Now you can play "Thief" around the dining room table without a computer. This role playing game is Fictive Hack, adapted from Old School Hack (ENnie award winning game by Kirin Robinson.) I have made this game available for free, for fans like us!

This game is over 70 pages that allow you to play a wide variety of characters that would fit in to The City. There are suggestions for how to adapt from solo stealth missions to group play. You can have a dark secret to round out your character, and an adventuring motive. The book has a random generator for conflicts and missions in The City. Also, a great section on magic objects in the City provides enough inspiration to play for a long, long time--no shortage of things to steal.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me at kaprou [at] hotmail dawt com.

Here is the game!

Thief thegame sm

Cover by Kristy Shields