Thief1: th106100: When partners fight, it's never good.
Thief1: th106102: Those two don't quit squabbling and settle this, Rueben's gonna send out his boys to find out where Donals' safe is, and Donal will be out lookin' for Rueben's key... And you know the knuckle-breakers ain't too picky about whose knuckles they break.
Thief1: th106501: Haah! Catch this, Hammer!
Thief1: th106600: I hear some independent is doing some heavy operating in The City.
Thief1: th106602: Guess we don't have to worry about him anymore, then!
Thief1: th106700: Bafford was furious when he got back from his trip and found out his precious scepter had been swiped!
Thief1: th106702: You taffer! If we pulled a job on one of Ramirez' people, it would be war!
Thief1: th106704: Probably Garrett. He's the only one sly and foolish enough to pull a job like that.
Thief1: th106800: Hey, d'you hear what happened to Gibson?
Thief1: th106802: Got twenty years in Cragscleft! He pulled a freelance job at the Bafford manor.
Thief1: th106804: Not as crazy as what he was after!
Thief1: th106806: His silver scepter!
Thief1: th106808: Yup!
Thief1: th106810: Some Hammerite named Karras offered Bafford something in exchange for him.
Thief1: th106812: Don't know and I don't care. Got nothin' to do with me anyway!
Thief1: th106900: Y'hear about Sutter's job last night?
Thief1: th106902: Huh! Don't he wish! He's up in this Lady's bedroom, all quiet like, when he hears feet outside!
Thief1: th106904: Hmm! Nothin' so tame. He can scarp out the way he came quick enough, but he don't wanna go 'til he's got somethin'.
Thief1: th106905: So he sweeps everything on the dresser--jewelry, candlesticks, whatnot--into his sack, gets halfway down the stairs, when the sack starts leapin' about!
Thief1: th106907: He's got the Lady's cat too! Cat claws a hole in the sack, everything falls out, except the cat! And that's halfway up his arm, with claws every which way!
Thief1: th106909: He had to jump in the river to get the damn thing off! Left a trail of blood and water over half The City just goin' home!
Thief1: th107101: Reeve's balls, Sutter! It's me!
Thief1: th107103: Hand of shadow, foot of air'.... Open the door, okay?
Thief1: th107108: Sutter, I'll put up with your airs a ways, but if you start putting it like I'm that much of a fool, there will be blood! Now open this door!
Thief1: th1a1__1: Huh?
Thief1: th1a1__2: Who's that?
Thief1: th1a1__3: Hmm.... Guess it was nothing.
Thief1: th1a1__4: Hey!
Thief1: th1a1_w1: Was somethin' there?
Thief1: th1a1_w2: What's goin' on?
Thief1: th1a1h_1: What'd I hear?
Thief1: th1a1h_2: Hmm.... That sounded funny.
Thief1: th1a1hw1: Quiet! I hear something.
Thief1: th1a1hw2: Hey, you hear that?
Thief1: th1a1hw3: Shh! There!
Thief1: th1a1hw4: Shh-tch! Listen!
Thief1: th1a1v_1: Hmm. Thought I saw somethin'.
Thief1: th1a1v_2: My eyes must be playing tricks on me.
Thief1: th1a1vw1: Hey, did you see that?
Thief1: th1a1vw2: Look! Over there!
Thief1: th1a1vw3: You see that?
Thief1: th1a1vw4: You saw it too?
Thief1: th1a2__1: Hey.... Who's there?
Thief1: th1a2__2: Somethin's wrong here.
Thief1: th1a2__3: What the hell is goin' on here?
Thief1: th1a2__4: Hmm.... Something's going down.
Thief1: th1a2h_1: You make a lot of noise for a guy that doesn't wanna be seen!
Thief1: th1a2h_2: Hey, I'm not deaf, ya know! Come out!
Thief1: th1a2h_3: I heard that! Stay where you are.
Thief1: th1a2se1: You got any idea what we do to unwelcome guests?
Thief1: th1a2se2: You better hope I find you before the guards do!
Thief1: th1a2se3: Come on out and I promise I'll take care of you quickly!
Thief1: th1a2se4: I know you're out there!
Thief1: th1a2v_1: Yoohoo, I see you!
Thief1: th1a3b_1: Somehow I don't think your friend there has had too much to drink!
Thief1: th1a3na1: Freeze!
Thief1: th1a3na2: Don't you move a muscle!
Thief1: th1a3na3: I've got you covered, taffer!
Thief1: th1a3na4: Sit right there, Garrett!
Thief1: th1a3na5: The boss thought you might try something this stupid!
Thief1: th1a3s_1: Garrett! You're crazy for comin' down here!
Thief1: th1a3s_2: You!
Thief1: th1a3s_3: What the hell are you doin' here?
Thief1: th1a3s_4: Hey!
Thief1: th1a3s_5: I'm gonna sic the dogs on you when I find you!
Thief1: th1a3se2: Come out, come out wherever you are!
Thief1: th1a3se3: Don't start thinking I'm gonna forget about you!
Thief1: th1a3se4: You won't stay hidden for long, taffer!
