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TG_ape2 Edit

ape2: ab2a0mu3: I want away...!
ape2: ab2a1__1: Eeeh! What's that?
ape2: ab2a1__2: Eeeh?
ape2: ab2a1__3: Who's in there?
ape2: ab2a1__6: What'sie there?
ape2: ab2a1_w1: Something theres, you think?
ape2: ab2a1h_1: Who's the noisy one?
ape2: ab2a1h_2: Twip, twap! [tip tap]
ape2: ab2a1h_3: Who said that?
ape2: ab2a1hw1: Something...noises about!
ape2: ab2a1hw2: Listen, brother-kin! Listen!
ape2: ab2a1hw3: Hears that?
ape2: ab2a1hw4: Hears you a noise?
ape2: ab2a1v_1: Sees that, me?
ape2: ab2a1vw1: What'sie that? You see it?
ape2: ab2a1vw2: Seesie you that?
ape2: ab2a1vw3: Hey, looksie there! Something?
ape2: ab2a1vw4: Sees that, my brother-kin?
ape2: ab2a1vw5: Are you see something too?
ape2: ab2a2__1: Who's there? Comesie out.
ape2: ab2a2__2: Show yourself, taffer!
ape2: ab2a2__3: Come out, come out, thiefsie mouse!
ape2: ab2a2__4: That's it! Come out, now!
ape2: ab2a2__5: I know you're there now!
ape2: ab2a2__6: Finders, keepers... Finding you next!
ape2: ab2a2h_1: Shows yourself now, shows your blood later! All the same to me!
ape2: ab2a2h_2: Hurts you this time, I did!
ape2: ab2a2h_3: Heard that. Heard you!
ape2: ab2a2v_1: I saw that!
ape2: ab2a3b_1: I sees what you done!
ape2: ab2a3na1: Intruder be heres!
ape2: ab2a3na2: Not a move, you!
ape2: ab2a3na3: Haah, gots you!
ape2: ab2a3na4: Hitsies you...aaaahuh!
ape2: ab2a3na5: Findsie you, now.
ape2: ab2a3na6: Here little mouse: fear the cat!
ape2: ab2a3na7: Not so tricksie now!
ape2: ab2a3s_1: Aah! Stop!
ape2: ab2a3s_3: Gah! Whatsie you here?
ape2: ab2a3s_4: Hey! Manflesh here!
ape2: ab2alma1: To the alarm!
ape2: ab2alma2: Speedsie, to the alarm!
ape2: ab2alma3: Calls the rest, I will!
ape2: ab2almw1: Hurry...sound the alarm!
ape2: ab2almw2: To the alarms! Hide a sneaksie one!
ape2: ab2amb_1: Here, come out and tries that again!
ape2: ab2amb_2: Here, where are you lurksie sniper!
ape2: ab2amb_3: Nyuuugh! Come fights me, coward!
ape2: ab2amb_4: My bloods calls you traitor!
ape2: ab2ambw1: Uuggh.... Ambush!
ape2: ab2ambw2: Aaagh! A sniper bloods me!
ape2: ab2ambw3: Aaagh! I'm hit, brother-kin!
ape2: ab2atw_1: Now you die!
ape2: ab2atw_2: He he hehehehehe!
ape2: ab2atww1: We drink his blood, does we?
ape2: ab2atww2: We gives his bones to the night!
ape2: ab2bak_1: Shifty shadows all empty.
ape2: ab2bak_2: Guessie all nothing.
ape2: ab2bak_3: Stop jumping. Nothing there.
ape2: ab2bak_4: Nobody, nothing.
ape2: ab2bak_5: Not this time. Sneaksie next time.
ape2: ab2bak_6: All quiets.
ape2: ab2bak_7: Oh well, nobody homes.
ape2: ab2bkd_1: A dodgy manflesh!
ape2: ab2bkd_2: Eeeeh! Dodged again, sneaksie!
ape2: ab2bkdw1: The manflesh thinks he can block forever!
ape2: ab2blk_1: Hide again, manflesh?
ape2: ab2blk_2: Missed!
ape2: ab2blk_3: You weak!
ape2: ab2blkw1: The sneaksie is slow!
ape2: ab2bod_1: Returns to the earth, you do!
