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mage1: mg110400: It's true he has returned. We must be ready. Rough waters lie ahead.
mage1: mg110402: Try as we might, to retrieve the Talismans, the Prophecy is an ocean returning to shore. Little we can do to prevent it; only prepare for its arrival.
mage1: mg110404: It's the way of things. Civilizations will burn into the earth, so that it may give life to the next.
mage1: mg110406: Soon, young apprentice, you shall grasp the truth of it.
mage1: mg110600: Librarian, hold! I'm glad our paths have crossed this day.
mage1: mg110602: Those of the Inner Circle have charged me with a minor mission: find out your progress in the library.
mage1: mg110604: Breath enough for a score of mages, as you surely know, but they are consumed of late with other matters.
mage1: mg110606: I am impressed! You have done all this today?
mage1: mg1a0ch1: Wind blows; fire burns. Water flows; earth shakes.
mage1: mg1a0ch2: I shall walk the path 'til my return to the Eternal Fire.
mage1: mg1a0ch3: I shall build shelters from the Winds, feel the countless Waters, see the vast Earth, and burn in Eternal Fires.
mage1: mg1a1__1: All is not still.
mage1: mg1a1__2: There is a disturbance.
mage1: mg1a1__3: A mystery presents itself.
mage1: mg1a1_w1: There, my friend! A disturbance.
mage1: mg1a1h_1: The air...speaks to me.
mage1: mg1a1h_2: Hmm. A noise.
mage1: mg1a1hw1: Do you hear that?
mage1: mg1a1hw2: Mysterious sounds.
mage1: mg1a1v_1: Is this a vision?
mage1: mg1a1vw1: Does the light reveal something to us?
mage1: mg1a1vw2: Is it over there?
mage1: mg1a2__1: There is a false presence here.
mage1: mg1a2__2: What trouble is this?
mage1: mg1a2__3: The shadows hold a threat.
mage1: mg1a2h_1: The air warns of an intruder.
mage1: mg1a2h_2: You betray yourself! Come out at once!
mage1: mg1a2se1: To hide in the shadows is to reveal your fear, intruder.
mage1: mg1a2se2: You cannot hide from the inevitable.
mage1: mg1a2v_1: I have seen you! Do not try to escape.
mage1: mg1a3b_1: The blood of my brother stains your hands. Now your blood will stain mine!
mage1: mg1a3na1: Do not take up arms against me, I warn you!
mage1: mg1a3na2: Be still.
mage1: mg1a3na3: To attack will gain you nothing, man!
mage1: mg1a3na4: It would be wise to surrender.
mage1: mg1a3s_1: Do not flee!
mage1: mg1a3s_2: Do not try to escape!
mage1: mg1a3s_3: You do not belong here!
mage1: mg1a3se1: Escape while you can! We wish to be left alone.
mage1: mg1a3se2: The darkness will not protect you for long.
mage1: mg1a3se3: You cannot run from your fate!
mage1: mg1alma1: This alarm is your death knell!
mage1: mg1almw1: Alert the others, fellow mage!
mage1: mg1amb_1: Uuaah! I feel a sting from the darkness!
mage1: mg1amb_2: Do not think you are safe from our wrath!
mage1: mg1ambw1: Uugh! My lifes' water spills from me.
mage1: mg1atb_1: Your corpse shall feed the earth!
mage1: mg1atb_2: Return to the Eternal Fire, invader!
mage1: mg1atb_3: Let the darkness take you!
mage1: mg1bak_1: The wind plays tricks with my senses.
mage1: mg1bak_2: All is still.
mage1: mg1bak_3: Sweet silence returns.
mage1: mg1bak_4: Twas a false vision.
mage1: mg1bak_5: Hmm. Nothing.
mage1: mg1bak_6: There is no spoon.
mage1: mg1bod_1: May wisdom guide you on your journey, fallen one.
mage1: mg1chga1: I shall return you to ashes, rogue!
mage1: mg1chga2: I will see you bleed, thief!
mage1: mg1chgw1: We must subdue this intruder!
mage1: mg1chgw2: We will send you to the next path, false one!
mage1: mg1diec2: Nooo!
mage1: mg1hit_1: Your suffering shall end shortly.
mage1: mg1hit_2: Ha ha-ha! Do not fear your death!
mage1: mg1hitw1: Strike the foe together!
mage1: mg1hlow1: Aaaagh! I fade!
mage1: mg1hnd_1: You cannot change my destiny, thief!
mage1: mg1lar_1: A great sign of conflict.
mage1: mg1lar_2: This is not the work of mages!
mage1: mg1los_1: He has returned to the shadows.
mage1: mg1los_2: I failed to find the intruder.
mage1: mg1m1601: Resistance is futile.
mage1: mg1m1602: You cannot escape the inevitable!
mage1: mg1m1606: His winds blow quickly.
mage1: mg1mis_1: He has taken our possessions and our peace of mind.
mage1: mg1mis_2: Something is missing.
mage1: mg1rbod1: Another has returned to the Eternal Fire.
mage1: mg1rbod2: We have lost a brother!
mage1: mg1rint1: I saw the intruder.
mage1: mg1rint2: The thief lurks in the darkness. I have seen him.
mage1: mg1rmis1: Where has it gone?
mage1: mg1rmis2: We have been robbed!
mage1: mg1rmis3: Someone has taken our possessions!
mage1: mg1roth1: One walks among us that does not belong.
mage1: mg1roth2: The towers contain an intruder!
mage1: mg1runa1: I shall return in larger numbers, intruder!
mage1: mg1runa2: Mages: unite against this threat!
mage1: mg1sec_1: Our sanctum is invaded!
mage1: mg1sec_2: The walls have been breached!
mage1: mg1sma_1: The balance is uneven here.
mage1: mg1sma_2: I see disharmony.
mage1: mg1telc1: The intruder is revealed!
mage1: mg1telc2: My search is ended! I have seen the intruder.
mage1: mg1telc3: The thief has come into the light.
mage1: mg1telr1: I have found an intruder among us.
mage1: mg1telr2: Gather round, Mages, to end this threat!
mage1: mg1telr3: A visitor threatens our peace!

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