Three clicks for the Kurshok. The Leaf Devil counted to bury us under the earth. Many perished, but we survived.
  — After the Fall

The Great Fall refers to the disastrous upheaval that collapsed the Kurshok kingdom/empire and buried its remnants far below the Ocean floor. It was brought about by the Trickster, who sought to punish King Gruliac for his insolence when he claimed to be greater then the Trickster.[1] The Trickster was said to have had great love for the Kurshok but this turned into even greater hate.

Unlike the destruction of Karath-din, the Fall of the Kurshok proved so completely devastating that the entire civilization was lost to history and only rediscovered briefly by the Keepers and later the Pagans were sent to recover the Crown. The Sunken Citadel, once Gruliac's royal palace complex, is the only structure known to have survived. Its shattered frame has housed the remaining Kurshok for countless generations.[2] Due to the fall, the Kurshok forgot most of it's history and ability to read and write.[3]


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