upstairs, I'm stuck down here guarding the ale, 'stead of drinking it!
GUARD2: Sg2m0202: Brigands! Help!
GUARD2: Sg2m02d1: Hey there, friend! What's with the crazy get-up?
GUARD2: SG2M0501: Get 'im!
GUARD2: Sg2m0502: He's gettin' away!
GUARD2: Sg2m0503: Wait! Did you hear someone?
GUARD2: Sg2m0504: Could'a sworn I heard someone. Look sharp!
GUARD2: Sg2m0505: You here that? Someone's on our tail for sure!
GUARD2: Sg2m0506: Look! It's him! Take him down, this time!
GUARD2: Sg2m0507: I feel like we're bein' followed!
GUARD2: Sg2m0508: Someone followin' us?
GUARD2: Sg2m0509: Heard somethin' weird back there.
GUARD2: Sg2m0510: You hear that?
GUARD2: SG2MIS_1: Where'd that go? Thief, thief!
GUARD2: SG2MIS_2: Where's the scepter?
GUARD2: SG2MIS_3: That's no good. Where'd it go?
GUARD2: SG2MIS_4: Thief! The sword's gone!
GUARD2: SG2RBOD1: Careful, there's a killer out there. I've seen the body to prove it.
GUARD2: SG2RBOD2: There's a murderer in with us! Trust no one!
GUARD2: SG2RBOD3: Watch out! Been murder!
GUARD2: SG2RINT1: Watch out! There's some taffer runnin' around.
GUARD2: SG2RINT2: We've got an intruder around. Look out.
GUARD2: SG2RINT3: The thief he mentioned is skulkin' around!
GUARD2: SG2RMIS1: Spread the word! We've been robbed!
GUARD2: SG2RMIS2: The Sir's been robbed! Thief in the building!
GUARD2: SG2RMIS3: The scepter's been stolen!
GUARD2: SG2RMIS4: Thief's been in already!
GUARD2: SG2ROTH1: Stay awake. I think there's somethin' goin' on.
GUARD2: SG2ROTH2: Watch out! I saw somethin' odd a time ago!
GUARD2: SG2ROTH3: Careful! There's somethin' up! Watch for anything unusual!
GUARD2: SG2ROTH4: There's an intruder in the building! Don't let him by you!
GUARD2: SG2ROTH5: Thief's broken in!
GUARD2: SG2RUNA1: Can I get some help over here?
GUARD2: SG2RUNA2: Come on over here. Help!
GUARD2: SG2RUNA3: You'll not be so cheery when my brothers arrive!
GUARD2: SG2RUNA4: Thief here! Guards!
GUARD2: SG2SEC_1: Stranger in the building!
GUARD2: SG2SEC_2: Intruder through here!
GUARD2: SG2SEC_3: Hey, watch for an intruder!
GUARD2: SG2SEC_4: Thief's been through here!
GUARD2: SG2SMA_1: Someone's been taffin' through here.
GUARD2: SG2SMA_2: What happened here?
GUARD2: SG2SMA_3: Someone been wanderin' around here?
GUARD2: SG2SMA_4: Who's done this?
GUARD2: SG2TELC1: Got him! Over this way!
GUARD2: SG2TELC2: The intruder's right there!
GUARD2: sg2telc3: I see him! This way!
GUARD2: SG2TELC4: Thief! This way!
GUARD2: SG2TELC5: There he is! There!
GUARD2: SG2TELC6: The thief's right here! Don't let him escape!
GUARD2: SG2TELR1: Eh-hey! Look what we've got here!
GUARD2: SG2TELR2: Got a taffer in the building!
GUARD2: SG2TELR3: Thief here!
GUARD2: SG2TELR4: Intruder here!
GUARD2: SG2WRN11: Clear outta here, rogue! This is no place for you.
GUARD2: SG2WRN21: This is your last chance! Be gone or face the consequences!
GUARD2: SG2WRNF1: If that's how you want it, knave!

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