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The Truart Estate is home to the Truart family for at least two generations. The last living owner was Gorman Truart until his sudden death in the mission Blackmail. The only ways to access the estate are through the gate on the west side or via a small crack in the Southwestern wall. The mansion itself is very lavish and somewhat symmetrical. On the west side is the main entrance to the great hall, in the east is a back door and a balcony on the second and third floor. The balcony on the third floor is directly connected with Gorman Truart's bedroom suite.


First FloorEdit

On the first floor is the great hall, guard quarters, servant quarters, kitchen, dining room, mess hall, back foyer, botanical garden and ball room. In the north is a Hammerite chapel built by Iblis Truart Sr. which the Mechanists are urging Gorman to convert into a Mechanist chapel.[1]


Games room

Second FloorEdit

The second floor contains many sleeping rooms, a few bathrooms, a weapons room, a pool, a small library and a games room. At the bottom of the pool is Benny's Silver Gear, which is required to access the third floor.

Third FloorEdit

The third floor has two bedroom suites, each with a bathroom and dining room. The one to the south is occupied by Gorman Truart, and the one to the north is currently empty. The attics above the two bedrooms are connected by a walkway.


A cellar under the entrance hall is connected with the kitchen and, through a banner covered passage, with the entrance hall itself. It is possible to enter the mansion through a crack under the front porch leading into the basement. Underneath the chapel is a tomb containing a valuable Golden Skull and guarded by a roaming Haunt. A small passage connects the tomb to a secret torture room which is also accessible through the fireplace in the dinning room. The rack, the pillory and the many bones scattered around here give this room a creepy atmosphere. Pressing the button on the wall summons two Green Spiders.


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Truart family grave

In the west of the estate are the city streets and to the east flows a river or canal. At the south end of the complex is a secret family graveyard where Iblis Truart Sr., Leeta Truart and Iblis Truart Jr. are buried. Next to their graves is an open grave, presumably intended for Gorman Truart, who is murdered by the time Garrett goes to the third floor in the mission Blackmail. Dropping the sheriff into this will complete a bonus objective.


Truart Estate Gear locked door

Door sealed by a Locking Mechanism

Because Gorman Truart was head of the City Watch and many criminals had a personal vendetta against him, he used his own police force as a bodyguard and let a Mechanist install new security systems throughout the estate. The security devices included Watchers, Turrets and doors that could only be unlocked by placing the correct gear into the nearby Locking Mechanism. The Gears need to be found, or stolen from guards to reach the top floor.[2][3]

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The City Watch Ball was held at the Truart Estate at the time of The Metal Age.


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