Important: The following screenshots are from the game Thief II: The Metal Age and are done using both Thief Enhancement Pack and NTEX high-res texture pack, so they may look somewhat different from the way your game appears.

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Description: A Pagan poem about the Trickster

Location: in the house on the north-west end of the village

Pagan Village

M10B01 location

He am the Honeymaker and drinkers we them meads,

He am the Jacksberry and eaters we them leafs,

He am the Trickster, and the Woodsie Lord he bes.


Description: A message regarding the Pagans' harvest

Location: in the Barn

Pagan Village

M10B02 location

Planters we aft the spring moon is full, and water 'til it be at wane,

Harvests we aft the fall moon shines there, and the winds crisp air cool us be.


Description: A message regarding the Pagans' sowed plants

Location: on a tree, near the Barn and Silo

Pagan Village

M10B03 location

Rounders us gardens plants we them marigolds,

keepsies thems buggies away from the fruits,

sweet hare and vole bes kept aways too.


Description: Lily homework instructions

Location: in the first house, on the south-west end of the village

Pagan Village

M10B04 location

Lily must writ this five times over fer home lesson:

Full moon bes called Nene, for him Woodsie Lord's jackal,

New moon bes called Enen, thems jackal's dark shadow.


Description: A message about the ritual of The Gathering Place

Location: in the Barn

Pagan Village

M10B05 location

Lit up the lights o' the Gathering Place,

'til all of thems glows round the Woodsie Lord's head.

Then open them eyes of the Jacksberry Giver,

by bringin the rubies and then placing thems there.

Jumps in His mouth, when glows it all red,

for these is the way to them lair of the greens, the maw 

of them earthsies and court of us dreams.


Description: A message from Lieutenant Mosely

Location: on the ground, right after the magic bridge

Spring Village


To the person or persons whom I hope will have an interest:

How does one begin? I am in a position to be of service to you and your 

cause, to save lives. But even as I write this I doubt you will trust me. 

Why would a high ranking member of the City Watch help Pagans? But I tell 

you it is true. I have helped you already, though you may not know it. 

Twice I have spied your agents in the city streets, and twice I looked 

the other way. Yes, I have helped and at great risk to myself too, for 

what if this letter were to be intercepted? Or if one day I were to look 

away when I see a Pagan, and find myself face to face with my superior? A 

superior who has given express orders to destroy any Pagans I find!

Question your agents, and you'll see they will verify the truth of my 

statements. Then, if you trust me, contact me.

This is the only correspondence I will send so brazenly. From now on 

we must decide on a system for contacting each other.

With complete sincerity,

Lt. Mosley, City Watch


Description: A letter from Lieutenant Mosely to the Pagans

Location: on the ground, in a tree home

Spring Village

M10B07 location

My new friend!

I was very pleased to receive your answer so quickly. I will now outline 

for you my plan for how we will correspond with each other in the future.

Firstly, contact will be made only after a signal. Each day, check to see 

which plant I have in my office window, if it is the peony, then you know 

I have a message to give you.

Then at midnight, I'll drop my message off in the alley we agreed upon 

earlier. Please make sure an agent picks it up promptly as I cannot risk 

anyone else seeing these letters.

If you need to contact me, then leave a sage branch outside my door in the 

morning, and I will pick up your message at noon - in the same alley.

Do not deviate from this system. I will assume anyone who contacts me in 

your name outside of these rules is a spy or traitor to our conspiracy, 

and will have him or her killed. 

Similarly, any person who claims to be sent by me, or any message you 

recieve from me sent in a different manner - assume to be false, and, of 

course, our secret associations discovered by a third party. I shudder 

at the thought.

Yours sincerely,

Lt. Mosley


Description: A letter from Lieutenant Mosely to the Pagans

Location: on the ground, in a tree home

Fall Village

M10B08 location

My secret correspondent:

I have found out something new. All this time I thought Sheriff Truart, 

possibly out of some misguided sense of duty, was acting alone against your 

people, but that is sadly untrue. 

As is his fashion - Truart was hired! Yes, and by the Mechanists! He has met 

with Karras, their leader, several times, and from those meetings came the 

order to systematically eradicate all Pagans.

Oh, and they're so clever! You are now officially 'potential obstacles to 

the greater good' who 'must be eliminated'!

You and others too, including a poor soul named Garrett whom they pursue 

mercilessly. Why Karras has targeted him, I have yet to discover, but as 

of this letter, he remains at large.

The others were unfortunately not so lucky as you and this Garrett seem to 

be. I fear your peril is too great! Truart can be handled, but Karras and 

his Mechanists - stay away from them!

I trust you are taking every possible precaution.

My thoughts are with you.

I remain,

Lt. M.


Description: A letter from Lieutenant Mosely to the Pagans

Location: on the ground, in a tree home

Winter Village


My fellow collaborator:

I agree with your assessment that it is time to take drastic measures. 

Measures that will be no pleasure to undertake, however, they must be done.

You are right, we must be rid of Sheriff Truart. With Truart out of the way, 

then the City Watch will receive new orders - from me! It's the only way to ensure 

your safety, and to preserve the integrity of the City Watch - indeed if any is left.

I have a plan that I will tell you about, but in a few days. In the meantime, ready 

an agent to serve as assassin. Wait for my next correspondence.

Until then,

Lt. M.


Description: A message from Jabril to Cedar

Location: in the house on the north-east end of the village

Pagan Village

M10B11 location

Cedar - 

We'll need another cartload of those frondy plants,

and let's have no lazing about the way you normally do. 

If you're quick, you'll even have a bonus - seven each

instead of the usual six. Cutting my own throat for it,

that's as much as I can squeeze out of these petty lordlings,

but because you're my friend and I know you need it... 

anyway, get me the plants. 

- Jabril

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