This is a list of messages from the Thief Design Team. It must be "manufactured" in Soulforge Cathedral using the Rolling Machine.



Obtain 5 Steel Plates, and 5 Robot Chassis.

Put a Robot Chassis through the Rolling Machine in Factory Bay A.

Repeat four times.



Tim: 'I'm perfectly willing to screw the zombies for the patch.'

Randy: 'Why cheese? Why not barrels or crates or something?'

Emil: 'The apples were too small.'

Randy: 'You can imagine the gruesome hack that we would have to do.'

Tim: 'Yes, but we'd have to hire professionals to forgive us.'

Mark (re: undercurrents of sexual tension between G & V): 'Its like medieval Moonlighting.'

Emil (re: A guard who saw him from far away): 'Oh man, he's been taking his beta-carotene!'

Mark (to Matt): 'Are you talking about monkeys AGAIN?'

Tim: 'Remember, spelt backwards, that's 'NEgah,' not 'NAgah.'

Emil: 'See, he's limping because I shot him in the leg.'

Terri: 'So shoot him in the other leg.'

Mark: 'Kill the chubby kid!'

Bill: 'He's more curvy than I thought.'

Terri: 'It's ok to have those feelings.'

Garrett: 'The city looks almost bearable from up here.'

Terri: 'God, what a cynic! Have a beer, Garrett.'

Mike C.: 'I'm really excited about rain, snow, and falling rain.'

Randy: 'Sounds like a James Taylor song.'

Alex: 'I can now drop a piece of cheese on the floor and mouse-look through it.'

Pat: 'You have a cheese with mouse-look?'

Alex: 'Did the Trickster get eaten?'

Emil: 'No, I'm going to devour him later tonight in a drunken rage.'

Emil (re: his wife's due date): 'The baby's in beta.'

Mike C.: 'I just think its fun to walk up behind Alex and hit him with a blackjack.'

Randy: 'Exactly, it's social!

(a radio plays faintly in the next room)

Terri: 'Do you hear a radio playing faintly somewhere, with a woman's voice?'

Emil: 'It's the voice of Viktoria. In your head.'

Tim: 'It's your muse.'

Terri: 'My muse isn't very helpful; I can't understand what she's saying.'

Randy: 'I like sunlight and all, I just don't like the hours it occurs in.'

Dan K: 'I have a bunch of bugs for the programmers. That's my job to keep them from their families.'

Rob: 'Once upon a time, not only would Dromed crash, but it would go out and kill your family afterwards.'

Mahk: 'I thought we took out that code.'

Bug 701: 'Boor13(126) not attached to wall at hinges.'

Tim: 'Yes, there's nothing more boorish than not being attached at your hinges.'

Kevin C.: 'I was confused. It worked exactly like I wanted it to, so I thought it must be broken!'

Terri: 'Are there any weird ramifications to me taking some mushrooms....'

Randy: 'Hold on, I have to add something to the quote list.'

Karras on the Loudspeakers: 'Seest thou ever the circus, Garrett? 'Tis a most uncomely spectacle, with mischievous clowns and daring trapeze. And in the end, naught is ever built...'

Terri: 'Well, if it looks good enough that you don't even notice there's nothing to do, that's a start!'

Tim: 'That's the kind of thing you kind of want to put on the quote list and kind of want to keep off.'

Emil: 'Ok, I'm not going to get rid of my spider, but I will make him friendly.'

Emil: 'You WERE trying to look up her skirt.'

Dan K.: 'Well, I just wanted to see if it could be done. You have to throw the remote camera just right so it goes under their phys models, but it slides too far, and the noise alerts them and then they move around... it's really tough.

Pat: 'Are you Beer Claus?'

Dan K.: 'Yes, have you been a good little programmer this year? Ho ho ho.'

Pat: 'Yes! Yes!'

Dan K: 'So, when we put in 2, we used to crash, because 3 isn't there anymore, but now Framed, which is 4, is 2.'

Alex: 'Right.'

Dan K: 'So Courier, which is 5, is 4?'

Alex: 'No, Courier is 3.'

Dan K: 'This is idiotic.'

Alex: 'But note that when you get to 12 and 13, they're actually 12 and 13.'

Dan K: 'Right, but 16 is 14 and 15 is 11, so that's not actually helpful.'

Terri: 'What about mission 10, is that 10?'

Alex: 'No, it's 8. Unless we shift everything up by a number, in which case it will be 9.'

Dan T. (to Terri): 'Liar, liar, plants on fire.'

Kevin C.: 'Frog beast, I choose you!'

Sara: 'Really, when you think about it, our rating should be 'immature.'

Alex: 'It goes along with the bugs 'playtesters can't spell'. And 'designers can't spell'.'

Randy: 'What, and programmers are some kind of spelling aces? What'd you take first prize at the spelling bee, programmer?'

Dan K.: 'What are you gonna do, go cry to Bill Farquhar?'

Randy (pretending to be Alex): 'The other disciplines are picking on me!'

Alex to Randy: 'You know if you kill Emil with laughter you get his bug list.'

Randy: 'You should try a game development cycle. It's about as unfulfilling as giving birth to twins.'

Laura: 'Ohhh!'

Alex: 'What!?'

Laura: 'My severed head is talking!'

Rob: 'Quote list!'

Randy: 'I'm already on it.'

Alex: 'What is 'ping stim'?'

Terri: 'Come here and I'll show you.'

Emil: 'I'm falling behind on my quotes, I have to say something witty...'

Alex: 'It's very different.'

Tim: 'It's very different in what way?'

Alex: 'It's not the same.'

Rob: 'Randy, you have alarms in Bank, right?'

Randy: 'Yea...'

Rob: 'How do you refer to an alarm system?'


Randy (to box of cereal): 'The bee looks like a wizard with no pants on.'

Randy: 'You're very acute.'

Dan K.: 'Thank you.'

Rob: 'I think he wants to shag you!'

Randy: 'Yes, thank you, Rob.'

Rob: 'Oh.'

Alex (to Tim): 'Permit me to call you a filthy liar, even though you are not lying.'

Terri: 'Ok, tell me about the flies....'

Emil: 'Well, see, I've been in crunch and I haven't had time to bathe.'

Tim: 'You'll have to excuse me. I'm going to go kiss Mike Ryan now.'

Bill: 'Again?'

Tim: 'There's no problem that can't be solved with a dead body.'

Tim: Yes, there's nothing like an amusing room brushing pun. And those things were nothing like amusing room brushing puns.

Bill: 'No, that doesn't make me laugh, Steve. If it was someone else's problem, I might laugh.'

Emil: 'The bug said 'This object Terri won't sit down.

Terri: 'Ok, she's not an object.'

Randy: 'Yea, don't treat Terri like an object.'


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