DromEd Object Model tray & trayf

Empty and Laden Trays

A rectangular metal tray, worthless and useless except for distraction. Commonly found in upper class kitchens, as well as nine in Angelwatch, and four on the Cetus Amicus.

One special tray is located in the kitchen of Ramirez Manor in Assassins. Upon it are a green bottle and a loaf of bread. None of these can be picked up or moved by Garrett, but the kitchen servant will take the tray down to Ramirez when a small bell is rung. Placing the tray on the counter in the counting room, the servant returns to the kitchen. The tray and food vanish and reappear back in the kitchen. Because Ramirez still hasn't had anything to eat, he rings again, repeating the process. The only way to access these items is to kill or knock out the servant en route to the basement, who will drop them on the floor.