TG_Hammer3 Edit

Hammer3: hm3a0ch1: Know, for though the Hand of The Builder doth still shape man and the world through our actions, there are legion who do not believe and wouldst tear down thy work.
Hammer3: hm3a0ch2: Know then to beware and combat these breakers, to armor thyself against their blandishments, and to strike through their lies and trickery.
Hammer3: hm3a0ch3: Because so many now build without consideration for the Master Builder, His mark is no longer upon the life of The City, and the taint of The Trickster will always seek entrance.
Hammer3: hm3a0mu1: This is not the way this place should be run...!
Hammer3: hm3a0mu2: I can't take this anymore.... This is absolutely ridiculous. Everytime I turn around there's incompetence. Incompetence in every act that I see performed, except by myself. Well, I can't do it all by myself....
Hammer3: hm3a0mu3: I will have to be a little bit more...strict with my orders, so that they're clearer and people can carry them out with some kind of certitude....
Hammer3: hm3a0mu4: I don't feel that this is the way anything should be run around here. I have to have order....
Hammer3: hm3a0mu5: I have to take things in my own way and I have to do them as best I can without any help or depending on anyone for any kind of input....
Hammer3: hm3a1__1: Hello? Show thyself.
Hammer3: hm3a1__3: If thou be there, bespeak thyself.
Hammer3: hm3a1__4: Who is there? Is someone there?
Hammer3: hm3a1_-2: Hello? Who art thou?
Hammer3: hm3a1_w1: Notice thou anything there?
Hammer3: hm3a1h_1: Who goes there? Who said that?
Hammer3: hm3a1hw1: Shh! Canst thou hear that?
Hammer3: hm3a1hw2: Move more quietly. I think I heard something.
Hammer3: hm3a1hw3: Didst thou hear a noise?
Hammer3: hm3a1v_1: Something move? Thought I saw--
Hammer3: hm3a1vw1: Dost thou see that over there?
Hammer3: hm3a1vw2: Look over there! Dost thou see something?
Hammer3: hm3a1vw3: Over there! I think something moved.
Hammer3: hm3a2__1: Halt! Show thyself at once!
Hammer3: hm3a2__2: Who art thou there, in the shadow?
Hammer3: hm3a2__3: Who goes there? Speak!
Hammer3: hm3a2__4: Is someone there? Who art thou?
Hammer3: hm3a2h_1: Who is there? I hear thee there!
Hammer3: hm3a2se1: Where art thou, villain?
Hammer3: hm3a2se2: Where hast thou gone?
Hammer3: hm3a2se3: I shall still find thee...never fear!
Hammer3: hm3a2se4: Thy hiding place cannot last!
Hammer3: hm3a2v_1: I see thee there! Who art thou?
Hammer3: hm3a3b_1: What evil is this? Halt, murderer!
Hammer3: hm3a3b_2: Killer, hold thy place!
Hammer3: hm3a3na1: Thou shalt regret thine intrusions!
Hammer3: hm3a3na2: Intruder! Beware an intruder!
Hammer3: hm3a3s_1: Aiii! Hold there!
Hammer3: hm3a3s_2: Whence came thee here? Hold!
Hammer3: hm3a3s_3: Intruder, who art thou?
Hammer3: hm3a3se1: Do not think thou shalt 'scape me!
Hammer3: hm3a3se2: I shall find thee, villain!
Hammer3: hm3a3se3: Come forth and fight me, villain!
Hammer3: hm3a3se4: Cease thy hiding and die like a man!
Hammer3: hm3alma1: Ring the alarm! Sound a call to arms.
Hammer3: hm3alma2: Thief! Let the alarm speak thy fate!
Hammer3: hm3almw1: Ring the alarm 'gainst this villain!
Hammer3: hm3amb_1: Who tries this treachery?
Hammer3: hm3amb_2: Leave thy shadows, thief, and face me!
Hammer3: hm3amb_3: Thy shadow shall not cloak thy villainy for long!
Hammer3: hm3amb_4: Oh what a villain to strike with such cowardice!
Hammer3: hm3ambw1: Treachery! I am hit!
Hammer3: hm3ambw2: Brother, I am wounded!