Thief1: th1alma1: Sound the alarm!
Thief1: th1almw1: Go sound the alarm! I'll hold him off!
Thief1: th1almw2: Dammit, it's Garrett! Sound the alarm!
Thief1: th1amb_1: Uugh! Try stabbing me in the back, will you?
Thief1: th1amb_2: Uugh! You missed your chance to take me you'll have to deal with me!
Thief1: th1ambw1: There's a sniper somewhere!
Thief1: th1ambw2: Help! I've been shot!
Thief1: th1aotk1: [Oh god, I'm loose, like a...] I don't like...[What the heck?] Was that a rat over there?
Thief1: th1aotk2: [Oh my god....] What the hell['s that] smell down here? Who puts a [stinkin'] hideout in the sewers?
Thief1: th1aotk3: [I'm not] playing dice with him again! [Un]less he comes up with money, anyway....
Thief1: th1atb_1: Dodge this!
Thief1: th1atb_2: Choke on it!
Thief1: th1atb_3: Catch!
Thief1: th1atn_1: I'm gonna make you bleed!
Thief1: th1atn_2: Take...this!
Thief1: th1atw_1: Die!
Thief1: th1atww1: You're goin' down!
Thief1: th1bak_1: Hmm. You'd think I'd be used to rat noises by now.
Thief1: th1bak_2: Aah, was just nothin'.
Thief1: th1bak_3: All's quiet now.
Thief1: th1bak_4: Hmmph. I'm gettin' too jumpy.
Thief1: th1bkd_1: Uuugh! You're quick, I'll give you that!
Thief1: th1bkd_2: How long do you think you could keep this up?
Thief1: th1bkdw1: He's good!
Thief1: th1blk_1: You're awfully slow!
Thief1: th1blk_2: Looks like you need some practice, Garrett!
Thief1: th1blk_3: Doesn't live up to his rep, does he?
Thief1: th1bod_1: This guy's dead!
Thief1: th1bod_2: Hey, he's been killed!
Thief1: th1bod_3: We've got problems!
Thief1: th1chga1: I'm gonna rob you of your organs, taffer boy!
Thief1: th1chga2: You're goin' down!
Thief1: th1chgw1: We're gonna teach you a lesson, Garrett!
Thief1: th1chgw2: After 'im!
Thief1: th1chgw3: Get 'im!
Thief1: th1det_1: Where do you think you're going?
Thief1: th1det_2: Scared, huh?
Thief1: th1detw1: We have him now!
Thief1: th1hit_1: Your days are over, Garrett!
Thief1: th1hit_2: I'll remember to rob your grave, fool!
Thief1: th1hit_3: You're not so tough now, Garrett!
Thief1: th1hitw1: We've got you now!
Thief1: th1hitw2: You're outnumbered, Garrett!
Thief1: th1hlow1: Uuuugh! Help me!
Thief1: th1hnd_1: Huh! Oh, please!
Thief1: th1hnd_2: You'll have to do better than that!
Thief1: th1hnd_3: Huh! Can't you hit any harder?
Thief1: th1lar_1: Something is definitely going down!
Thief1: th1lar_2: Uh oh, we've got problems!
Thief1: th1los_1: Damn! Where did he go?
Thief1: th1los_2: Lost 'im!
Thief1: th1los_3: He's vanished!
Thief1: th1mis_1: Someone's messin' with my money!
Thief1: th1mis_2: Hey, where the hell did this go?
Thief1: th1rbod1: Somebody already got to Trog! Let's not be next.
Thief1: th1rbod2: There's a killer about! Don't let your guard down!
Thief1: th1rbod3: Bodies are starting to pile up.
Thief1: th1rint1: Keep your eyes open! Something's going on!
Thief1: th1rint2: The situation is tense! Stay alert.
Thief1: th1rint3: Stay alert! Someone's up to somethin'.
Thief1: th1rmis1: Somebody's getting greedy. Keep an eye out!
Thief1: th1rmis2: They've got our stuff!
Thief1: th1rmis3: The vase is gone! Things are gonna get ugly!
Thief1: th1roth1: Stay alert! Something's going on!
Thief1: th1roth2: We've got an intruder! I'm sure of it.
Thief1: th1runa1: Guards, over here!
Thief1: th1runa2: Guards! It's Garrett! Get him!
Thief1: th1runa3: We gave an intruder!
Thief1: th1sec_1: Someone is pokin' around here who shouldn't be!
Thief1: th1sec_2: We've definitely got an intruder around here!
Thief1: th1sma_2: Hey, what's this?
Thief1: th1sma_3: This ain't right.
Thief1: th1sma_4: Uh oh...I smell trouble!
Thief1: th1telc1: I've found him!
Thief1: th1telc2: Hey, there he is!
Thief1: th1telc3: Quick, he's gettin' away!
Thief1: th1telr1: Hey, I got an intruder here!
Thief1: th1telr2: Get over here! It's Garrett!
Thief1: th1telr3: I've spotted him!
Thief1: th1telr4: Hey, he's over here!
Thief1: th1telr5: Garrett is inside the compound!

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