Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief Gold and are done using Thief Enhancement Pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: One of the mages' books of correspondence (the far left book)

Location: on a table

Mage's Keep, the Library

M16b01arz andM16b05waterandM16reward location

Mage Verlin,

Azaran's interest in Necromancy has not diminished, despite his banishment. 

His study of the black arts continues at his spire in Dayport. We fear that 

his experiments with the reanimation of rats and insects will lead to more 

disturbing depths. He has even endeavored to recruit others on a crusade to 

recover The Book of Ash. 

The Book of Ash must remain a thing of the past. Azaran's ambition has blinded 

him to this, and he has proven himself a threat to our existence. His expulsion 

has only made him more resilient. 

It is the decision of the Inner Circle that greater measures be taken to correct this matter.

Archmage Corino


Description: An idea about the air elementals

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game or DromEd.

Air elementals often speak to us by extinguishing certain 

lights in a sequential pattern. It is important that we study these 

patterns so that we may understand the wisdom of their message.

-The Inner Circle.


Description: Some poetry based on the beauty of Earth Magic

Location: on a table

Earth Tower, The Foyer

M16b03earth location

Cool earth wraps tightly around us. Constrictive veins of 

tower tunnels caress beating heart of grinding rock. In mastery 

of my element, I leap from stone to falling stone. Boulders float 

as feathers.

- scribbled poetry, Adept Aroun's notebook


Description: A review of a recent incident in the Fire Tower

Location: on a table

Fire Tower, The Foyer

M16b04fire location

To Adept Al-Hayr, 

Lt. Scarle disobeyed Capt. Regalio's specific orders and ventured 

into the Tower of Fire. Needless to say he was ill prepared to deal 

with the trials of flame and lava that await all entrants. The charred 

corpse was brought to the laboratories where it will be put to good use. 

The fire can cleanse us, but it is not for the Commons. See to it that 

this incident serves as an example to others.

 -Archmage Kahmin Ramin


Description: A chapter from the canon book of the Water Mages, (the book in the middle)

Locations: on a table

Mage's Keep, the Library

M16b01arz andM16b05waterandM16reward location

Mastery of Water requires that you return to the ways of your 

beginning. For nine moons you lived in Water, and then were born to 

a world of Air and Earth. You have forgotten your past but we will 

teach you to remember. Put away mortal thoughts of breath and discover 

the ways of the sea. Do not walk the path with your limbs; instead 

allow your body to flow within it and become part of it.

Until you have gained full mastery over Water, return to 

the Air, oh adept, and cherish its protective succor. In time 

you will feel the warm embrace of Water, traversing the entire 

system without need of breath.

- The Book of Coral and Scale 7:12


Description: A passage from The Order of the Hand's creed


  • on a table, in a lower level room
Mage's Keep, the Library

M16b06creed location

  • on a table in the mess hall
Mage's Keep, second floor

M16b06creed location2

So like we once were, are these who now inhabit this land. They are 

the chrysalis that shall become. We have adopted those few who have shown 

potential for enlightenment.

-from the notes of Archmage Garod's Prophecies


Description: A papyrus containing the Mages Council's decisions about the Water Tower accident

Locations: on a table

Mage's Keep, the Library,

M16b07tali location

Notes from council session of the Inner Circle

- Due to a disastrous experiment by Archmage Jabu Ibn Lani the Water Tower 

will be closed until further notice due to flooding. All future experiments 

using water elementals are forbidden by mutual consent of the Inner Circle 

until we can devise stronger wards. 

- Our keep must remain unified and maintain tradition. Each Tower holds 

the key of another to maintain the Doctrine of Trust. Since the key to the 

Tower of Water was lost controlling the accident, the fire mages have no 

symbol to guard.

Therefore the fire mages shall keep the key to the chamber in the Central 

Tower that holds our treasured possession. The key to the Tower of Earth 

shall remain in the Tower of Water, since the water mages are the only 

ones who can survive entering the flooded areas. 

