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Lay down thine hammer, friend, lay down thine awl

Thy yesteryear trappings are splintered and old.
Now rise up thine mace! And sword thusly brandish!
The Builder fuels those who unite against malice.


He poured his children's eyes from glass
and from steel wrought their hands
that none could escape his judgement.

  — Two seperate quotations, both taken from The New Scripture of the Master Builder

The New Scripture of the Master Builder is a re-wrting of Hammerite texts. It reveals all of Karras' plan to destroy The City.

Draft, Page 3Edit

And so Karras did set quill to paper to record His accomplishments, the most important of humankind before Him and certainly after, performed in the service of the Master Builder. And at that time, none could know this Scripture and Karras could not read from it during His sermons, for he knew that humans, even His followers, in their weakness would not rejoice and celebrate as Karras had at the good news of the Builder's Paradise. Because humans were flawed, they would fail to understand.

It was only Karras who truly knew that humans were an invention of the Master Builder that they might invent the Builder's Children to please Him. In the soft whirring of the clean, oiled gears of the Children around him, Karras heard the deafening roar of their approval.

(note: I shall need to take pains in collecting these materials together again… in my urgent press to capture events that pass and my thoughts on them, I have writ passages in many of my chambers, and at present I cannot return to collect them… nor shall I trust another to collect them for me)

Draft, Page 16Edit

Karras saw that a person, an animal, a plant, anything ill-borne of nature, when consumed by the gaseous Necrotic Mutox would dissolve into rust. Karras had observed this many times, over and over again, for in it He felt the presence of Truth. Whether released by a container or through the lips of a Servant's mask, Karras would observe the action of the gas from a spot as close to the area of effect as He possibly could in safety. When the rust settled, Karras would zealously scrutinize the remains for meaning. And now Karras looked back upon those investigations, and He spoke aloud, saying: 'Oh Master Builder, I have felt Your will. I know that I have been chosen to bring Your Paradise to the world. I know that I must not fail, or Your wrath shall consume me and I shall lie forever in the Forest You have saved for those who are unholy. Master Builder, My mind shall be sharp, My machines will not falter, and I will keep Karras from the risk of death. In Your name I shall construct a protective chamber in Soulforge Cathedral, and there, where I cannot be harmed, Karras shall stay. I shall reconsider every element of My plan - if any are weak, Karras shall make them sound.'

Draft, Page 31Edit

Master Builder, Your time is nigh upon us! My protective chamber is nearly complete, and therein shall Karras retreat. Soon the Servants will be given away. Karras shall create a Guiding Beacon, and with it Karras, in His wisdom, shall call the Servants back to Soulforge Cathedral to be modified with improvements, should any be necessary. Then at last shall all doubt be erased from My mind and all chance of failure overcome. Then shall Karras take the steps to bring Your Paradise to the world!

Draft, Page 35Edit

The Builder smiled on the things Karras had done. Out of devotion, He had invented many machines, and these machines now served Him well. He had transformed wretched humans into agents of The Builder's will, controlled directly by the influence of Karras' machines. These were called Servants, and they had been embraced by those in the city who considered themselves superior because of the wealth of their coffers instead of their spirits. These same people had beamed at Karras with one face but with another face smirked amongst each other and shared affronts.

For this Karras had once detested them, but He saw now their role in the Builder's Plan. In all these things Karras had forged the tools that He would use to bring the Builder's Paradise to the world. The Builder looked upon these tools as Karras made preparations to put them to use, and His gaze showed favor, and Karras felt the Builder's hands upon Him and the Builder's strength helping Karras carry His burdens.

Draft, Page 41Edit

To assist his calculations Karras drafted a map of the city, and now He saw the circles He had drawn and was pleased. Nowhere was there a place that would be uncleansed by the Necrotic Mutox, and its effects would extend beyond the city. The circles conjoined in the center, the very heart of the city, the same city that had spurned Karras and denounced The Builder. Karras knew from this sign that all was to be as He had seen.

Karras spake: 'Master Builder, Karras will not fail you as the Precursors did! Where an entire civilization denied Thee and was felled by Thy hand, Karras shall do Thy will! Thank Thee for directing Karras to their ashes, to discover their error and Thy gifts they misused, that Karras now uses as Thou intended. Karras hath built for Thee Thy Children, the successors of the human race, and now by Thy hand Karras shall wipe away the plague that we are, that Thy Children may last eternal, in purity.'

But The Builder spoke to Karras, then, saying 'Oh Karras, Thou art truly faithful as Thou sayest. I give Thee now this command: that Thou shall remain Thyself alive when all about Thee turns to Holy Rust. When My Paradise has come, Thou shall have a place beside Me, among My Children.'

And Karras fell to his knees and cried out, 'Thank Thee, Master Builder! Thy will shall be done!'

Innermost ThoughtsEdit

I dreamt that the Builder came unto me. We walked together amid the empty buildings. No tree barred our path, no creatures scurried forth. No foot fell there, save ours. So pleased was He with all I had done that he turned my flesh to iron with a wave of His mighty hand. I wept with joy, tears as slick as mercury, and thanked him for his gifts.

Great is the power of the Master Builder.

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