MISC_VOS: fac001: Stay away from my face, thief, or you'll be sorry.
MISC_VOS: gh1gold: My thanks, stranger.
MISC_VOS: hh1m0401: He who would steal my heart must first defeat my wounds.
MISC_VOS: Renthank: I do not know who thou art, but by thy hand I can finally depart this earth and go to The Builder's Home. It is only fitting that I reward thee. In the winter tunnels beneath the cloister seek thee a room with a mural on one of the walls. In the upper right-hand corner of this mural, spy out a hidden button. Press that button. Thou hast what thy will find there and my full thanks. Farewell.
MISC_VOS: statuema: Betrayal will force you to see, Garrett.
MISC_VOS: statueme: Greed shall be your undoing, poor Garrett.
MISC_VOS: statuemf: Deception is your power, Garrett.
MISC_VOS: statuemw: Do not let fear control your path, Garrett.