TG_Opera2 Edit

Opera2: op212400: 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell wood from my domain?'
Opera2: op212402: 'But wait! Who is this I spy? Who dares fell--'
Opera2: op212404: I've got a better idea! Why don't you sing the part of 'Conandra Forest Princess' tomorrow night? And while you're at it, why don't you find yourself another leading lady?
Opera2: op212406: Fine! Untalented taffer troglodyte!
Opera2: op212501: Ironic, since I always considered your art to be a waste.
Opera2: op212503: I can't believe the opera house is still losing money. It's all these lower-class people working the ticket office and such. They steal everything they can get their hands on! Valerius should fire all of them!
Opera2: op212505: Taffer!
Opera2: op212601: I couldn't disagree with you more! This opera is more of a travesty than a testament. The only thing overcome were my poor ears by that horrendous music Cribs has written!
Opera2: op212603: That's not it at all! Since Valerius took over, we've had to endure this Mr. Cribs and his twisted little operettas with vines and micas (?) as villains--What a complete nonsense! How can you stand it?
Opera2: op212700: May I take your cloak, sir? Wait a minute.... Help! Thief!
Opera2: op2a0si5: Seven salty sailors sweetly sang some sad sea songs. Seven sadly swiller-- Oh, goodness me!
Opera2: op2a0si7: Me me me me me me!
Opera2: op2a0si8: La la la la la la la! (etc.)
Opera2: op2a0si9: Do re mi fa sol la ti do! (etc.)
Opera2: op2a1__1: I-Is someone there?
Opera2: op2a1__2: What was that?
Opera2: op2a1__3: Huh?
Opera2: op2a1v_1: Hmm? I thought I saw something.
Opera2: op2a2__1: What the devil is going on?
Opera2: op2a2__2: Who's there?
Opera2: op2a3s_1: Aaah! Intruder!
Opera2: op2a3s_2: Guards!
Opera2: op2alma1: Sound the alarm!
Opera2: op2bak_1: The rats around here perform more than we do.
Opera2: op2bak_2: Guess it was nothing.
Opera2: op2bak_3: These halls must speak from the past.
Opera2: op2bod_1: Good lord! A corpse!
Opera2: op2bod_2: Uuugh! The Reaper's work! Guards!
Opera2: op2hlow1: Uggh! Help me!
Opera2: op2hlow2: Oooh! Is there a doctor in the house?
Opera2: op2lar_1: What a mess! Guards!
Opera2: op2mis_1: What robbery is this? Guards!
Opera2: op2rbod1: I tell you he's dead! The blood was still fresh on the floor!
Opera2: op2rint1: I have spied the criminal!
Opera2: op2rmis1: Robbed, I tell you! There is a burglar somewhere!
Opera2: op2roth1: Someone is lurking in the halls of the opera house that should not be.
Opera2: op2runa1: Guards...there's a thief lurking about!
Opera2: op2runa2: Help, someone! There's an intruder!
Opera2: op2runa3: Guards! Thief! Don't let him escape justice!
Opera2: op2runa4: Thief! Go after him!
Opera2: op2sec_1: Help! There is a rogue amongst us!
Opera2: op2sma_1: Hmm.... Strange.
Opera2: op2telc1: I've spotted him!
Opera2: op2telc2: Guards! He's over here!

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