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TG_sv2 Edit

sv2: sv206301: Oh how silly of me, of course you want to hit on twenty! Twenty-eight? Aww, you lose. Boy, what are the odds of that happening?
sv2: sv206303: Of course. At this rate I'll win all your tips for the night!
sv2: sv206305: Hmm? Didn't quite catch that.
sv2: sv2a1__1: Huh?
sv2: sv2a1__2: Someone there?
sv2: sv2a1__3: Is that you, Kevel?
sv2: sv2a1__4: What's that?
sv2: sv2a1h_1: Eee! What's that sound?
sv2: sv2a1h_2: Who's there? Did you say something?
sv2: sv2a1v_1: Who was that there? I saw something.
sv2: sv2a1v_2: Aaah! Who-- Is-is someone over there?
sv2: sv2a2__1: I don't like this.
sv2: sv2a2__2: Stop taffing with me.
sv2: sv2a2__3: What's that? Hey, is someone in here?
sv2: sv2a2__4: Who's there?
sv2: sv2a3b_1: Uugh! killed him!
sv2: sv2a3s_1: Please, don't hurt me!
sv2: sv2a3s_2: I surrender!
sv2: sv2a3s_3: I-I don't have any money!
sv2: sv2a3s_4: Help, help! There's someone in here!
sv2: sv2almw1: Oh, ring the alarm! Get help!
sv2: sv2bak_1: Oh well.... Too many imaginings.
sv2: sv2bak_2: I don't know what that was.
sv2: sv2bak_3: Who knows what it was.
sv2: sv2bak_4: Glad it was nothing.
sv2: sv2bak_5: Oh well.... Sorry...guess it was nothing.
sv2: sv2bak_6: Don't know what it was.... It's gone now.
sv2: sv2bak_7: Sorry...nothing here now.
sv2: sv2bod_1: Uuh! All that blood! Uh!
sv2: sv2bod_2: Murderers! Help, over here!
sv2: sv2bod_3: Over here! Help! He's...he's killed someone!
sv2: sv2bod_4: Aah! There's a dead guy over here...look!
sv2: sv2c0102: Enjoy it while it lasts, friend. 'His Fatness' will be back soon to make our lives miserable again.
sv2: sv2c0104: Down in the cellar again, counting his loot. I hope he stays there all night.
sv2: sv2c0201: I swear I've never seen the river this low.
sv2: sv2c0203: You can nearly walk across up at Shalebridge.
sv2: sv2c0302: The nerve!
sv2: sv2c0304: Just so!
sv2: sv2c0401: Cook says the Sir's been yelling at him over the dinners not being posh enough.
sv2: sv2c0403: Exactly! The Sir just thinks everything should be back like it was in the fat years, and won't hear of anything else.
sv2: sv2c0502: Well better pull it out soon, then. The Sir won't like lots of brown plants hanging about.
sv2: sv2c0504: It can't last forever. And if it does, the Sir will move to Cyric and be done with it.
sv2: sv2c0601: Remember back when you were saying the Baron would never marry?
sv2: sv2c0603: This Felicia, he's serious about.
sv2: sv2c0605: My sister! She works for a lady who does Felicia's dresses.
sv2: sv2c0702: I saw you got back late.
sv2: sv2c0704: So you stayed and watched?
sv2: sv2c0801: Uugh...
sv2: sv2c0803: Oh I'm...I'm just worried my Jobi's never coming back. He's off fighting Blackbrook. I thought It'd be good for him, teach him discipline, but now....
sv2: sv2c0805: Bein' a mother, worst thing in the world, I tell you. Best you can hope for is to die before your babes.
sv2: sv2c0902: The Sir, you mean?
sv2: sv2c0904: I think it's just the house. All the shadows, they get to you.
sv2: sv2c1001: You ever go down by know...the Barricades?
sv2: sv2c1003: I heard the buildings were evil spirit stone. They gobbled up who lived there!
sv2: sv2c1005: Won't catch me down that way.
sv2: sv2c1102: Sure, for now.
sv2: sv2c1202: Can't complain.
sv2: sv2c1302: Not for a while tonight.
sv2: sv2c1402: Yep, lots still to do.
sv2: sv2c1501: Long night?
sv2: sv2c1601: I am so tired of muddy boots.
sv2: sv2c1701: You hear? The Sir said I do good work!
sv2: sv2c1801: You lose a button? I've found one in the hall.
sv2: sv2c1902: One of the bosses beasties caught him in the cellar, tore off his arm! He's lucky to be alive!
sv2: sv2hlow1: Uuugh! Please, no! Help!
sv2: sv2lar_1: Aah! Look at this! Help!
sv2: sv2lar_2: Oh no, who's done this? Help! Help!
sv2: sv2m0201: Cold again. I hate cold breakfast.
sv2: sv2m0501: More wine', he says. 'More wine'. I've had about enough of him and his wine.
sv2: sv2m0502: Just sits down there and counts his money, he does. Wish he'd give me some.... The fat, sweaty, tight-wad!
sv2: sv2m0503: He should be here. That's strange.
sv2: sv2mis_1: Hey! Help, thief!
sv2: sv2mis_2: Where is it?
sv2: sv2mis_3: Where'd the scepter go?
sv2: sv2rbod1: D-did you see the body?
sv2: sv2rint1: I just saw the intruder! He's around here somewhere!
sv2: sv2rint2: There's someone creeping about. I'm scared.
sv2: sv2rmis1: There's a thief around. All sorts of stuff is missing!
sv2: sv2rmis2: Somebody took the scepter!
sv2: sv2roth1: Someone's searching for something, and we'll get the taff for it!
sv2: sv2roth2: A whole room's been trashed! Have you seen someone?
sv2: sv2run_1: Help! Thief! Thief!
sv2: sv2run_2: He's right here! Help!
sv2: sv2run_3: I see him! Help! Over here!
sv2: sv2run_4: Over here! He has a sword!
sv2: sv2run_5: Someone, get him!
sv2: sv2run_6: Help, help! There's someone in here!
sv2: sv2sec_1: Anyone...anyone! There's a prowler through here!
sv2: sv2sec_2: Help! Here--an intruder was here!
sv2: sv2sma_1: Hey, what's been going on here?
sv2: sv2sma_2: What happened here?
sv2: sv2telc1: He's right here! Help!
sv2: sv2telc2: Over here! He has a sword!
sv2: sv2telc3: I see him! Help, over here!

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