The Final Glyph is the Last of all Glyphs, capable of annulling all glyph magic.
Final cutscene 07

The Final Glyph when activated. The center of the upper bending is the South Quarter Fountain

It was created as a safeguard by the Ancient Keepers who foresaw (and in their writings recorded) the strong likelihood of the future Keepers' imbalance. On various significant points in the City monuments were erected, with slots for each of the Sentients. Indeed, the lines of the Final Glyph followed the layout of the City's streets.

The Keepers, when creating The Sentients, put in a safeguard that would prevent them from from being activated too early, by making them Sentient. In the Writings of Albrech, it is stated that each Sentient was made so by a sacrifice, possibly by blood or even mortality.[1]


The Final Glyph could only be activated by The One True Keeper, and initiated by the will of The Eye. It required the placement of all five Sentients in the associated landmarks:

Garrett performed this in Thief: Deadly Shadows, causing the downfall of Gamall and her long-planned schemes to destroy the Final Glyph, as a major step toward true immortality.

Final cutscene 15

The City after the activation of the Final Glyph, with Garrett looking on

The Final Glyph erased all Glyph magic, and caused the prophecies and books to unwrite themselves. The effects upon the Keepers were devastating. The Keeper Compound was revealed to all and sundry. Though the Keepers themselves were not destroyed, the Order was rendered powerless due to their heavy reliance upon glyphs. In the last cutscene, it is revealed that Garrett has finally accepted his role as the One True Keeper, therefore confirming the existence of at least one.

At the conclusion of Deadly Shadows, the Chalice and Paw were returned from where Garrett had stolen them. It is unknown if Garrett had done this, or they had moved themselves in the same manner of The Eye.

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