ape2: ab2bod_2: You die too, manflesh!
ape2: ab2chga3: You die now!
ape2: ab2chgw1: Helps me get him!
ape2: ab2chgw2: Aaah, stay him!
ape2: ab2chgw3: Charges the human!
ape2: ab2chgw4: Get him!
ape2: ab2det_1: Does it wants to hides?
ape2: ab2det_2: Cower, manflesh!
ape2: ab2det_3: Gaack! Little soft belly!
ape2: ab2det_4: I scares you, does I?
ape2: ab2detw1: He's scaredsie of us?
ape2: ab2detw2: The manflesh cowers!
ape2: ab2hhi_3: Eech! Damn your eye!
ape2: ab2hit_1: I smells your blood-flesh!
ape2: ab2hit_2: Manflesh blood is sweet!
ape2: ab2hit_3: The green wheat-sheaves bring on mice!
ape2: ab2hit_4: You feeds the leafies!
ape2: ab2hit_5: Your hot blood rains for us!
ape2: ab2hit_6: Die manflesh!
ape2: ab2hitw1: He falls! He falls!
ape2: ab2hitw2: Cut him! Cut him, brother-kin!
ape2: ab2hitw3: Watch him falls!
ape2: ab2hlow1: The manflesh slays me!
ape2: ab2hlow2: Let him not slay me!
ape2: ab2hnd_1: Try again weaksie fool!
ape2: ab2hnd_2: Heh heh heh heh! My blood is for the Lord, not you!
ape2: ab2hnd_3: Hurts me not!
ape2: ab2lar_1: Eee, fix you does this?
ape2: ab2lar_2: Who've been does this? Over here!
ape2: ab2los_1: Shadow-sneaker! On your trail!
ape2: ab2los_2: Hey! Come back!
ape2: ab2los_3: Come back, you!
ape2: ab2los_4: Not lost me yet!
ape2: ab2los_5: Run, mousie! I still catches you!
ape2: ab2mis_1: Eeeeh.... Thief!
ape2: ab2mis_2: Where's that be? Thief! Thief!
ape2: ab2mis_3: Eeeh, should be here?
ape2: ab2rbod1: Watches for murdering manfleshes!
ape2: ab2rbod2: A slayer walks with us!
ape2: ab2rbod3: The human takes our lives!
ape2: ab2rint1: Watches out! Human sneaksie around here!
ape2: ab2rint2: Sees me a manflesh. Watch you too.
ape2: ab2rint3: Keeps you awake, brother-kin. A manflesh creeps by!
ape2: ab2rmis1: Finds a robber at us!
ape2: ab2rmis2: Watches for those who carries our treasures!
ape2: ab2rmis3: Tell the brother-kin: Watch for a thief!
ape2: ab2roth1: Stays you awake! Something be up.
ape2: ab2roth2: Watches you how the manflesh intrudes.
ape2: ab2roth3: Watches for strangenesses.
ape2: ab2roth4: Something's go on! Intruder's sneak about!
ape2: ab2runa1: Comes here! Helps me!
ape2: ab2runa2: Manflesh threatens!
ape2: ab2runa3: Here, brother-kin! Here!
ape2: ab2runa4: Helps me! Here!
ape2: ab2sec_1: Stranger in with us!
ape2: ab2sec_2: Tricksie-sneaker through here!
ape2: ab2sec_3: Hey, watchsie for creepers!
ape2: ab2sec_4: Tell and warn of this.
ape2: ab2sec_5: Got in here, did you?
ape2: ab2sma_1: Who's going on here?
ape2: ab2sma_2: This not right!
ape2: ab2sma_3: Wanders into places not should be!
ape2: ab2telc1: There'sie him! There!
ape2: ab2telc2: Cuts the manflesh, right here!
ape2: ab2telc3: Findsie him!
ape2: ab2telc4: This way! Stops the human!
ape2: ab2telc5: There-sie him! Catch him!
ape2: ab2telc6: Seen the human again!
ape2: ab2telr1: Hey, sneaksie man, here!
ape2: ab2telr2: Find us a creeper, there.
ape2: ab2telr3: A manflesh tries to sneak by, but I catches!
ape2: ab2telr4: Got an intruder!

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