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TG_sv1 Edit

sv1: sv106300: Hit me.
sv1: sv106302: Yeah yeah, taffer, just deal me another hand.
sv1: sv106304: May the Trickster find you in the dark....
sv1: sv106306: I said 'Hit me'!
sv1: sv1a0mu1: Another night.... Another long, lonely night.... Wandering around....
sv1: sv1a0mu2: Not work I mind so much, it's the loneliness, I...I wish I had someone to talk to sometimes, that's all I [want]....
sv1: sv1a0mu3: Another night.... A long, lonely night.... Wandering around.... Ooo, the cold....
sv1: sv1a1__1: Is someone there?
sv1: sv1a1__2: Who's that?
sv1: sv1a1__3: Who's there? Hello?
sv1: sv1a1__4: Huh?
sv1: sv1a1h_1: What was that noise?
sv1: sv1a1h_2: Aaah! Who made that noise?
sv1: sv1a1h_3: Someone there?
sv1: sv1a1v_1: Hmm.... Thought I saw something.
sv1: sv1a1v_2: What's that in the shadow there?
sv1: sv1a1v_3: What's that?
sv1: sv1a2__1: Oh, what was that?
sv1: sv1a2__2: Who's there? What was that?
sv1: sv1a2__3: Hey, who was that?
sv1: sv1a2__4: Is someone there? Hey!
sv1: sv1a3__1: Uhh! Wh-what was that?
sv1: sv1a3b_1: Hey! What's going on?
sv1: sv1a3s_1: Ah! Wh-who are you?
sv1: sv1a3s_2: Don't hurt me!
sv1: sv1a3s_3: I-I'm harmless! Leave me alone!
sv1: sv1a3s_4: Help! Help!
sv1: sv1almw1: Go, sound the alarm! Hurry!
sv1: sv1bak_1: Hmm. Oh well.
sv1: sv1bak_2: Uh. I hate rats.
sv1: sv1bak_3: Hmm. Guess it was nothing.
sv1: sv1bak_4: Hello? Hello? Nothing there now.
sv1: sv1bak_5: Oops. I guess it was nothing.
sv1: sv1bak_6: Nevermind. There's no one here.
sv1: sv1bak_7: Sorry I made a fuss.
sv1: sv1bod_1: Ahh! A body! Help! Help!
sv1: sv1bod_2: Oh no! Help! Help!
sv1: sv1bod_3: Help! Murder! Over here!
sv1: sv1bod_4: Assassin! Murder! There's a body over here!
sv1: sv1c0101: Peaceful, isn't it?
sv1: sv1c0103: Where is he, then? I haven't seen him tonight.
sv1: sv1c0202: Drought twelve years back, that was almost bad as this.
sv1: sv1c0204: Hmmm! Wouldn't New Market love that.
sv1: sv1c0301: You'd never believe what happened today. I was buying greens and the de Perrin housekeeper just pushed by me and told the shopkeep to give her the last of the cress.
sv1: sv1c0303: That's what I thought too! Just because you work for the nobles, you don't have cause to be putting on airs.
sv1: sv1c0402: Sir's an idiot! It's not like we'll get more until the shortages are over.
sv1: sv1c0501: I don't think the garden mint is going to make it. Even the shade doesn't help.
sv1: sv1c0503: I know. I just keep hoping the drought will end soon. The well's run so far down.
sv1: sv1c0602: Yeah. I'm still saying it.
sv1: sv1c0604: And what do you know about the Baron's romances anyway?
sv1: sv1c0606: Oh! Like Felicia knows if the Baron's serious.
sv1: sv1c0701: Coming from market this morning, it was awful.
sv1: sv1c0703: There was this big mob of Hammers, circled round some guy like wolves.
sv1: sv1c0705: No, I ran! I don't want them turning eyes on me. They took forever to circle round.
sv1: sv1c0802: What's wrong?
sv1: sv1c0804: It's hard, I know.
sv1: sv1c0901: Do you ever feel like there's someone...watching you?
sv1: sv1c0903: Well, that too, but I mean more like spirits, or someone hiding...following you.
sv1: sv1c1002: The closed areas? Not a chance! I hear the dead walk there.
sv1: sv1c1004: What I heard, there's a different moon. One that takes all the light.
sv1: sv1c1006: Not me neither.
sv1: sv1c1101: Everything okay?
sv1: sv1c1201: How's your day?
sv1: sv1c1301: Seen Cook around?
sv1: sv1c1401: You still up?
sv1: sv1c1502: Should be done soon.
sv1: sv1c1602: Aah. Stew pots, that's my worst job!
sv1: sv1c1702: See if he pays you more then.
sv1: sv1c1802: No, not mine.
sv1: sv1c1901: What happened to young Brennan? I saw the wagon carrying him away, howling like to curl your hair.
sv1: sv1c1903: You couldn't lure me down there for any price.
sv1: sv1hlow1: Aaaah! Help me!
sv1: sv1lar_1: What's all this? This is no good.... Help!
sv1: sv1lar_2: Hey! Help! Look here!
sv1: sv1m0201: Damn thing went out. Guess it's cold gruel for breakfast then.
sv1: sv1m0501: Go get a job with Ramirez', she says. 'He's rich and powerful', she says. Last time I listen to a woman!
sv1: sv1m0503: Odd.... Where'd he go?
sv1: sv1mis_1: Hey.... Where has that--?
sv1: sv1mis_2: Oh no! We're in such taff!
sv1: sv1mis_3: The scepter's gone! Oh no!
sv1: sv1rbod1: There's a murderer in the building.
sv1: sv1rint1: Hey, th-there's a guy with a bow wandering around.
sv1: sv1rint2: There's an intruder in the building! Protect me!
sv1: sv1rint3: Help! I saw someone just a minute back!
sv1: sv1rmis1: There's stuff been stolen.
sv1: sv1rmis2: Oh, the scepter is missing! The Sir is going to kill us!
sv1: sv1roth1: I'm worried. I think there was something a while back.
sv1: sv1roth2: I think there's something weird going on.
sv1: sv1run_1: Help! Save me! There's someone here!
sv1: sv1run_2: There's a guy over here! Help me!
sv1: sv1run_3: Help, help! Don't let him get me!
sv1: sv1run_4: Help, help!
sv1: sv1run_5: Look there! He's got a bow!
sv1: sv1run_6: Hurry! Over here! Save me!
sv1: sv1sec_1: Ugh...ahh! There's been an intruder!
sv1: sv1sec_2: Help! Burglars!
sv1: sv1sma_1: This isn't right.
sv1: sv1sma_2: Oh.... We'll be in taff if this isn't cleaned up.
sv1: sv1telc1: Help! Help! Don't let him get me!
sv1: sv1telc2: Someone get him!

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