Description: Curtis's journal, page 38

Location: Desk in North bedroom of overlook grounds

SEAbryantjournal Location

I'd give my notice if it weren't for the widow - they'll rob her blind if I'm not around to stop it. As it is, I can't

be everywhere at once. But heaven help the ones I catch! Have to face it - she's not in her right mind. This morning 

she handed me some old coin as a tip - it was the Captain's lucky coin and 200 years old if it was a day. She must have

got into his old things, the poor dear. But if I give it back, she'll just give it to Standish. I'll bring it to the

library and see if I can research what it's worth.


Description: Captain Moira's journal

Location: Desk in study

SEAcaptjournal Location


Will the storm never let up?  We've been kept in port for three days, while the men stay on pay, lest they find other

work. The treasure perplexes me. What manner of gold is it that gleams so, but does not dent? What does the strange 

symbol on it mean? Is it solid? No, not heavy enough – hollow then.


I endeavored to melt it, but the treasure shows no sign of warp or scorching. I've heard of things protected by wards

and such - could this be such an item? I have placed it in the secret room for now, but this warrants further study 

when I return.


The weather finally broke, and tomorrow we'll set sail - if the Dock master is in the mood to take a bribe from an old

marauder like me. Too bad I'll have to leave behind my fine gold telescope, the Nereid - the glass lens is chipped. 

If I were a superstitious man, I'd delay the trip. For now it will stay here – on display in the rotunda.



Location: Unused?

V- Keep looking, but don't draw attention to yourself.  I heard there's something valuable in the downstairs study.

It'll be locked, but that shouldn't stop us - not for long anyway.  Meet me later, at the usual spot. -M


Description: Letter from Robert Moira to his wife Edwina

Location: Desk in secret room

SEAmoneynote location

Edwina- If you're reading this it's because I am gone.  But fear not, for I have provided for you.  The money in the

chest will keep you surrounded by servants.  There's a golden slab too, but it's a mystery to me.  It could be some

kind of fools gold, or enchanted.  You won't need it though, not with that chest filled with coin.

Yours forever, 


Description: Receipt for cargo ship Abysmal Gale

Location: Vestibule

SEAreceipt Location

Capt. Moira, fer his regular due 40 parts per haul, to brung up to his howse the Overlook Mansion:

- 1 flask whale oyle

- 100 Haddocks on salt

- 1 gold slab, with a strange bit of writ on it, thit could naw be broke in parts, so Capt. M agrees to take less split
  on the other Haul

- 4 woven baskits

- 3 Bottles good brandy

Dooly signed and approved by Emias Doolittle, Docker's Assistant


Description: A seafood recipe

Location: Kitchen table

SEArecipe Location

Clams n' Noodles (Captain's Favorite)

1 lb clams, scrubbed and set in strong wine for an hour

1 lb noodles


1 head Garlic

Boil the noodles and the soaked clams. Cook the garlic in the butter. Toss. Serve it up with more strong wine.


Description: Someone's journal

Location: Table in middle bedroom of overlook grounds

SEAstandjournal Location


I thought he'd never leave. I ain't never cursed the weather so much. Almost done checking the upper floors – no sign

of the captain's secret.


Got the news about the Abysmal Gale today.  Good riddance is what I say.  The captain ain't never did me no favors, 

else why am I still working like a dog.  I guess Ginny will have to break the news to Mrs. Moira - but if she chickens

out, I'll do it, and gladly.


With so many house guests about, I can't look for no secret room or anything, I gotta go on pretending to be Lapdog

Standish. Somewhere the captain's ghost is laughing at me. If there ain't no treasure, I'll make off with that fine 

silver mirror in the widow's bathroom – she's in no state to miss it.


Description: Orders from Captain Moira to Ginny

Location: Desk in widow's bedroom

SEAviktrolanote Location

Ginny- If something happens to me, if I'm lost at sea or am unable to return for some reason, then make sure Edwina 

listens to the message I recorded onto that old Mechanist viktrola I put in the master bedroom. It's a sort of 

talking machine, and all she needs to do is turn it on, and she'll hear my voice - and my farewell to her.

Yours, Capt. Moira

PS: Make sure no one else is in the room listening when she plays it. The farewell is just for her.