Book of Ash
Not an Item
South Dayport
the top floor of the Necromancer's Spire
Original Owner

The Book of Ash was an ancient book of mysterious and dark power. Long ago the study of this magical tome drove many into madness. Over time, the book was eventually lost, but Azaran the Cruel, then of the Hand Brotherhood, undertook a search for the book to aid him in his studies of necromancy.[1] He was successful in locating it in "the sands of long forgotten kings" and plumbed its depths.[2] His studies of the Book of Ash may have driven him mad, causing him to commit suicide.

Garrett can visit the Necromancer's Spire while en route to Angelwatch. In the top floor of this spire is the Book of Ash which, when read, has the ability to instantly summon two Zombies.


Agloras Coranth!

Kaglimorex thelorun asu

enlien Balmrorven agror.

Kalu Fendith? Kalu Kalid?

Akilno! Akilno Cleas!

Po walnarus veor.

Sigliop ulanis friopic,

ru phulin Gorax!

Hakannen bxs'hanthu

jiollux plenfanth, er

hujeris feroth.

Phir tun Ferunith!


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