Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A warning left from the keepers who sealed this place around 50 years ago

Location: on top of the Haunted Cathedral's sealed doors

North End of Cathedral St.

M7EVIL location

Warning: Great evil resides in this place, and it is no 

longer fit for men. The doors are sealed, to protect us from that 

which lies within. Do not remain here.


Description: The location where thieves used to leave coins for good luck

Location: in an isolated hall (access trough second floor of adjacent building)

Market St.

M7GRAVE location

The Watchman's Grave


Description: A letter to Keeper Lukas from Keeper Andrus about the sealing of the Cathedral (on the left)

Location: on a table in the east room

Keeper's Chapel

M7KEEP1andM7KEEP2 location

Keeper Lukas, 

 We have received word of your fears, and we understand and indeed share them. 

 We did not lightly take the decision to involve ourselves in this matter. However, 

 we believe that we were compelled to act. Were the Trickster not opposed, he could 

 bring destruction upon the entire city, and upon us as well. We have endeavored to 

 conceal our efforts as best we can. I can only hope that we have been successful. 

 Yours in knowledge,

 Keeper Andrus


Description: Keeper Lukas' response to Keeper Andrus' letter (on the right)

Location: on a table in the east room

Keeper's Chapel

M7KEEP1andM7KEEP2 location

Keeper Andrus,

 We are relieved to hear that you have successfully contained the destruction. 

 It was for just such a contingency that the Elemental Wards have been saved 

 these many years, and we support your decision to use them now, as the peril 

 that you have described is grave indeed. We urge you to hide the Talismans 

 with great care, as their discovery could lead to another such catastrophe. 

 We worry also that your actions have exposed the truth of our existence to 

 the world, which we must not allow. 

 Yours in knowledge,

 Keeper Lukas


Description: There seemed to be a problem with some of the Official 50 years ago

Location: on the second floor of a ruined building, north end of Rubin St.

de Perrin St.

M7KEY location

 Constable Tule is a degenerate. Every time we have a blackout, 

I have to go haul his ass out of the pub to get him to unlock the 

maintainance cell for the Market Street power grid. If he wasn't the 

Baron's nephew they would have fired him months ago.


Description: A note from the City Officials in charge of sewers and light

Location: next to a floor lamp, near the beginning point

Rubin St.

M7LIGHT location

Department of Public Works, Work Order

The power grid control box for the neighborhood around southern Rubin St. 

is located inside a residence. It should be in a Public Works 

station like all other power grid control boxes. We may 

need to build a new maintenance cell in that neighborhood. If so, be 

sure to contact the Census Bureau so that they can update the map. 

It is important that all Public Works stations be 

marked on the map with the gear icon, but we haven't been vigilant enough 

about this.


Description: Note from one of the mission designers to the others working on the level.

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game.

Soon this will be a cool-looking map. Stay tuned!


Description: The Keepers Testament of the Elemental keys

Location: on the table-map of the element keys, west room

Keeper's Chapel

M7MAPRM location

Upon this map are the locations of the Elemental Talismans, which alone can 

unlock the Wards placed upon the cathedral door. Their locations are recorded 

here in the event that we may one day find it necessary to re-enter the cathedral.

The Portal Key in the library must be used to access the Lost City entrance 

where the Talisman of Fire is being kept. The Water Talisman has been hidden 

in a shrine located in the caverns below the old quarter of 

the city. The Talisman of Air is being kept by the Hammerites, 

and the Earth Talisman was left to the Hand Brotherhood.


Description: An acquaintance is willing to sell you some pages from a journal he claims belonged to a long-ago fighter of the undead

Location: can be bought at the shop, before the mission, for 200 gold

Shop Descriptionuse_m7tip: "An acquaintance is willing to sell you some pages from a \ journal that he claims belonged to a long-ago fighter of the undead. \ Cost: 200"

TG tips

Those who fight undead fall into two groups - the resourceful, 

and the slain. The well-prepared knight will arm himself well with 

holy water. However, 

a more convenient tactic, as well as one much less taxing on the purse, is 

to take advantage of the zombie's antipathy for all living creatures, 

and look for other convenient targets to divert a pursuer.

- excerpt from the Journals of Morgan,

 declared anathema by the Smith-in-Exile.


Description: The diary of a man who sought the Serpentile Torc.

Location: In a roofed stone bridge, over the streets.

Market St.

M7TORC location

 The foolish old man who currently owns the Serpentyle Torc lives on a 

barren sidestreet west of the Cathedral Street drawbridge. I visited his small but wealthy 

residence last week in order to purchase the Torc from him, but he obstinately deflected 

my arguments and offers. He says it is a custom of his people to present a gift of such 

beauty to their brides-to-be before marriage. At seventy years of age, I don't know what 

sort of maiden he thinks will be tempted to wed him.

I'm not sure if I should now proceed 

to use force, or perhaps find a way to pilfer the Torc from him. I understand that there 

is a thief one can hire who lives nearby, close to de Perrin street.


Description: A letter regarding the building of the barricades.

Location: on the ground, next to the broken Weapon Smith sigh, near the beginning point

Rubin St.

M7WALL location


 The City Council is deeply grateful for the efforts of your men in the emergency 

construction of this great Wall, which now begins to shield us from the dangers behind it. 

We know of the hours of backbreaking labor you have already given us, but regret that we 

cannot yet allow you any rest, as the work is of greatest urgency. You have our deepest 

sympathies at the loss of your workers Barton and Adan to the zombies, but you must know 

that your men number among the legion lost to this evil. As we regain our city, with the 

undead put down and the wounded given succor, we have freed a watch of the Guard to 

accompany your men as they finish, so do not let fear stop your efforts! 

The City counts on you - do not fail us in our hour of need. 

 -Lord Whitsimmon