Description: A historical note on the Kurshok culture by scolar Turish.

Location: On a bookshelf, library.

DUNbegats Location

Count ten for King and Crwwn. Gruliac the Great fell and lost his hand and wore the crwwn til he died. Gruliac spawnd

Grustam, brain feverd to serch for upper world. Spawnd Grenderic the Generos, shared the crwwn to frends at Hatchling

Day who kild him and kept for ther own. Stop line of Blood Kings, start lesser-Kings. Kurshok sufferd King Orpet who

spawnd Orpetolia who ruld for 50 but knew nothing. King Boramin took Crwwn, scolar who trid to save the learnings but

faild. Pertok spawnd Bergamis spawnd Gruvat (kin of Grenderic) spawnd Formak spawnd Moriac. All wore the crwwn, but 

say no more on its power. The crwwn not loved Kurshok. The last Kings are Tormac, Fromulat, Bisit, and Merdiac, then 

chaos times come. The crwwn waits until we have a great King to offer, until we learn all that is forgoten, until there

are foes to battle, until there are new thrones. And scolar and Kurshok named of Turish, who writes this, will be gone 

past counting.


Description: A letter from Willowtail to a Pagan shaman.

Location: On the ground where the theatre meets the nearby caverns (two of them, one against each wall).

DUNdiamond LocationDUNdiamond Location2

Shaman - I bes thinkering an idea - when we bes dones here, we should takesy them diamond lights with us. It bes near

them glowings crystal here in our base, where them Kurshok theater used to bes. I thinkers those cityfools trading much

with us for it.  They lovers shiny rocks, and it bes doesn't look too heavied to carry. 



Description: A Keeper's journal.

Location: Unused?


This is my first expedition into this citadel, but hopefully not my last. There is little here, though some might see

value. In a hallway leading up and up, I saw a gold-woven tapestry, the scene perhaps part of their history or 

mythology - difficult to tell. Books they can no longer read, or so it seems, as they are strewn about and left to decay.

But there are still secrets that these Kurshok keep, that we will discover.


We are no further along than we were yesterday. Neville has tried to communicate, but has only a wound to his leg to show

for his efforts. I believe we must go back, get supplies and reinforcements to suit the task, and come back refreshed. The

council will surely agree and wish to retrieve the glyph key quickly. We will return soon.


Description: A short summary of Kurshok history.

Location: On an altar near the entrance.

DUNhistory Location

Four clicks for the pride of existence. We are Kurshok. Most bold, most brave, most clever among all the world's

creatures. Scholars and adventurers most favored in the eyes of Him, the Leaf Lord. Five clicks for Gruliac, most 

favored of all and King of the Kurshok.  Human and tree bow before him, and we bathe in glory. Three clicks for the vanity

of pride. Our people built towering castles and mighty ships.  Among all the Leaf Lord's creatures, we were most

favored. Still not content, we wished to be set apart. But still we were favored, and the Leaf Lord gifted the King

called Gruliac once more with a golden crown of power. Two clicks for the folly of vanity. Gruliac donned the crown and

felt its power. Gruliac the beautiful. Gruliac the strong. Gruliac the mighty spoke: 'I am greater than the Leaf Lord

himself!' But dark and terrible is the Leaf Lord, and as great was his love for the Kurshok, now twice as great was his

anger. One click for the doom of folly. The Leaf Lord opened the earth and banished us beneath it. Here we dwell forever

with no lord or ally, no sun or moon, no rain or wind. The Leaf Lord reached out for the gift he had given us. Gruliac

fought him bravely and kept for us the crown, but his hand was destroyed. As are we.


Description: A message from Willowreed to Shaman Cornbriar.

Location: On an altar between the theatre and the passage to Citadel Core.

DUNhorn Location

Bes a message to them Shaman Cornbriar

Shaman, I bes want you helpings in findering my them Battle Horn. I bes losted it nears them Kurshok hatchery. It bes

them ivory horn with them rubies. Them red rubies, like them bloods of our enemies! Maybe some herbals or them Shaman

magics could helping us finder it. Please be helper me.



Description: Keeper Rafe's journal.

Location: On the ground near a skeleton, library.

DUNkeepjournal Location


I encountered the Kurshok. Luckily, I did not reveal myself, turning back before the Kurshok guard saw me. Interestingly,

the creature was keeping watch over a crown, possibly gold, though it was tarnished with age. No doubt valuable, for

those concerned about such things. Alas, the crown isn't what I seek, or I would be on my way home - to rest and food.


I have set more glyphs to guide me home when I find the key. All proceeds well. But why did Keeper Gadwall refuse me

expedition status? Why did the council not vote? When I return, there will be answers, but for now I must wait. Notes

and map are incomplete - why could I not use the journal from the last trip?


I have found the glyph key! But the Kurshok spied me, and they are relentless in their pursuit. For the moment I am 

safe - I have found my way into an ancient library, and secured the door. Apparently, these beasts could once read and

write. Perhaps living in these caves for generations has eroded their faculties.


Every hour the Kurshok try the door. Sometimes I wish they would break through... No other exit. Why was the key so

important? So hungry. If I could eat and drink glyphs... Will they rescue me? No one comes. I think I was sent. They 

hoped for this. Why don't they want the key? What do they fear? So tired...


Description: A short tale on the Kurshok history.

Location: Underwater in the bath house.

DUNnewhome Location

After the Fall

Three clicks for the Kurshok. The Leaf Devil counted to bury us under the earth. Many perished, but we survived.

Gruliac wears the crown still. We will find a way back above! Two clicks for our underground home for now. 

Gruliac counts that a new map must be made to show us which rooms survived the fall, and where they are now, and 

which caverns can be used to walk between. The theater renews our strength. The cave crystals there shine brightly 

and remind us of the sun. The former arena will serve as our new hatchery. Even now eggs are counted and placed there,

and we prepare as we always have for the Hatchling Day that will come soon. The throne room is intact as well, and

from there Gruliac can watch the rebuilding and oversee the survivors of the Great Fall. Tonight we celebrate our 

survival and curse the followers of the Leaf Devil. Tonight we sing songs about the open sea and the sky so hidden

from us. Tonight we sing of how we will find a way back to the above world, to return when we are strong again, when

our numbers count what they were before the Great Fall. We must teach the young ones to never forget the above 

world, in case the Leaf Devil imprisons us here for very long time.


Description: Orders from Shaman Cornbriar to all Pagans.

Location: On an altar in the caverns near the theatre.

DUNpagancrown Location

Us orderings: Finders them crown, taken long ago by thems Kurshok who betrayered the Leafy King. Checks for them Throne
Room – bes might there. We takers us it back with us, returns it to Him that feeders us and drinks us in honeyed mead, 

them Woodsie Lord. Kills us any Kurshok or other getters in our way. 

Shaman Cornbriar


Description: A report written by Berrythorn


Bes a scouting report

Me findered a hatching place for Kurshok eggs, and it coulds be a goodsie place for foods.

Me bes finded no crowner yets.

- Berrythorn