TG_thief2 Edit

thief2: th206101: I heard that. We got Donal on the south side and Rueben on the north, if something goes down, we'll be caught in the middle of it.
thief2: th206103: Uugh. I should never have gone Union.
thief2: th206601: Yeah. Name's Garrett. Ramirez tried recruiting him a while back, but Garrett turned him down. I heard Ramirez sent some cleaners to take care of the mess.
thief2: th206701: We didn't pull that job, did we?
thief2: th206703: Well, who then?
thief2: th206801: Nah, what happened?
thief2: th206803: That's crazy!
thief2: th206805: Okay, what was it?
thief2: th206807: Haha haha! You mean to tell me this taffer went through all the trouble breaking into Lord Baffords' manor, only in order to steal a scepter that had already been stolen?
thief2: th206809: Why did he end up in Cragscleft, though? Figured Bafford would've just turn him over to the Sheriff.
thief2: th206811: What did Bafford get?
thief2: th206901: Heard he came in pretty late. He get something good?
thief2: th206903: He got caught?
thief2: th206906: What?
thief2: th206908: Ahaha haha haha!
thief2: th207105: Are you taffing me?
thief2: th207107: And I'm standing here listening to Danno tell you the password. Do you think he's gonna let me if I'm not in the Guild, or you think I'm lackwit enough not to remember it?
thief2: th2a0__1: Yeah, yeah...that's the thing....
thief2: th2a0mu1: I went to my room, there was nothing in there any more.... People taking my things....
thief2: th2a0mu2: Aaah, people around here, they just don't care.... I need some money....
thief2: th2a0mu3: Uuugh, my cup, it's gone.... Don't know where it went....
thief2: th2a0tc1: Hmmm....
thief2: th2a1__1: Huh?
thief2: th2a1__2: What
thief2: th2a1__3: Uh?
thief2: th2a1__4: Hey.
thief2: th2a1_w1: What's happening?
thief2: th2a1_w2: What's going on?
thief2: th2a1h_1: What was that I heard?
thief2: th2a1h_2: Mmm. I thought I heard something.
thief2: th2a1hw1: Quiet!
thief2: th2a1hw2: Hey, you hear that?
thief2: th2a1hw3: Hey! Hear that noise?
thief2: th2a1hw4: Shhhh!
thief2: th2a1v_1: Thought I saw something.
thief2: th2a1v_2: Did I just see what I think I saw?
thief2: th2a1vw1: Hey! Did you see that?
thief2: th2a1vw2: Look at that!
thief2: th2a1vw3: Did you see something?
thief2: th2a2__1: Who's that?
thief2: th2a2__2: Something's wrong.
thief2: th2a2__3: What's going on?
thief2: th2a2__4: Something is strange here.
thief2: th2a2h_1: Maybe if you weren't such an amateur you wouldn't make so much noise!
thief2: th2a2h_2: You're a noisy one!
thief2: th2a2h_3: I heard that! Stay where you are!
thief2: th2a2se1: We're gonna have fun guttin' you, boy!
thief2: th2a2se2: Just poke your head out! I'll end it for you quick-like!
thief2: th2a2se3: I'll find you...eventually.
thief2: th2a2v_1: You know I see you, don't you?
thief2: th2a3b_1: That's not loot you're carrying!
thief2: th2a3na1: Freeze!
thief2: th2a3na2: Move and you're done for!
thief2: th2a3na3: I got you now, taffer!
thief2: th2a3na4: Stay right there, Garrett!
thief2: th2a3s_1: Garrett!
thief2: th2a3s_2: You're not one of us!
thief2: th2a3s_3: What the hell are you doin' here?
thief2: th2a3s_4: Hey!
thief2: th2a3se1: When I find you, I'm gonna take my time with you!
thief2: th2a3se2: Come on out and play!
thief2: th2a3se3: You can't hide forever!
thief2: th2almw1: Go sound the alarm! I'll take care of him!