Hammer3: hm3ambw3: Seek an assassin in the shadows, my brother!
Hammer3: hm3atl_1: Builder, follow this blow!
Hammer3: hm3atl_2: Builder, smite this villain!
Hammer3: hm3atn_1: Face thy cleaving, intruder!
Hammer3: hm3atn_2: Prepare to justify thy sorry existence to thy Builder!
Hammer3: hm3atn_6: Thou art the nail!
Hammer3: hm3atn_7: Thou art a flawed creation!
Hammer3: hm3atn_8: That berth was your last, thief!
Hammer3: hm3atp_1: Builder! I call Thy wrath!
Hammer3: hm3atp_2: Fall to my power, villain!
Hammer3: hm3atp_3: Strike him, my hammer!
Hammer3: hm3atw_1: Thy defeat comes swiftly!
Hammer3: hm3atw_2: I see the fear in thine eyes!
Hammer3: hm3atww1: Calm this nail with me, my brother!
Hammer3: hm3bak_1: It seems quiet enough now. 'Tis well.
Hammer3: hm3bak_2: All is quiet now.
Hammer3: hm3bak_3: All is silence now.
Hammer3: hm3bak_4: All is well now. 'Twas but the wind on the torches.
Hammer3: hm3bak_5: Hmm.... No one walks here, now.
Hammer3: hm3bak_6: Hmm.... I know not what it was.
Hammer3: hm3bak_7: My imagination does run overmuch.
Hammer3: hm3bkd_1: Think not thou will hold me off!
Hammer3: hm3bkd_2: Thy arm is strong, but it will fail thee ere long!
Hammer3: hm3bkd_3: Next time mine hammer shall smash thee!
Hammer3: hm3bkdw1: Let him not block thee as well!
Hammer3: hm3blk_1: Thou canst never prevail!
Hammer3: hm3blk_2: See! All thy strength avails thee.
Hammer3: hm3blk_3: I am armored in righteousness against thee.
Hammer3: hm3blkw1: We stand fast against him.
Hammer3: hm3bod_1: What? Murder? Struck down and broken?
Hammer3: hm3bod_2: Let the blood he has shed be repaid in tenfold!
Hammer3: hm3bod_3: Cry 'Vengeance!' and let fall the godly hammer!
Hammer3: hm3c0602: One would think these scum had never faced tribulation in their lives.
Hammer3: hm3c0604: Good. Death or durance 'twill be the same for him in the end.
Hammer3: hm3c0802: Surely not for many years....
Hammer3: hm3c0804: I spy not on my betters. 'Tis in The Builder's Hands.
Hammer3: hm3c1001: Some do say the Baron means to raise the tariffs again. Even on greens and meat.
Hammer3: hm3c1003: His grandfather cared less for his pocketed gold and more for his soul's health...but no longer.
Hammer3: hm3c1102: The peasants who run the pumps have not the learning to understand them.
Hammer3: hm3c1104: And toil in the slime? Thou carest little about thy Brothers.
Hammer3: hm3c1201: Time was, the sinners we take wouldst have no 'second chances'...they were dispatched forthwith to explain their misdeeds to their Builder.
Hammer3: hm3c1203: And see what our weakness hath gained us. Crime and sin reach to the very heights of The City!
Hammer3: hm3c1402: There are novices still!
Hammer3: hm3c1404: Twill be their loss when they come of age and know not how to accomplish aught of consequence.
Hammer3: hm3c1502: Foolishness proves its own punishment, but steam burns are a harsh punishment indeed.
Hammer3: hm3c1504: Even more foolishness! Fear never shows the true path, only the downslope to corruption.
Hammer3: hm3c1602: Truly that is news! The [constant?] with teeth-- They mesh properly?
Hammer3: hm3c2002: And thy hand be steady.
Hammer3: hm3c2102: Hail and bless his works.
Hammer3: hm3c2201: Builder's Grace to thee.
Hammer3: hm3c2301: Greetings.
Hammer3: hm3c2401: Builder guide thy hand.
Hammer3: hm3c2502: No, not yet!
Hammer3: hm3chga2: Face me, coward!
Hammer3: hm3chga3: I'll flatten thee!
Hammer3: hm3chgw1: Take the one side...I'll take the other....
