A Gun Turret


The turret, or "Judgement of Karras",[1] is a sentry created by the Mechanists. Turrets typically lie silently in wait until they are activated by a Watcher. This is due to the turret's high rate of power consumption, which requires that they are shut down automatically when not in use unless connected to a large continuous power supply.[2] Turrets themselves cannot hear or react to anything but the Watchers commands (except in parts of Soulforge Cathedral, where they appear to be completely autonomous). They seem to 'see' in a manner of speaking, where they can track hostiles and shoot with frightening accuracy, but without independent optics, it is unknown how they 'see' without the Watcher (see below). When attacking, they launch a projectile, usually a cannonball like the Combat Bot, with the same properties (double damage of impact and explosion). They are also seen, albeit rarely, firing Broadhead Arrows, or sawblades like the Spider Bot.

The Mechanists created alliances with the City Watch and The City's nobility, for whom they sold their technology to, in favor of support and, secretly, street scum from the Watch. Many guardsmen and police officers voiced their objection, fearing that they would become obsolete.

After the fall of Karras, the Turrets and Watchers fell out of favor with the City Watch and the Nobility.


They are immune to all damage save for explosives, but occasionally can be shut off by either a nearby switch, or by disabling a nearby, connected Watcher. Multiple Fire Arrows are needed to destroy a Turret, but if a Mine is placed beneath them with just the right positioning, when it explodes, it will destroy the Turret instantly.

Turrets can turn from side to side if necessary to attack a spotted enemy, but they do not usually look around them to actively seek out targets.

In certain places like the First City Bank and Trust, turrets are connected to pressure pads, which, if depressed, will activate the turrets. It is unknown how the turrets 'see' without the Watcher or any evident optic lenses or sensors.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Turrets can be pushed around. According to the Thief II Guide to the Strange & Unusual; The way to tell if a turret can be pushed is to look at its feet. If the feet are touching the ground, or hovering, then it will be stuck firmly in place. If the feet are sunken slightly into the ground, then the turret can be moved.


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