TG_Pris1 Edit

Pris1: pr1a0mu2: Woe is me....
Pris1: pr1a1__1: What was that?
Pris1: pr1a1__2: Hmm...? Go away.
Pris1: pr1a2__1: Huh?
Pris1: pr1a2__2: Woe is me!
Pris1: pr1a3__1: Huh? Who are you? Go away!
Pris1: pr1a3__2: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Don't hurt me!
Pris1: pr1a3__3: Hey! Can you get me outta here?
Pris1: pr1bak_1: Oh well.
Pris1: pr1bak_2: Rats. Always rats.
Pris1: pr1hhi_1: Ow!
Pris1: pr1hhi_2: Aaah!
Pris1: pr1hlo_1: No!
Pris1: pr1hlo_2: Ouch!

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