Tree Beast
Flees at
Killed with:
Dagger attacks
Primary Attack
Branch Bash
15 solid

very high
  • Chaos Beast
  • Dormant State – the Tree Beasts have the ability to become one with the trees in the Maw and enter a sleeping state. But when an enemy approaches they wake up and attack.
  • Immunity to Gas and Broadhead attacks
  • This creature takes x2.5 times Fire damage
Appears in
Model name (DromEd/T3Ed)

Tree Beasts are merciless fighters. They stand in a dormant state until prey walks by. The beast slowly moves its arms down and strikes with deadly speed. The bark-like skin proves to be a very effective camouflage.

The arm strike of the beast is enough to kill Garrett in one hit on Expert, and leave one 1 point of health on Hard. The beast is completely immune broadhead and gas arrows, but they take double damage with fire arrows. They are deadly fast, being able to outrun Garrett. Like every creature in the game, they are vulnerable to flash bombs.

Thief 2Edit

Dormant ents

Tree Beasts in dormant state

The Tree Beast can easily be missed for it's Thief 2 appearance as it is only in the final grove part of Victoria's Maw of Chaos.

Looking like the Trees around them, they blend almost perfectly in their dormant state, giving of faint noises which alert enemies to there presence. If you awake one, the best method is to run.

Thief: Deadly ShadowsEdit

The Tree Beasts in TDS are found primarily in Pagan related zones and missions, such as those in Into the Pagan Sanctuary which patrol the waterways of the sewers and Pagan sanctuary itself. They seem somewhat able to communicate with trill calls and roars, and will quickly run to the aid of injured allies to shred those that harmed them. The most effective way to take them out is with the use of Fire Arrows (one if stealthed, 2-3 if not) or using proximity mines, conventional weapons can harm them but it takes considerably longer to kill them, and they are deceptively quick with a long attack reach. Unlike the original Tree Beasts, these ones appear less tree like and do not appear in any locations where the can blend in with the woods, nor do they have a dormant stage


Tree Beast

A Tree Beast in the Maw in Thief II: The Metal Age

  • Fire Arrows – It takes one to down an unaware Tree Beast and two on an alert one.
  • Explosive Mine - It takes one to take out an unaware Tree Beast and two on an alert one.
  • Backstab – It is a very difficult, but possible option.


Thief II: The Metal AgeEdit

DromEd Object Model nmask04

Also found in T2 is what appears to be a "Tree Beast mask". These and other peculiar specimens are on display at the Gervaisius Estate in "Masks".

Thief: Deadly ShadowsEdit

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