- Archmage Kreos


Description: The diary of one of the adept mages

Location: on a shelf, in the laboratory, Mage's Keep, The Dungeon

M16b08exit location

I can finally get back to work, my apologies for being behind 

schedule on the new round of vivisection. The workmen have finally 

cleared out, having just finished walling up the last main entrance 

to those infernal sewers. The old sewers are still largely unmapped, 

but present too much of a security risk to be left. I find it amazing 

that they reach back to the city despite our distance from it. 

There is still the one secret entrance that we can use to traverse 

the sewers. The guards that patrol it will deal with anything 

unfortunate enough to struggle out of that muck. 

- Adept Haseki Beyzar


Description: Captain Regalio's diary

Location: on a table in Captain Regalio's bed room

Mage's Keep, third floor

M16b09medal location

Recovering the golden medallion of Saint Burringden will 

reward all the sweat I put into the endless hunt for those damned 

talismans. By selling it I will surely make some profit off of 

this ordeal. In all my years of service to the Hand I have never 

seen their efforts so thoroughly stymied. It's almost as though 

one of their own had taken and hidden the talismans so completely 

that not even the archmages can find them. 

- Capt. E. F. Regalio


Description: A reminder from one of the adept mages to a servant about a delayed shipment of goods

Location: on a table, in one of the cellars

Mage's Keep, first floor

M16b10shp location

Cellarer Abrucha, 

We urgently need the chemicals last requested. Two days hence we'll be 

sending young Lucca to the city. Have one of your helpers accompany him. 

Also, see if you can add 3 goats, a camel, and a burrick to the animals 

gathered for the next round of experiments. 

- Adept Haseki Beyzar


Description: A notice from the arch mage to all the personnel

Location: on a table, in one of the cellars

Mage's Keep, first floor

M16b11tower location

Notice to all servants and guards,

Herein let it be known that the four towers of MageKeep are sacrosanct 

and thus off limits to the Commons. Only those Adept may enter. Guards 

may enter the tower foyers on business, but may not proceed upwards. 

- Archmage Ibn Al Haroud


Description: An excerpt from The Book of Paths, regarding pain.

Location: on a torture rack

Mage's Keep, The Dungeon

M16b12pain location

To read these words is to know pain. To know pain is to live in fear. 

To fear is to travel the false path. You must face your fear to see the 

truth. The truth is that there is no pain. To know this truth is to walk 

the enlightened path.

-The Book of Paths 6:13


Description: This is the Ritual of Opening which shows the right tower pattern the player must follow, to gain access to the Central Tower

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game or DromEd. There is also an unused conversation that is related to the Ritual of Opening.

Instructional treatise:

Listen well, oh novice, to the lore of your elders. The Ritual of 

Opening shows the way and the true path. We use the ritual as the 

ceremonial guide for all our work. The guarding wards and our wondrous 

towers all lock using this, the natural order of the elements. 


The Ritual of Opening

Dark waters surged flooding the world as they bore life, 

Hard earth then rose giving substance and strife, 

Storm breath blew binding the land in halos of wrath

Last came raging flames cleansing minds for the final path. 

--Inner Circle


Description: Probably the original design note informing Garrett about the situation with the Water Tower

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game or DromEd.

The Tower of Water has been closed due to recent disasters. None 

may pass by orders of the Inner Circle. All important work from this 

tower has been moved to the Central Keep.

--Inner Circle


Description: Another note regarding the Ritual of Opening

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game or DromEd.

At night the four towers are locked and unlocked by the Elemental 

Tower Keys. None may enter or exit except by following the order of the 

Ritual of Opening. The keys must be gathered, one from each tower, in the 

order the Ritual proscribes. Each Tower Key unlocks the next tower till 

all are open and the path is once more clear.

--Inner Circle


Description: The verses that describe the real Earth Talisman


  • on a table
Mage's Keep, the Library, first floor (the right end book)

M16b01arz andM16b05waterandM16reward location

  • on a pedestal near the staircase door
Central Tower

M16reward location2

Eight old men up in a tower

Eight old men, only one with power

turn away from the hand with the sword

count seven and find your reward