Whenever a living NPC is knocked out, they will become an unconscious body. While laying on the floor, an Unconscious body features many traits of a corpse. They will lay flat, they will make no sound, any other NPC spotting them will believe they are dead and alert others.

The Dark EngineEdit

Like Corpses, Garrett can carry the body over his right shoulder, supported by his arm. While carrying, Garrett has reduce speed but can still jump, climb and swim as normal.

However, since the Body is only unconscious, and not dead, it can be killed the same as any conscious alert body. Carrying it while swimming, or dropping it in water, it will start to drown, throwing in fire will burn it, hacking it with a sword will kill it.

Larger creatures like Burricks, Craymen, and Craybeasts cannot be moved. Frogbeasts can be knocked out but not moved, however due to there low health, they will often explode.

NPCs will often have shocked or flustered reactions if he is spotted carrying a body around, regardless of it being living or dead.

Like Corpses, Unconscious bodies will mostly fall face down when dropped and must be hidden from view.

Deadly ShadowsEdit

Unconscious bodies act in a simpler method in Deadly Shadows to how they did in the Dark engine, the main difference is that the limbs will flop about throwing the body into weird positions as it falls.