In TDP/TG and T2, Garrett can sometimes purchase information at the pre-mission shop. This is usually gossip or advice from retired thieves.

TG tips

The following is a list of all tips in Thief (excluding TDS Loading Screen tips):

Thief GoldEdit

Thief GoldEdit

Lord Bafford's Manor: M2TIP1, M2TIP2 (both unused)

Cragscleft Prison: m3cellblocktip (gossip from Dikket - 300 gold), M3HolyWaterTip (gossip from former prisoner - 100 gold)

Haunted Cathedral: M7TIP2 (excerpt from the Journals of Morgan - 200 gold - not worth buying)

The Lost City: M9TIP2 (commission from Lord Gervaisius - 150 gold)

Undercover: M10TIP1 (unused)

Return to the Cathedral: M11TIP1, M11TIP2 (both unused - possibly Garrett's own notes)

Maw of Chaos: M14HINT (free advice from the Hammerites - on Expert), M14TIP2 (free advice from the Hammerites - on Normal and Hard)

Thief 2Edit

Thief 2Edit

Shipping and Receiving: M02TIP (anonymous - 50 gold)

Framed: M04TIP1 (anonymous - 50 gold)

First City Bank and Trust: M07B12 (burglary advice from Zhan - 25 gold)

Blackmail: M9TIP (gossip from Tundis - 100 gold)

Life of the Party: M11B14 (tool tip from Rudyard), M11B15 (anonymous loot tip)


  • A good strategy is to buy the tip, read it, then restart the mission. The best strategy is to read it here and then print it off.
  • This does not work in the case of M9TIP2 (The Lost City) because the precursor masks are worthless without the commission papers.

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