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TG_Ramirez Edit

Ramirez: rmza0mu1: Maybe I should send some muscle after the Stone Group. Think the taxes will get covered from the fund. Need to get Joff's leg broken; can't defy me like that.
Ramirez: rmza1__1: What was that?
Ramirez: rmza1_w1: What was that, there?
Ramirez: rmza1h_1: Odd noise, there.
Ramirez: rmza1hw1: What did you say?
Ramirez: rmza1v_1: Hmm.... Would've sworn I saw something.
Ramirez: rmza1vw1: Did you see that there?
Ramirez: rmza2__1: Hey! Show yourself!
Ramirez: rmza2h_1: Look you, stop lurking back there! I won't have any servants lurking.
Ramirez: rmza2v_1: Who's that there? Come out of the shadows, you!
Ramirez: rmza3na1: Aaaah! Look, who-whoever you are, I-I can make it well worth your while to cause no trouble!
Ramirez: rmza3s_1: Aaah! Who are you and how did you get in here?
Ramirez: rmzalma1: You won't look so smug when my guards get here!
Ramirez: rmzbak_1: Should've known. Nothing could get in here.
Ramirez: rmzbod_1: Builder's Gold! An assassin! Guards, guards!
Ramirez: rmzchg_1: So it's you, is it then? I'll finish you myself, you thieving jackal!
Ramirez: rmzhlow1: Uughh, ohhh! Help me, you idiot!
Ramirez: rmzlar_1: Guards, see to this at once: search for an intruder!
Ramirez: rmzlos_1: Damn. Where did he go?
Ramirez: rmzmis_1: Who took this? I'll see him buried alive!
Ramirez: rmzruna1: Guards! Guards! Over here! I want this man dead!
Ramirez: rmzsec_1: Guards, there's an intruder in the house! Look here!
Ramirez: rmzsma_1: Hey.... What's going on here?

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