TG_mage2 Edit

mage2: mg210401: Many will not survive. We must try to redirect the current.
mage2: mg210403: Dry and dead is much of The City. The Sun will oppose and the conflict will end in flames.
mage2: mg210405: Winds of progress always head towards the grave.
mage2: mg210601: Oh! Why is that, Aroun?
mage2: mg210603: Have they no breath in their lungs to ask me themselves?
mage2: mg210605: Then report that Verlin the Librarian has progressed excellently with the project in the secret study. Tell them also that Verlin has most-skillfully filed the Ritual of Opening in its proper location. Tell them that Verlin did masterfully tidy away many many books, and that they need think of it no more.
mage2: mg210607: Well, today or tomorrow.
mage2: mg2a0ch1: Wind blows; Fire burns. Earth shake; Water flows.
mage2: mg2a0ch2: I shall walk the path until my return to the Eternal Fire.
mage2: mg2a0ch3: I shall build shelters from the Winds, feel the countless Waters, see the vast Earth, and burn in Eternal Fires.
mage2: mg2a1__1: Who troubles this place?
mage2: mg2a1__2: Something is amiss.
mage2: mg2a1__3: The winds are not at peace.
mage2: mg2a1_w1: My friend, there is a disturbance.
mage2: mg2a1h_1: A sound ripples through the air.
mage2: mg2a1h_2: Did I hear a noise?
mage2: mg2a1hw1: Did you hear that?
mage2: mg2a1hw2: Mysterious sounds.
mage2: mg2a1hw3: Did you hear something as well?
mage2: mg2a1v_1: What vision disturbs me?
mage2: mg2a1vw1: The light reveals a shadow to us.
mage2: mg2a1vw2: Look. Over there!
mage2: mg2a2__1: There is a strange presence here!
mage2: mg2a2__2: All is not as it should be.
mage2: mg2a2__3: A danger in the shadows.
mage2: mg2a2h_1: The sound of an intruder disturbs the air!
mage2: mg2a2h_2: Come out at once, for I hear your presence.
mage2: mg2a2se1: The shadows reveal your cowardice, intruder!
mage2: mg2a2se2: The Eternal Fire will reclaim you!
mage2: mg2a2se3: I have eternity to seek you out!
mage2: mg2a2se4: Leave us, while you can.
mage2: mg2a2v_1: I see you. Do not try to escape.
mage2: mg2a3b_1: You have returned my brother to the Eternal Fire. I shall do the same to you!
mage2: mg2a3na1: I warn you: do not take up arms against me!
mage2: mg2a3na2: Be still.
mage2: mg2a3na3: Stand as still as a pond in the winter.
mage2: mg2a3na4: To stir will only bring death!
mage2: mg2a3s_1: Do not flee!
mage2: mg2a3s_2: Do not try to escape!
mage2: mg2a3s_3: You do not belong here!
mage2: mg2a3se1: Do you see death in the darkness?
mage2: mg2a3se2: The shadows will not shelter you forever.
mage2: mg2a3se3: Your fate is a hurricane that cannot be outrun.
mage2: mg2alma1: Your heart will quicken with every pulse of the alarm!
mage2: mg2alma2: You will hear the sound of your undoing!
mage2: mg2almw1: Sound the alarm!
mage2: mg2amb_1: Who attacks me?
mage2: mg2amb_2: Aaagh! An unseen foe strikes at me!
mage2: mg2amb_3: Uuuhuh! A dishonorable attack from behind!
mage2: mg2ambw1: Who attacks?
mage2: mg2atb_1: Darkness shall overtake you.
mage2: mg2atb_2: Feel the sting of my anger.
mage2: mg2atb_3: I call upon the Elements to smite you!
mage2: mg2bak_1: The Wind has deceived me.
mage2: mg2bak_2: All is still.
mage2: mg2bak_3: Sweet silence returns.
mage2: mg2bak_4: Twas a false vision.
mage2: mg2bak_5: It was nothing.
mage2: mg2bod_1: You have been wronged, but the Eternal Fire will purge all evil!
mage2: mg2bod_2: May your next path be more joyful than this one.
mage2: mg2chga1: The force of the Elements will fall upon you!
mage2: mg2chga2: I shall steal your breath away, thief!
mage2: mg2chgw1: This intruder will not stop us!
mage2: mg2chgw2: The false one must not learn our ways.
mage2: mg2det_1: You cannot escape the inevitable.
mage2: mg2hit_1: Your end approaches!
mage2: mg2hit_2: Prepare yourself for death, intruder!
mage2: mg2hitw1: Soon he will cross our paths no more!
mage2: mg2hlow1: Uuugh! I am falling!
mage2: mg2hnd_1: I am unharmed, foolish one!
mage2: mg2hnd_2: I stand unscathed.
mage2: mg2lar_1: The hands of a stranger are at work here.
mage2: mg2lar_2: An intruder has brought chaos to our Order.
mage2: mg2los_1: He may have returned to darkness, but time is on my side.
mage2: mg2los_2: The intruder eludes me, for now.
mage2: mg2m1603: The seasons move faster, invader!
mage2: mg2m1604: He strikes as a dying wind!
mage2: mg2m1609: Uaaah! The Earth will protect me!
mage2: mg2mis_1: This is not where it should be.
mage2: mg2mis_2: Thievery!
mage2: mg2rbod1: Our brother has returned to the Eternal Fire.
mage2: mg2rbod2: He walks the Final Path.
mage2: mg2rint1: I spied the invader.
mage2: mg2rint2: Our unwelcome guest revealed himself to me.
mage2: mg2rmis1: A thief is in our home.
mage2: mg2rmis2: Someone has stolen this!
mage2: mg2rmis3: This is missing.
mage2: mg2roth1: One walks among us who does not belong.
mage2: mg2roth2: An intruder stalks our towers!
mage2: mg2runa1: I shall return with others, rogue!
mage2: mg2runa2: To me! An intruder has come!
mage2: mg2sec_1: Our sanctum is invaded!
mage2: mg2sec_2: An outsider is here!
mage2: mg2sma_1: The balance has been disturbed.
mage2: mg2sma_2: There is disharmony here.
mage2: mg2telc1: Here he is.... The intruder is revealed.
mage2: mg2telc2: The false one! He is here!
mage2: mg2telc3: I have found him!
mage2: mg2telc4: Make haste, fellow mages! The thief is here!
mage2: mg2telr1: An intruder has come into the light.
mage2: mg2telr2: Join me against this outsider!
mage2: mg2telr3: I see the source of the disharmony!

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