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There are two demos released for Thief: The Dark Project.

Lord Bafford's Manor DemoEdit

The first contains A Keeper's Training, which is exactly the same as the original. It also contains an altered version of OM T1 Lord Bafford's Manor. The game starts outside of the well house. The front gate is blocked off, and the guards have been moved inside. The arrow cache is blocked, the sewer is blocked, and a few servants have been removed. Also, the player can use Rope Arrows, which aren't available in the full version of this mission.



  • thiefd.exe v1.22
  • released on or after 27 Nov 1998
  • extra mission screen instead of movie briefing.

Assassins DemoEdit

The second version has no training, but a virtually identical version of Assassins.



  • thiefd.exe v1.33
  • released on or after 12 Feb 1999
  • extra mission screen instead of movie briefing.

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