TG_Haunts Edit

Yet to be confirmed.

From here:

Hh1a0mo1.wav: Thy words have struck like spears into the blooded darkened thoughts...thou didst keep thy thoughts to keep hands from thy murder.
Hh1a0mo2.wav: [Unintelligible]...foundations"...[unintelligible].
Hh1a0mo3.wav: So must thou also armour thyself against their blandishments and strike through their (Two voices speak at once) lies and trickery / The fires of the bound to thy works must end life.
Hh1a0wh1.wav: SAME AS Hh1a0mo3.
Hh1a0wh2.wav: Know then to beware in combat these breakers... and rescue the foundations from the flames.
Hh1a0wh3.wav: The same as Hh1a0mo1.wav only having had the file played around with a bit.
Hh1a1__1.wav:Under the skin shall join us now.
Hh1a1__2.wav: We suffer the days of the centuries of leaden sordid gods.
Hh1a1__3.wav: Smith and return to your flames.
Hh1a1__4.wav: Flames around you, flames, nothing but flames, burning your flesh.
Hh1a1__5.wav: Your soul cannot be saved.
Hh1a1__6.wav: Join us, join us, join us now!

hh1bak__1.wav: Keep hands from thy murder.
Hh1m0401.wav: He who would steal my heart must first defeat my wounds.

Hha0mo1: "Thy works have struck like spears deep into the darkness that would smother thy forge...flames of the murderers"?

Hh1a1__2: "In dreams we suffer the pain of centuries..."

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