thief2: th2almw2: The alarm, now!
thief2: th2amb_1: You're a lousy shot!
thief2: th2amb_2: You may as well have missed!
thief2: th2ambw1: Ugh! He got me!
thief2: th2ambw2: Help!
thief2: th2atn_1: Feel my blade, Garrett!
thief2: th2atw_1: You're gonna rot in the sewers!
thief2: th2atww1: He doesn't stand a chance!
thief2: th2bak_1: Huh. Too many damn rats around here.
thief2: th2bak_2: Uh, it was nothin', I guess.
thief2: th2bak_3: Hm.... [It]'s quiet now.
thief2: th2bak_4: Guess it was nothin'.
thief2: th2bkd_1: Quick, eh?
thief2: th2bkd_2: Block this!
thief2: th2bkdw1: I heard you were good.
thief2: th2blk_1: You're awfully slow.
thief2: th2blk_2: You better learn to be quicker if you want to learn to compete with us, Garrett!
thief2: th2blk_3: You gotta be quicker than that, Garrett!
thief2: th2blkw1: Not so tough now, is he?
thief2: th2bod_1: He's dead!
thief2: th2bod_2: Not another one!
thief2: th2chga1: I'm gonna finish you, Garrett!
thief2: th2chga2: You're gonna learn what pain is all about!
thief2: th2chgw1: We're gonna have fun with you, Garrett!
thief2: th2chgw2: After him!
thief2: th2chgw3: Get him!
thief2: th2det_1: You're not trying to get away, are you?
thief2: th2det_2: Don't be such a sissy!
thief2: th2detw1: We have him now!
thief2: th2hit_1: How'd ya like that, Garrett?
thief2: th2hit_2: Does it hurt?
thief2: th2hit_3: Had enough?
thief2: th2hitw1: We've got you now!
thief2: th2hitw2: There are too many of us, Garrett!
thief2: th2hlo_4: Aghhhh! Quit it!
thief2: th2hlow1: Ughhh! Help me!
thief2: th2hnd_1: Hah!
thief2: th2hnd_2: That tickles!
thief2: th2lar_1: Definitely something going down.
thief2: th2lar_2: Problems like this we don't need.
thief2: th2los_1: Where did he go, dammit?
thief2: th2los_2: Lost him.
thief2: th2los_3: He's gone.
thief2: th2mis_1: Where the hell is it?
thief2: th2mis_2: Who stole it?!
thief2: th2rbod1: Uugh. He's been taken out.
thief2: th2rbod2: Someone's getting trigger happy around here. Watch it!
thief2: th2rint1: Keep your eyes open. There's trouble.
thief2: th2rint2: Something odd is going on. Stay alert.
thief2: th2rint3: There's trouble. Stay sharp.
thief2: th2rmis1: Keep an eye out...someone took a larger cut of the score than they should have.
thief2: th2rmis2: Hey, there's stuff missing here!
thief2: th2rmis3: The vase is gone! Thing's are gonna get ugly!
thief2: th2roth1: Trouble's about.... Keep sharp.
thief2: th2roth2: Head's up! We got an intruder!
thief2: th2runa1: Guards! Over here!
thief2: th2runa2: Guards, it's Garrett! Get him!
thief2: th2runa3: We have an intruder!
thief2: th2sec_1: Somebody's lurkin' around.
thief2: th2sec_2: We definitely got a troublemaker around here.
thief2: th2sma_1: What's this?
thief2: th2sma_2: Hmm.... This is wrong.
thief2: th2sma_3: Hmm.... Smells like trouble.
thief2: th2telc1: I found him!
thief2: th2telc2: There he is!
thief2: th2telc3: He's getting away! After him!
thief2: th2telr1: Get over here! An intruder got inside!
thief2: th2telr2: It's Garrett! Get over here!
thief2: th2telr3: I've spotted him!
thief2: th2telr4: Hey, he's over here!
thief2: th2telr5: There he is!

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