Thanks Dan7 and Sxerks for your efforts!Edit

The screenshots and location notes are wonderful!

Just as a curiosity, or a checklist (if it was ever needed), these are all the texts in T1, TG, and T2 that are not found in-game...UNUSED.

There are a couple of differences between T1 & TG discovered while indexing these.

  • In T1, Strange Bedfellows shares M11PRAYR with Return to the Cathedral, while...
  • In TG, Strange Bedfellows shares M3PRAY with Break From Cragscleft Prison, as well as M11PRAYR with Return to the Cathedral.

The Dark ProjectEdit

Lord Bafford's Manor:

  • M2TAX
  • M2TIP1
  • M2TIP2

Down in the Bonehoard:


The Haunted Cathedral

  • M7MAPHAK (of course, a placeholder)


  • M10TIP1
  • M10VO170 (To be exact, this is used only in Strange Bedfellows, not in Undercover as the filename implies)
  • M10VO39 (To be exact, this is used only in Strange Bedfellows, not Undercover as the filename implies)

Return to the Cathedral:

  • M11TIP1
  • M11TIP2

I'm currently trying to get a grip on how to determine whether a T3 text or conversation is used or unused. I hope I can get moving forward with it soon! Ehcmier 00:13, 27 October 2008 (UTC)Ehcmier

Thief GoldEdit

Same as above but including...

Thieves' Guild:

  • m15accpay
  • m15taffer

The Mage Towers:

  • M16b02air
  • M16b13open
  • M16b14emerg
  • M16b15lock

The Metal AgeEdit


  • M04B22
  • M04wp01
  • M04wp02
  • M04wp03
  • M04wp04
  • M04wp05
  • M04WP06

First City Bank & Trust:

  • M07B25

Life of the Party:

  • M11B13

Casing the Joint:

  • M12B07
  • M12B08
  • M12B09
  • M12B10
  • M12B11
  • M12B12
  • M12B13
  • M12B14
  • M12B15
  • M12B16
  • M12B17
  • M12B18
  • M12B19
  • M12B20
  • M12B21
  • M12B22
  • M12B23


  • M13B01
  • M13B02
  • M13B03
  • M13B04
  • M13B05
  • M13B06

Precious Cargo:

  • M14B01
  • M14B04
  • M14B06


  • M15B05
  • M15B08
  • M15B10
  • M15B11

Sabotage at Soulforge:

  • M16B01
  • M16B15
  • M16B16
  • M16B17
  • M16B18
  • M16B20
  • M16B21
  • M16B22
  • M16B23
  • M16B32
  • M16B44


  • M30B01
  • M30B02
  • M30B03
  • M30B04
  • M30B05
  • M30B06
  • MISCB02
  • MISCB04
  • MISCB11
  • MISCB12
  • MISCB18
  • MISCB21
  • E3Mage1
  • E3MAGE2
  • M90GOALS
  • train1
  • train2

THANK YOU GUYS! Ehcmier 00:27, 24 October 2008 (UTC)Ehcmier

New LookEdit

Very nice done, keeper Thehoosh! This brings the page an excelent structured look. Just a note: I'm working on the TG conversations now. Dan7 21:44, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Thanks! It's good to hear you like the new layout. I'll continue with the TDS ingame texts, St. Edgar and the Pagan Sanctuary are almost finished. Thehoosh 23:11, 28 November 2008 (UTC)

Manuals Edit

It would probably be helpful to include the text from all of the game manuals; that is, TDP, TG, T2, TDS for PC, TDS for Xbox, and (if it has one) TDSm. I've already got links to some of them and I can try to scan and upload the Xbox manual too.
Thief Gold manual
Thief 2 manual
Deadly Shadows PC manual
--Fish Preferred 23:49, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

The PDF's are on the wiki under this category: Category:PDF_Files. except the Gold one.
If they are used in a reference it might be easier to ref the page and point to the PDF, instead of OCR'ing all the text.
--Sxerks 14:46, May 29, 2011 (UTC)
Well the only difference in the TG manual appears to be the cover page anyway. Should the Resources page have a link to Category:PDF_Files or the files themselves? --Fish Preferred 16:10, May 30, 2011 (UTC)