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Factions Edit

The Thief series follows the exploits of Garrett, a master thief living and working in a steampunk metropolis constantly being fought over by a corrupt aristocracy, an order of religious fanatics and a horde of vengeful woodland beings, all under the eye of a secret organization.

The Keepers Edit

"Propaganda is written by the Victor. History is written by the Observer."
  — A note in an in-game Keeper diary in Thief: Deadly Shadows

The Keepers are an ancient sect of expert observers, dedicated to preserving balance in the world. Garrett once belonged to the organization and still makes use of the skills learned as a Keeper for his own clandestine purposes. Even though Garrett refuses further involvement with the Keepers, they inevitably manipulate him into acting out their prophecies and obscure designs in all three games.

The Keepers are revealed in greater detail in Thief: Deadly Shadows as the player explores their organization and what it guards.

The Order of the Hammer Edit

"If you have eyes, but see not the glory of the Builder's work, then plucketh them out."
  — A passage from the Hammerite scriptures.

The Order of the Hammer is a technocratic religious group, also known as the Hammerites. They seek to carry out the vision of the Master Builder, their architect god, (who created and cultivated the earth with his hammer) and are the burning force of progress in the Thief world. They represent order and orthodox religion and zealously enforce the tenets of their faith, striving ceaselessly against criminals and other law-breakers but most especially against their long-time enemies, the Trickster-worshipping Pagans, who promote chaos and distortion.

The Mechanists Edit

The Mechanists (never called the Order of the Gear) were an off-shoot from the Hammerite religion. Preaching The New Scripture of The Master Builder, the Mechanists were led by a former Hammerite named Karras, who was not only a genius but also a psychopath. Unlike the Hammerites whose worship of law and order extended primarily to the construction of buildings and utilities within The City, the Mechanists more fully embraced the notion of technological progress and disregarded morality; throughout the entirety of Thief II: The Metal Age, Garrett encounters numerous steam-based creations of theirs, including mechanical Spider Bots and Combat Bots. The unraveling of Karras' plots plays a dominant role in that game. It should be noted that not all Hammerites left the original Order of the Hammer to become Mechanists as can be seen in the second level of T2 when the player can overhear a currently practicing Hammerite discussing his Mechanist brethren in a less-than-brotherly manner. The Mechanists despise the Pagans.

The Pagans Edit

The Pagans (once implied as the Order of the Vine) represent the forces of nature and chaos in the Thief world. As nature worshippers who live in the deep forests away from the City, the Pagans shun technology and live in harmony with wild, supernatural creatures. They despise the ordinary people of the City, and are completely inimical to Hammerites and the offshoot Mechanists. The Pagans speak in a peculiar English dialect, often adding a "-sie" or a plural to the end of several words (i.e. "good" becomes "goodsie", "get" becomes "gets").

The Pagan deity, the Trickster, and the facts surrounding their resurgence are central to the plot of Thief: The Dark Project.

what is this voice in mission 3 of Thief 1 ? "Stay away from my face, thief, or you'll be sorry"