• B & D - B was the employer of Walter Cobbleton. B noted the absence of Walter, and sent D to check on him. The Fate of D is unknown.[1]


  • Bafford Cook - Lord Bafford's cook had been cutting corners with his food preparation and budget. [2]


  • Cobbleton Daughter - Daughter of Walter and Harriet Cobbleton. She saw the Pagans dancing outside her window, but refused to go with them when they asked. She hid her precious comb in the rafters, afraid they would steal it. At the end of her journal, she begins to write the note in the same style of speech as the Pagans. It is presumed that the Pagans took her after invading the Cobbleton Manor.[3]

City WatchEdit

  • Detective - A detective decided to investigate the area of the Cobbleton Manor after reports of "nighttime looting, strange chanting, drumming, odd smells, [and] illegal animals." He notes that it is unusual with Stonemarket and St. Edgar's Church closeby, and felt it unnecessary for backup. His fate is unknown.[4]


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