Hammer3: hm3chgw2: Flatten this villain with me!
Hammer3: hm3chgw3: Thy strength with mine shall bring this foe down!
Hammer3: hm3det_1: Fear thou thy fate?
Hammer3: hm3det_2: Thy defense shall not last forever!
Hammer3: hm3det_3: Thou cannot block The Builder's Vengeance!
Hammer3: hm3detw1: The sinner hopes to block our wrath.
Hammer3: hm3hit_1: Stagger and fall, villain!
Hammer3: hm3hit_2: Thy death gapes for thee!
Hammer3: hm3hit_3: Art thou sorry yet?
Hammer3: hm3hit_4: Accept thy defeat!
Hammer3: hm3hitw1: We have the villain now!
Hammer3: hm3hitw2: Strike! Strike, Brother!
Hammer3: hm3hlo_1: Hah, Builder...aid Thy servant!
Hammer3: hm3hlow1: Ahhh! I crumble, Brother!
Hammer3: hm3hnd_1: Try again, villain! Perhaps thou'll touch me!
Hammer3: hm3hnd_2: Was that thy best blow?
Hammer3: hm3hnd_3: Thy weapons are nothing to me!
Hammer3: hm3lar_1: To arms 'gainst the wreaker of havoc!
Hammer3: hm3lar_2: Twill take clean steel to set this aright!
Hammer3: hm3los_1: I shall find thee again, villain!
Hammer3: hm3los_2: The Builder's walls shall not shelter the wrong from righteous wrath!
Hammer3: hm3los_3: Thou hast slipped me, but not forever!
Hammer3: hm3m1001: What art thou doing? Hold a minute! Ahh, a spy! Sound the alarm!
Hammer3: hm3m1002: Novice, thou art idle. Hast thou nothing to do?
Hammer3: hm3m1003: Thou should not be in the barracks, Brother. Remember that novices are not permitted!
Hammer3: hm3m1004: Ahh! A fortunate arrival. The candlestick from the altar hath been mislaid in the diningroom. Please, fetch it for me with all haste.
Hammer3: hm3m1005: Thank thee for thy pains. Leave the candlestick on the floor by the altar.
Hammer3: hm3m1006: Cease thy running at once. Thou makes mock of The Builder's Peace.
Hammer3: hm3m1007: Hello lad.
Hammer3: hm3m1008: Good day to thee.
Hammer3: hm3m1009: Raise up the gate!
Hammer3: hm3m1010: Hast thou credentials for me, Novice?
Hammer3: hm3m1011: Hold, Novice. Let me see that.... Wait, though art no true novice! Thou shalt suffer for thy trespass!
Hammer3: hm3mis_1: Where hast that gone to?
Hammer3: hm3rbod1: I have found one of us slain! Let your wrath fall unmercifully!
Hammer3: hm3rint1: Keep thine eyes alert. I saw an intruder some moments back.
Hammer3: hm3rmis1: Beware! We have been robbed!
Hammer3: hm3roth1: Be on guard. I think there was something odd a while back.
Hammer3: hm3roth2: Watch out. Something odd has passed back there.
Hammer3: hm3roth3: Keep silent as possible.... There are noises in the night that The Builder did not intend!
Hammer3: hm3runa1: Lend thy strength to buttress me, mine comrades.
Hammer3: hm3runa2: To me 'gainst this threat!
Hammer3: hm3runa3: Bring thyself hither. This way!
Hammer3: hm3sec_1: Thy moments are numbered, lawbreaker, for I am on thy trail.
Hammer3: hm3sec_2: Seek a stranger in our number.
Hammer3: hm3sec_3: The strength of an intruder is as water against our stone!
Hammer3: hm3sma_1: This is not aright.
Hammer3: hm3sma_2: I mislike this. Something is afoot.
Hammer3: hm3telc1: Seize him!
Hammer3: hm3telc2: To me! Stop him from further desecration!
Hammer3: hm3telc3: Over here! Be thou cautious! He is armed!
Hammer3: hm3telr1: A thief is among us. To me! To me!
Hammer3: hm3telr2: Ware thee to this intruder!
Hammer3: hm3telr3: The snake shows himself!