Fire rains upon us from the sky. At the Temple of N'Lahotep, four hallowed geldings were offered to appease the acrimonious earth. The sanguine overture has done nothing to pacify her.
  — Anonymous

TG B09 02

First SignsEdit

At some point after the death of Emperor Va-Taraq, strange and disturbing events befell the ancient city of Karath-din. Violent tremors and possibly meteor showers or volcanic debris were noted early on, but both the priests and the reigning emperor, Va-Toran, regarded these as the mourning of the elemental deities for the loss of Va-Taraq.[1]

Members of a mysterious and powerful organization known as the Guild of Enlightenment had warned Va-Toran of the imminent danger that these events signified, but were disregarded. As a consequence, the city was not evacuated in time, and all the inhabitants were either killed or forced to flee. For reasons unknown, the guild took a particular interest in the Tower and did whatever they could to ensure its survival. [2]


The devastating seismic event climaxed in the simultaneous collapse of the ground on which the city was built, causing it to be sealed underground, but the destruction continued long afterward. The Tower and a large part of the burial grounds eventually fell to the earthquakes.


"Cataclysm" is the only canonical term associated with this event. "Extinction" is used here to avoid confusion with the incident in Old Quarter, which has also been called The Cataclysm. [3]


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