Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief II: The Metal Age and are done using both Thief Enhancement Pack and NTEX high-res texture pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A letter from Lieutenant Mosely to her co-conspirator

Location: the letter travels around with Lieutenant Mosely until she drops it and a Pagan takes it.

M8B02 location

My co-conspirator:

Our plan seems to have had no unfortunate consequences. You were concerned 

that some incriminating evidence was dropped by your assassin at the scene. 

If so it was not found, still, it was foolish to place the key on a 

key-ring with my emblem on it. I am a novice at such conspiracies, I 

confess, but no one has implicated me in the murder. With both Hagen and 

Truart out of the picture, you can expect little trouble from the City 

Watch from now on. However, we both know that there are far more sinister 

forces at work in the city. On that note, you mentioned once that you had 

one last place to retreat to where the Mechanists could never find you. If 

that is true, I urge you to go there now, since in light of recent events 

they will waste no time or effort trying to discover your current location. 

I hope this warning does not reach you too late.

 Steadfastly yours, Lt M.


Description: A letter from Weythran to Blackrat

Location: the Marketplace area

MISCB17 location

Blackrat -

Third message this week, no answer again! 

Be you ignoring me, or be caught in your own trap? 

Drop a note for me or I fly the city, for once the 

rat be trapped, his cousin be not far outside the cage.

 - Weythran

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