The Matter of Garrett

By Keeper Draco

Familiarizing yourself with Garrett's history and capabilities could prove essential should the time come when we no longer deem him necessary. Garrett studied with us until his early twenties at which time he was offered the chance to proceed with the Indoctrination Ceremony and become a Keeper. However, he lacked balance and instead expressed his intention to leave. The council voted we deal with him using the Enforcers, until Caduca Informed us that Garrett was essential to overcoming difficult times ahead. And so our most promising acolyte left us.

Garrett pursued the life of a criminal, and with the Keeper training we had given him, he quickly became a master thief. His abilities did not escape attention of certain individuals, and he was lured into a Pagan plot that threatened the safety of the City. During that time Garrett's eye was removed and used to power The Eye, one of the Artifacts we are studying (see Ogilvy's Treatise on Sentients for more regarding the Artifacts). After the threat was neutralized, Garrett obtained a mechanical eye from the Hammerites.

Later his thieving abilities revealed an excessive imbalance within the Hammerite order (see The Mechanist Metal Age for more on this topic). True to Caduca's predictions, Garrett had the abilities necessary to remove the threat and overcome our second trial.

Now Caduca has predicted a third Dark Age, and she believes Garrett will play a critical role, though the glyphs have yet to reveal if he will influence the outcome positively, or negatively.