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From each of us, the Glyphs will desire a different aspect. This is the balance we have struck.
  — The Interpreter's Codex, Vol 8

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Featured Article - Lock Picks

  • Bronze square toothed lockpick
  • Silver triangle toothed lockpick
  • Set of lockpicks in TDS for cylinder locks
Just keep looking the other way...
  — Garrett

Lock picks are an essential tool in the arsenal of any thief. It allows a thief to open locked doors and chests. While they can create noise, it is shorter than finding a way around or hunting for a key, and is much quieter than bashing down a door with a sword.

Lockpicking in Deadly Shadows plays a more involved role. Unlike before, where the type of lock as well as how fast the picks could be switched determined how fast the lock could be broken, the player now has to "control" Garrett to open it.

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