TG_Opera1 Edit

Opera1: op112401: That's good...but let's try it a little more angry, like this, 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera1: op112403: No, no! With gusto! And emphasize the word 'dares', like this! 'Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera1: op112405: Huh! Maybe I will!
Opera1: op112500: Huh! So, did you read Cribs' latest? That gibberish is a waste of my art!
Opera1: op112502: And, to add injury to insult, I'm forced to wear costumes from years past!
Opera1: op112504: For once, I agree with you, Christine. Scrapping the lower-class would certainly clean things up around here. But what will you do for food and shelter when they kick you out? (Laughs)
Opera1: op112600: This latest opera from Valerius and Cribs is a testament to the superiority of human intellect. Man overcomes nature! Uhhh, (sarcastic) my absolute favorite theme!
Opera1: op112602: Huh! You're just miffed because Cribs is fond of tragic endings.
Opera1: op112604: Hmm. Well, I say 'in with the new.' That's what I say!
Opera1: op1a0s10: Do re mi fa sol la ti do!
Opera1: op1a0s11: Me me me me me me! (etc.)
Opera1: op1a0s12: Do re mi fa sol la ti do!
Opera1: op1a0s13: Me me me me me me! (etc.)
Opera1: op1a0si1: La la la la la! La la la!
Opera1: op1a0si2: La la la! La la la! La la la!
Opera1: op1a0si5: Twelve tricky taffers took their tea at two today. Twelve ticky, tacky--Uuggh! Impossible!
Opera1: op1a1__1: Is someone there?
Opera1: op1a1__2: Who's that?
Opera1: op1a1__3: What's up?
Opera1: op1a1__4: Huh?
Opera1: op1a1h_1: (Gasps) Who made that noise?
Opera1: op1a1v_1: Hmm...thought I saw something.
Opera1: op1a2__1: What was that?
Opera1: op1a2__2: Who's there?
Opera1: op1a3b_1: Aaah! Murderer! Guards!
Opera1: op1a3s_1: (Gasps) Who are you?!
Opera1: op1a3s_2: Is this a thief I see before me? Guards!
Opera1: op1a3s_3: Guards!
Opera1: op1alma1: The alarm! Hurry!
Opera1: op1bak_1: Hmm, I'm starting to see things. I'd better get some rest.
Opera1: op1bak_2: Hmm. must a' been rats. How repulsive!
Opera1: op1bak_3: Hmm.... Guess it was nothing.
Opera1: op1bak_4: Uugh! These old buildings make too much noise!
Opera1: op1bod_1: (Gasps) A body! Help! Help!
Opera1: op1bod_2: Guards! There is a dead person, here!
Opera1: op1hlow1: Uuggh! Help me!
Opera1: op1lar_1: What's all this? Guards!
Opera1: op1mis_1: Hey! Someone must've stolen it! Guards!
Opera1: op1rbod1: I saw him lying there, dead as night!
Opera1: op1rint1: I've seen the intruder! I'm getting out of here.
Opera1: op1rint2: I saw him! The thief! I saw him!
Opera1: op1rmis1: It's been stolen, I tell you! There is a thief about!
Opera1: op1roth1: (Sighs) I'm worried. Strange things are afoot.
Opera1: op1runa1: Guards, there's an intruder here!
Opera1: op1runa2: He's armed! Somebody get him!
Opera1: op1runa3: Guards! Thief! Don't let him get away!
Opera1: op1runa4: Thief! Stop him!
Opera1: op1runa5: I thought I spied an over-zealous fan.... Or worse!
Opera1: op1sec_1: Help! Thieves!
Opera1: op1sma_1: Hmm.... Odd.
Opera1: op1telc1: I've found him! Get him!
Opera1: op1telc2: Guards! He's over here!

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