An explanation of scale and measurements used in all maps.

All of the maps from Dromed (TG & T2) are the same scale as each other. See also: DromEd Unit.

All the maps from T3Ed (TDS) are the same scale as each other.

The city map is based on the TDS manual map. File:TDS manual map.jpg

The first attempt is based on the TDS final cutscene File:Final cutscene 05.jpgFile:Final cutscene 07.jpg showing large buildings relative to the river. This didn't work because the placement of the TDS Old Quarter map whould have caused it to stretch across the river, it would also have made the place of the TG and T2 maps impossible.

The current scale is based on the TDS OQ/FI/Cradle map placed at the intersection of three roads at its artifact location and then enlarged so that the Cradle stays out of the river but is as large as possible. TDS M Old Quarter